London Lite Monday, 14 September 2009 29 TELEVISION Filmchoice FILM RATINGS excellent very good good average poor KEY (R)repeat (S)subtitles on text service City Of God Film4, 12.40am (2003) ONCE again, Film4 has decided to show its best film in the dead of night. Which film buff vampire is doing their programming? Alexandre Rodrigues, above, stars in this relentless and superb look at the violent slums of Rio. It follows the tale of two boys who choose very different paths in a bid to rise out of their grinding poverty. Without A Paddle Film4, 9pm (2004) AFTER the death of their friend, three guys decide to fulfil a childhood dream of going on an expedition to find a long-dead bank robbers missing treasure. Doffing its hat to 1972s Deliverance in more ways than one, this is a witty -- if at times silly -- film starring Dax Shepard, Seth Green and Matthew Lillard, above. Nice cameo from Burt Reynolds. The Fountain Film4, 10.50pm (2006) HUGH JACKMAN and Rachel Weisz, above, star in this sci-fi romance that spans 1,000 years. Its all very philosophical, Hugh and Rachel are very good, and there are some interesting special effects. But Ive managed to fall asleep during all three attempts to watch it. Thats not saying its a bad film (not that I know how it ends), just that it shouldnt be on so late. Space Cowboys ITV4, 10pm (2000) PERHAPS its because the cast is so amazing that this film is so disappointing. A retired engineer is called back into service to fix a failing satellite. But he throws a spanner in the works when he insists his elderly former crew members go into orbit with him. Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland, above, should have known better. STEPHEN MARR BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 Five 10.30 This Morning (S). With Neil Morrissey. 12.30 Loose Women (S). Mel B begins a week as guest host. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News (S). 1.55 London News And Weather (S). 2.00 60 Minute Makeover (S). Sprucing up a home in Great Moor, Greater Manchester. 3.00 Dickinsons Real Deal (S). David Dickinson and the team visit Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire. 3.59 London Weather (S). 4.00 Rosemary And Thyme (R,S). The duo tackle a murder mystery in Italy. 5.00 Britains Best Dish (S). The East of England heats begin. 6.00 London Tonight (S); Weather. 6.30 ITV Evening News (S); Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale (S). Jai and Nikhils sister Priya causes chaos when she arrives in the village. Nicola tells Paddy that Chas has moved in with Carl, and Jamie asks Gennie out. 7.30 Coronation Street (S). Peter impresses Leanne with his sobriety, but lies that there has been nobody else since she left. Eileen is devastated when No 11 is burgled, and Rosie offers to pay for a holiday. 8.00 How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sonny? Tonight (S). Jonathan Maitland assesses the impact of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders. 8.30 Coronation Street (S). Peter opens up to Leanne over dinner, but Michelles return to the Street threatens their reunion. Mollys guilt grows after Jack tells her she and Tyrone are made for each other, but she still fears losing Kevin. 9.00 Blue Murder (S). 2/6. Richard puts his life at risk by going undercover in a prison to find out information about the murder of a convicted child killer. Meanwhile, Janine finds herself embroiled in a personal crisis when her son Michael causes a car crash that leaves another driver seriously injured. Crime drama, starring Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey. 10.00 News At Ten And Weather (S). 10.30 London News And Weather (S). 10.35 8 Mile (S,HD) (2002). A rapper strives to make a name for himself on the music scene, but his deprived home life in a Detroit trailer park and romantic complications put a damper on his plans. Drama, starring Eminem. 12.35 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Crime (R,S). Documentary following police officers in their never-ending fight against crime; ITV News Headlines. 