SATELLITE Freeview Lite choiceFilm London Lite Tuesday, 15 September 2009 23 skypremiere skycomedy skyaction/thriLLer skyFamiLy skydrama skysci-Fi/horror skyscreen1/hd skyscreen2/hd tcm FiLm4 skyindie 6.20 College Road Trip. Family comedy, starring Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symon. Burn After Reading. Two gym employees get hold of a CIA agents memoirs, leading to blackmail and murder. Comedy, with George Clooney and John Malkovich. 9.45 Hancock. A PR executive becomes intent on transforming the public face of a hard-drinking superhero. Comedy, starring Will Smith. 11.20 Bart Got A Room. Comedy, with Steven Kaplan. 6.25 Are We Done Yet? With Ice Cube, Nia Long, John C McGinley and Aleisha Allen. 27 Dresses. A woman acting as a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding is secretly in love with the groom. With Katherine Heigl, James Marsden, Malin Akerman and Edward Burns. Superhero Movie. A high-school student develops strange powers after being bitten by a radioactive dragonfly. With Drake Bell and Sara Paxton. The Nanny Diaries. With Laura Linney. 5.55 Oceans Thirteen. With George Clooney, Al Pacino, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. No Country For Old Men. A hunter takes the money left at the scene of a botched drugs deal, but a hitman is soon on his trail. With Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Kelly Macdonald. 10.05 Iron Man. An arms manufacturer invents a hi-tech suit of armour and uses it to fight evil. With Robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. 6.30 Arctic Tale. Documentary examining the effects of global warming on Arctic wildlife. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. The archaeologist sets out to find his missing father, who was searching for the Holy Grail. Adventure sequel, with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. 10.10 Twister. A storm-chaser and her estranged husband reunite in the shared task of mapping the path of a tornado. Action thriller, with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. 6.00 Arlington Road. Thriller, starring Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. A Civil Action. A lawyer takes on a case against two companies accused of polluting a towns water supply. Fact-based drama, starring John Travolta and Robert Duvall. Die Hard 4.0. Tough cop John McClane goes on the trail of a criminal mastermind plotting a technological terror attack. Action thriller sequel, starring Bruce Willis and Timothy Olyphant. Beowulf. A legendary warrior is summoned to rid a kingdom of a fearsome monster. With the voices of Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich. The Eye. A blind woman undergoes surgery that restores her sight, only to be haunted by terrifying visions. With Jessica Alba and Alessandro Nivola. 10.40 28 Weeks Later. Two survivors of the rage virus make a discovery that unleashes the crisis again. With Robert Carlyle. 6.10 Death Becomes Her. Black comedy, starring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. Kung Fu Panda. A lazy panda must master martial arts to defend his peaceful valley home. Animation, with the voices of Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman. 9.40 Hot Shots! A pilot joins an elite squad for a dangerous mission. Spoof comedy, starring Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges. 11.10 Hot Shots! Part Deux. Action movie sequel, with Charlie Sheen. The Bourne Ultimatum. The amnesiac assassin regains his memory, just as the CIA plans to finish him off. Spy thriller sequel, starring Matt Damon and Julia Stiles. 21. A brilliant but hard-up student agrees to be inducted into a card-counting scam to raise money for college. Drama, starring Kevin Spacey, Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Laurence Fishburne. 11.05 Zodiac. Fact-based crime drama, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo. 6.55 The Gumball Rally. A wealthy man launches a madcap car race from New York to California. Comedy, starring Michael Sarrazin, Tim McIntire, Raul Julia and Gary Busey. Mad City. A security guard takes a group of museum-goers hostage in a bid to gain his employers attention. Drama, starring John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Alda, Mia Kirshner and Ted Levine. 