London Lite Monday, 14 September 2009 could have been exposed to the bug and that they could pass it on to other youngsters. Parents who took children to Godstone Farm from early last month until it was closed on Saturday have been urged to seek advice. Because of the long incubation period for the bacteria it could be weeks before its full impact is known. A total of 12 children under the age of 10 are being treated in hospital and health officials have identified 36 cases of the E.coli strain O157. All fell ill after visiting the farm. At least four were on dialysis today at St Thomas Hospital in London and were described as seriously ill. Parents today demanded to know why the Health Protection Agency took almost two weeks between the first case being diagnosed and shutting the farm. Christy Gildea, three, must have a blood transfusion. Her father Philip said he was furious. Tracy Mock, mother of the sick twins, said: If they had shut [the farm] down, my sons would not be in hospital. The agency said its response was proportionate. E Continued from Page 1 messageboard: page 10 Fast talkaninstant interviewwith... Joe McFadden THE 33-year-old actor lives in north London and stars in the new series of Casualty on BBC1. London or Glasgow? Are you kidding? Youre going to get me killed! I wouldnt want to be without either of them. Al Pacino or Robert De Niro? Probably Pacino. But then I do like Robert De Niro. They were both in The Godfather Part II, but Pacino (left) shone more. Acting or singing? I sang in Rent and I enjoyed it, but acting is more rewarding because you can do it for longer. The only time I sing now is in the bath. Stage or screen? Ideally Id do stage work with the wages from the screen. Every actor says the stage, dont they, because you have more control whereas on TV its all about the editing. Film or TV? Ive mostly done TV and film is so slow. You only do a couple of scenes a day sometimes. Nights out or nights in? At the minute its nights out to catch up with mates after being up in Yorkshire for Heartbeat for a couple of years. Harry Potter or Twilight? Definitely Harry Potter (with Daniel Radcliffe, right). The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing? Ive never seen Strictly, but I do like the ritual humiliation of The X Factor. Im already hooked on the new series. SIMON BUTTON jUDGE SLAMS THE PLOTTERS WHO AIMED BIGGER THAN 9/11 The mostgrave,wicked conspiracy ever proven 50,000 could have been exposed to farm E.coli bug HH E Continued from Page 1 of 36 years while his co-conspirator Tanvir Hussain, 29, from Leyton, east London, was jailed for a mini- mum of 32 years. All three were found guilty of conspiracy to murder on a mass scale by detonating bombs on airliners following the largest-ever counter- terrorism operation in the UK. Trial judge Mr Justice Henriques said the trio were convicted of the most grave and wicked conspiracy ever proven within this jurisdiction, which would have succeeded without the intervention of the police and security services. He said: The intention was to perpetrate a terrorist outrage that would stand alongside the events of September 11, 2001 in history. The judge added that the airline bomb plot had reached an advanced stage in its development and said the men had sufficient chemicals for 20 home-made detonators of commercial strength. He told Ali: I have concluded you are a driven and determined extrem- ist with boundless energy and an ambition to lead a terrorist outrage of boundless proportion. By this conspiracy you sought the attention of the world, and you now have it. Not only did you recruit, but you also obtained much of the bomb- making equipment. He said Ali was producer, director, cameraman, part-author and actor in the six martyrdom tapes which warned the British public to expect floods of martyr operations that would leave body parts scattered in the streets. You made it as clear that innocent people were going to die, the judge said. You have embraced Islamic extremism and it is that burning extremism that has motivated you throughout this conspiracy and is likely to drive you again. During their investigation, police found equipment that could have been used to make bombs in a flat in Forest Road, east London and in Kings Wood, High Wycombe, where Sarwar hid bottles of hydrogen peroxide, the key ingredient, in a suitcase. At the bomb factory in east London, the ringleaders experimented with the design of devices made from soft drinks bottles to be smuggled in hand luggage through airport security. The jury of nine women and three men failed to reach a verdict on a fourth man, Umar Islam, in connec- tion with the airliner plot last week. Prosecutors are not seeking a retrial and the charge will be left to lie on file. But Islam, 31, of Plaistow, was convicted of conspiracy to murder and was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years today. Three others -- Ibrahim Savant, 28, of Stoke Newington, and Arafat Waheed Khan, 28, and Waheed Zaman, 25, both of Walthamstow -- were found not guilty of the airliner plot and the jury failed to reach verdicts on charges of conspiracy to murder. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, announced last Friday that he would seek a retrial on this charge. 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