email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Tuesday, 15 September 2009 London Lite Just seen an old man riding on a mobility scooter through Lewisham while drinking a can of stella! tsk, is that allowed?! Yvonne, SE3 guy asked for feedback after a first date. I wont be seeing him again but should I give him any pointers when I break it off? Megan, E11 Mark (Txts, Mon): the worlds population could indeed stand on the Isle of Wight but getting each person on, then off again, would take years of queuing and many would die first. Jon, EN1 Mark: that may have been true in 1945 but now wed need a few more islands! Dave, NW1 a truE friend helps you climb a cow statue, then takes a photo, while everyone else stands around looking too cool for school. Caractacusld, EN1 DoEs anybody else have a tube nemesis? always gets to best position on platform before me. Zardis, HP6 to the pompous man who thought my rail service was like a third World country -- Ill see you on the roof tomorrow then. Your loving guard, SE25 Man opposite me on train just emptied whole pack of tic tacs into his mouth. Can your breath really be tHat bad? at least whole carriage smells minty fresh now. Alika, RM11 MEgan P (Txts, Mon): everyone has a train boyfriend/girlfriend. Ive just moved so Im really missing mine on the 5.15 to Hertford north! TH, SG13 WantED to get off at London Bridge. Was reading Lites gIoyt column and missed station. now on my way to tunbridge Wells. arghh! Plonka, SE26 EvEr wondered why the radio turns off when you start a car? Carlos, TW12 My male workmate went out and bought the Peter andre album today. I sit next to him. should I be worried? Kam, E7 to the man at st Pancras who got off his train to reunite me with my travelcard yesterday morning -- tHank you! Sian, W1T JosIE (Txts, Mon): I believe the two-dimensional cake you have there is called a biscuit! Little chef, N10 JosIE: me too! My carrot cake ended up like a carrot biscuit. try altering the oven temperature, raising agents and doubling the mixture. second time lucky for me. Teresa, SE24 DuMPED (Txts, Mon): sorry, but if your idea of a suitable five-year anniversary present is a cheap bottle of fizz you deserve to be dumped. Married, Leatherhead Could Harman turn Labours fortunesaround? I ADMIRE Posh for refusing to just shop for a living. She has found her niche and I love her new range of dresses, right. If only I could afford one. Adele, Bermondsey I DONT get why the queen of Wags is supposed to be a fashion icon. She makes designer dresses look like cheap market stock. Olivia, Canning Town THE new dresses show Victoria Beckham has developed into a confident designer who has created a good range that will flatter most women. You go girl. H Parry, Finchley VICTORIA will never be a credible designer. She will never have the tailoring skills of Vivienne Westwood, the cutting- edge designs of Roland Mouret or the sexy appeal of Herv Lger couture. BW, Southfields I Cant believe kanye West embarrassed taylor swift at the Mtv awards by claiming Beyonc would have been a better winner. He cant win his own award so hijacks someone elses moment. Siobhan, Ruislip tHE slump in West End trade has nothing to do with the credit crunch. the Jubilee and other tube lines are down at weekends, so no one from east or north-west London can get into town. Hansel, London Another thing Shouldnewdadsgetsixmonthsoff?WhatwasSwayzesbestmoment? Do you like Poshs new dresses? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W HETHER deputy leader Harriet Harman takes over at the helm of Labour or not, the horse has already bolted thanks to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. They have buried Labour so far underground, the partys unlikely to see daylight again in the political arena in my lifetime. Orla O, Beckton LOVE her or hate her, Harman has always been true to the Left-wing tenets of Labour. The party needs the union vote and she is the only one committed to their cause. She could be just what Labour needs to galvanise supporters. Sunita, Wembley THEY should let Harman run for the job. It will be hilarious to watch the party disintegrate under her leadership. Denise A, Vauxhall LABOUR would be out of the frying pan and into the fire if Har riet Harman were ever elected leader. It would sound the death knell for this beleaguered party. Nathan B, Greenford EVERYONE gives Harriet Harman a hard time because she speaks her mind and is not afraid of unpopular policies. Surely we need someone who will rock the boat for the greater good, rather than someone who caves in to win over public opinion? Becoming leader could be the making of Harman and could be the catalyst for change that is so badly needed in the Labour Party. Evelyn, Hainault IF Gordon Brown does go before the next election and Harman becomes leader, at l e a s t h e won t g o d o w n i n history as the most disas- trous Prime Minister ever. K Jones, Tottenham HARRIET HARMAN would make an excellent leader. It would ensure Labour was killed off. A Turner, Hackney Textpoll Q: Will Brown have to cut public services? OurlastresultAre you still watching your spending? YES 88% NO 12%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Harriets party is doomed your Lite? Dont miss a single edition! 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