11.15 Lone Star. Western, starring Chris Cooper and Elizabeth Pena. 5.00 A Room With A View 7.15 The Honeymooners. A bus driver embarks on a series of disastrous get-rich- quick schemes. Comedy, with Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps. Titanic. A party of explorers studying the sunken ruins of the famous passenger liner meet an elderly woman who was a passenger on the ill-fated voyage. James Camerons Oscar-winning romantic drama, starring Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane and Kathy Bates. 6.20 Tumbleweeds. Drama, starring Janet McTeer, Kimberley Brown and Jay O Sanders. 8.05 Michael Clayton. A troubled attorney takes on a high profile case, and uncovers a conspiracy that endangers his life. Thriller, starring George Clooney and Tilda Swinton. 10.05 American Beauty. A suburban American husband in a mid-life crisis rejects the banality of his family life. Black comedy drama, starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening. movies 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm kevin mccloud, 7pm, more4 holly Valance, 8pm, Virgin1 america Ferrera, 9pm, e4 hilary duff, 9pm, Living Jimmy carr, 10pm, Virgin1 Vic reeves, 10pm, Blighty skysports1 skysports2 skysports3 skysportsxtra eurosport espn 2.00 Live International Cricket. England v Australia. All the action from the fifth one-dayer of the seven-game series, held at Trent Bridge. The hosts have won four of their last 50-over matches on this ground, the most recent of which was a 10-wicket demolition of South Africa in August 2008. Revista De La Liga. Mark Bolton presents highlights of the latest La Liga matches in Spain. On The Line. Interviews with sporting stars. Live UEFA Champions League. Besiktas v Manchester United (kick-off 7.45pm). The BJK Inonu Stadium provides the setting for the first game of the Red Devils Group B campaign. Alex Fergusons men will look to state their intent by taking maximum points against Mustafa Denizlis side. UEFA Champions League Goals. The strikes from tonights matchday one fixtures. Poker Million. Action from the third heat of the big-money tournament in London. UK School Games. The fourth UK School Games held in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. Bowls. The Perth International. Highlights from the Mosman Park Bowling Club in Australia, where 16 of the worlds leading players were in attendance. Sports Unlimited. Magazine programme rounding up activities from across the world. Golf. Highlights of the qualifying events for the World Corporate Golf Challenge. 6.30 Golf. From South Africa. Live UEFA Champions League. Chelsea v FC Porto (kick-off 7.45pm). The Blues begin their Group D campaign with this evenings match at Stamford Bridge, where new Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has a proud record in this competition. UK School Games. The fourth UK School Games held in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. A-League. The latest round of matches. Mountain Bike World. Recent competitions. 6.00 Live Table Tennis. The European Championships. The semi-finals in the mens team event from Stuttgart. 8.15 Boxing. Joseph Agbeko v Vic Darchinyan. Action from the bout for the IBF Bantamweight title, staged at the BankAtlantic Centre in Florida. Freeride Spirit 10.15 Rallying. The Rally Principe de Asturias. 10.45 Le Mans Series. From Silverstone 11.15 Rallying. A review of the Silk Way rally. 6.45 Dutch Football. Ajax v NAC Breda. Highlights of the Eredivisie clash at the Amsterdam ArenA. 8.15 Bundesliga Review Show. A look back at the latest round of fixtures in Germanys elite league. Serie A Weekly Round-Up. Highlights. 10.15 Eredivisie Review Show. The latest round of fixtures from the Dutch top flight. 11.15 Russian Premier League Football 11.45 ESPN Boxing: Short Stories entertainment channels 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm discoVery nat.geographic history yesterday Bio BLighty eden sky1 Virgin1 BBc3 BBc4 itV2 itV3 itV4 e4 more4 LiVing g.o.L.d. aLiBi comedycentraL Fx sci-Fi The Simpsons. Moe refurbishes the bar. The Simpsons. Ghoulish Halloween capers. A Town Called Eureka. Tess looks forward to her first day in charge at Global Dynamics. House. The team faces an ethical dilemma involving a teenage patient. Hugh Laurie stars. Greatest UEFA Champions League Goals. Strikes from the European competition. Law And Order. A riot at an immigration rally ends in murder. Drama, starring Sam Waterston. Star Trek: Voyager. The ship is split into different time-frames. Adventure, starring Kate Mulgrew. Moonlight. Beth investigates a mysterious new drug. Guest starring Holly Valance. Chuck. Sarah must seduce a handsome agent to gain information about Fulcrum. 8 Out Of 10 Cats. With Jimmy Carr. 8 Out Of 10 Cats. With Jason Manford. Sexcetera. Aspects of human sexuality, from the erotic to the downright strange. Doctor Who. The Doctor visits Elizabethan England. 7.45 Doctor Who Confidential Underage And Pregnant. Teenage parents. Underage And Pregnant. Young mothers. Dont Tell The Bride. A football fan is given 12,000 to plan a fairytale wedding. EastEnders. Lucas is quizzed by the police. How Not To Live Your Life. New series. Family Guy. Stewie sees the future. 11.20 Family Guy 11.45 Dont Tell The Bride World News Today Tales From The Green Valley. Harvesting pears. A History Of Scotland. Neil Oliver explores the roles played by Alexander II and William Wallace. Tweed. Shawbost Mill asks a Scottish designer to dream up tweed in Mediterranean hues. How A Choir Works. Gareth Malone explores how choirs achieve their distinctive sound. Rab C Nesbitt. Mary finds a job. Early Doors. The cops celebrate a drugs raid. Primeval. A sulphurous mist spreads through a skyscraper. Douglas Henshall stars. What Katie Did Next. Katie Price shows off her cooking skills when she makes dinner for 10. Jack Osbourne: Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie. New series. Extreme sports and stunts. Mission: Impossible. A secret agent is accused of betraying his fellow spies, and sets out on a mission to clear his name. Action thriller, starring Tom Cruise and Jon Voight. 6.50 Pie In The Sky. Crabbe babysits a hell-raising footballer. Richard Griffiths stars. 7.55 Agatha Christies Poirot. A Belgian film star arrives in London. Rosalind Bennett guest stars. Profiling -- Colin Dexter. The crime writer talks about the inspiration for Inspector Morse. Inspector Morse. Back from sick leave, Morse uncovers new evidence concerning the year-long investigation into the murder of Yvonne Harrison. Popular drama, starring John Thaw. Cycling: Tour Of Britain. The fourth stage of the race, which starts and finishes in Blackpool. Minder. Arthur is conned into buying a dodgy greyhound. Last in the series. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. The group arrives in Germany with hopes of bierkellers full of frauleins. 10.05 Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Neville is suspended by for lying about being a joiner. Kevin Whately stars. 11.15 United 93. Drama, starring Christian Clemenson. Hollyoaks. Newt is released from hospital. How I Met Your Mother. Lily moves in with Ted. Friends. Joey endures a draining audition. Friends. Monica asks Joey for money. Ugly Betty. Betty contemplates a way of helping her family and finances. America Ferrera stars. Running In Heels. Its European Fashion Week. Running In Heels. Joanna meets a friend. RuPauls Drag Race. Michelle Williams from Destinys Child guest stars. Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud returns to the Lambourn Valley amid the Berkshire Downs. More4 News. Alex Thomson presents. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Location, Location, Location. Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer look for properties in Aberdeen. True Stories: Cat Dancers. Documentary telling the story of Ron and Joy Holiday, who incorporated big cats into their dance routines. 11.40 Location, Location, Location Ghost Whisperer. Part two of two. Melinda is quizzed about the plane crash. Americas Next Top Model. Contestants audition for a place in the latest series. Ghost Whisperer. Eli confesses his abilities to his neighbour. Guest starring Hilary Duff. Medium. Allison works on a case from 17 years ago. Patricia Arquette stars. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Dark secrets haunt a murdered womans family. Last Of The Summer Wine. A group of men intrigues the trio. 7.40 Open All Hours. Granville tries to impress a local beauty. 8.20 Yes Minister. Jim Hacker settles into his new job. The Royle Family. Nana calls round for the afternoon. 9.40 The Royle Family. The family celebrates Jims birthday. 10.20 The Royle Family. The family gets a Christmas surprise. 11.10 The Royle Family. Christmas arrives. 11.50 Murder Most Horrid Murder, She Wrote. Jessica investigates the killing of an undercover investigator. Murdoch Mysteries. A medical institute is terrorised. Peter Outerbridge stars. The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. The Lynleys are looking forward to becoming parents, but Helen succumbs to temptation and dabbles in her husbands latest case. 10.55 Silent Witness. Sam begins an investigation into the violent murder of an elderly woman. The King Of Queens. Doug is duped. The King Of Queens. Arthur goes on TV. Scrubs. The medics avoid each other. Scrubs. A car chase ends at the hospital. Two And A Half Men. Charlie hosts a party. Two And A Half Men. With Jon Cryer. South Park. Randy helps Stan cheat. Sex And The City. Samantha helps plan a bat mitzvah. 11.05 Sex And The City. Carrie holds a seminar. 11.40 Two And A Half Men Burn Notice. Michael tracks down a womans estranged husband. Jeffrey Donovan stars. NCIS. A taxi driver and an admiral working at the Pentagon are murdered by the side of a road. Family Guy. Lois runs for mayor. American Dad! Steve plans revenge. Dexter. Dexter feels betrayed and decides to teach his protg a lesson. Michael C Hall stars. 11.05 Nip/Tuck. A patient demands a facelift without anaesthetic. 6.10 Countdown: The Skys On Fire. Sci-fi thriller, starring John Corbett. Medium. Allison helps Devalos put a murderer behind bars. Patricia Arquette stars. Warehouse 13. Pete and Myka pursue a team of bank robbers. With Eddie McClintock. Thirteen Ghosts. A family inherits a house made of glass, only to find it is haunted by spectres. Horror starring F Murray Abraham. 11.50 Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms Mythbusters. Investigating whether the colour red really sends bulls into a rage. How Do They Do It? Paper cartons. How Its Made. Tetra pak containers. Deadliest Catch. Life aboard ship in the Alaskan crab fishing fleet, following the crew. Bear Grylls: Born Survivor. Venturing into the heart of the Vietnamese jungle. Destroyed In Seconds. Natural disasters. Destroyed In Seconds. Documentary. Seconds From Disaster. The 1996 crash of ValuJet Flight 592 in the Florida Everglades. Nazi Art Theft. The destruction of Europes works of art during the Second World War. World War II: The Apocalypse. Frances defeat, featuring footage of German soldiers celebrating. Richard Hammonds Engineering Connections. The engineering success of Sydney Opera House. Americas Hardest Prisons. Convicts who are working toward an education. Battles BC. The rise of David to the throne of Israel and his epic battle against the Philistines. Warriors. The battles between tribes during the 1790s as they fought for the Hawaiian archipelago. Weird Weapons: The Allies. Unorthodox armaments developed by Allied forces. The Universe. The greatest secrets of the heavens and the discoveries already made. Battles BC. The rise of David to the throne of Israel and his epic battle against the Philistines. Antiques Roadshow. Michael Aspel and the team visit the gardens of Chartwell. Great British Journeys. Nicholas Crane follows a 16th-century map in words. Victorian Farm. As winter arrives, the team prepares by stocking up on animal feed. Churchills Bodyguard. The prime minister is targeted by an assassin as he boards a flying boat. Antiques Roadshow. Michael Aspel and the team visit the gardens of Chartwell. Tori And Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. The couple move back to Los Angeles. Omg Sextuplets. A woman who was left fighting for her life after she gave birth to six babies. Party Mamas. New series. Childrens parties. Party Mamas. A party at a castle. Little Miss Perfect. Series investigating the world of childrens pageants. Omg Sextuplets. A woman who was left fighting for her life after she gave birth to six babies. Castle In The Country. Handmade chocolates. Castle In The Country. A trip around York. Trawlermen. Chaz Bruce braves force eight gales. Seaside Rescue. A vessel goes missing. Coast. Nicholas Crane explores Northern Irelands shores, cycling along Antrims Coast Road. Who Do You Think You Are? Vic Reeves traces his ancestry, hoping to find a big juicy scandal. Traffic Cops. A new recruit loses his temper. Traffic Cops. Teenage car criminals. Andes To Amazon. The dangers facing wildlife struggling to survive in the rainforest. Great SAS Missions. A 1941 operation in Africa. Great SAS Missions. Infiltrating the enemy. Dogs That Changed The World. Part one of two. The ways in which dogs have altered society. Cooking In The Danger Zone. Lethal food eaten by the people of Chernobyl and Tonga. Around The World In 80 Treasures. The ancient Mayan pyramids and the Statue of Liberty. factual 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm sPort 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html