1.30 Loose Women (R). Former Spice Girl Mel B begins a week as guest host. Author Lynda La Plante talks to the panel about her latest book, Silent Scream. 2.20 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R,S). The host invites his guests to air their differences over various family and relationship issues. 3.10 ITV Nightscreen. Text-based information about ITV programmes. 5.30 ITV Morning News (S). 10.30 In The Night Garden (R,S). 11.05 Film: Hindle Wakes (S) (1952). Drama, starring Leslie Dwyer and Sandra Dorne. 12.30 Working Lunch (S). 1.00 Animal Park (S). 1.30 Living In The Sun (R,S). 2.15 Car Booty (R,S). A Kent couple raise money to celebrate their anniversary. 3.00 Monk (R,S). Natalie convinces Monk to become a full-time private eye. 3.45 Flog It! (R,S). Selling antiques in Tenby, Pembrokeshire. 4.30 Pointless (S). 5.15 The Hairy Bikers Food Tour Of Britain (S). Si King and Dave Myers explore Herefordshire. 6.00 Eggheads (S). Quiz show, hosted by Dermot Murnaghan. 6.30 Trust Me, Im A Dealer (S). 16/20. Paul Martin visits Lancashire to invest the savings of Susan and Bill Wilkinson, in the hope of funding their daughter Nicoles college course in equine animal husbandry. 7.00 Saving Britains Past (S). 4/7. Tom Dyckhoff explores the battle for Covent Garden Market. 7.30 Caribbean Food Made Easy (S). 4/4. In Glasgow, Levi Roots tempts shoppers with an aromatic pineapple dessert, before taking to the seas to meet Mull fishermen. He also lays on the ultimate Caribbean cricket tea for two teams of hungry Yorkshiremen. Last in the series. 8.00 University Challenge (S). 10/37. Jeremy Paxman asks the questions as St Johns College Oxford takes on Durham. 8.30 MasterChef: The Professionals (S). 1/29. New series. Culinary challenge presented by Monica Galetti, Michel Roux Jr and Gregg Wallace. In todays heat, four contestants compete for a place in the quarter-final. 9.00 Design For Life (S). 1/6. New series. Philippe Starck invites 12 hopefuls to a school of design he has set up in Paris, where they compete for a placement at his agency. Ranging from unemployed retail worker Jessica Viana to college lecturer Ilsa Parry, the students face their first challenge -- to visit a hypermarket and find examples of good and bad design. 10.00 Home Time (S,HD). 1/6. New series. Comedy, starring Emma Fryer as a 29-year-old woman forced to move back in with her parents in Coventry and suffer the gleeful sympathy of her friends, old flames and adversaries. On returning to the city, Gaynor retreats to her teenage bedroom. See Ben Felsenburg 10.30 Newsnight (S). With Jeremy Paxman. Followed by Weather. 11.20 The Love Of Money (R,S). 1/3. Documentary about the origins of the current financial crisis, beginning with an investigation into Lehman Brothers and the implications that the investment banks collapse had for worldwide money markets at the onset of the global recession. Including contributions by Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and Bob Diamond. 12.20 BBC News (S). 4.45 Close. 10.35 Get Me The Producer (R,S). 11.25 Essa Winning Films (S). 11.30 Essa Winning Films (S). 11.35 Teen Tycoons (R,S). 12.00 News At Noon (S). 12.30 Property Snakes And Ladders (R,S). 1.35 Film: 13 Rue Madeleine (S) (1946). Second World War thriller, starring James Cagney. 3.25 Countdown (S). With Jo Brand. 4.10 Deal Or No Deal (S). 5.00 Wogans Perfect Recall (R,S). Game show in which four contestants vie for a cash prize. 5.30 Come Dine With Me (S,HD). Kirsty Frior hosts the first dinner party in Northampton. 6.00 The Simpsons (R,S). 20/22. Homer gets banned from driving. 6.30 Hollyoaks (S,HD). Anita, Lauren and Newt rent a cottage but things turn sour when Gaz turns up, and Mercedes makes an important decision about the future when Malachy is offered a job in Canada. 7.00 News (S). 7.55 3 Minute Wonder: Origins And Evolution (S). 1/4. New series. Liverpool-based playwrights mark the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwins Theory of Evolution. Lizzie Nunnerys story is about a woman who is surprised to find her late husbands research work holds a balm for her grief. 8.00 Dispatches: Middle Class And Jobless (S). Documentary following several middle-class people who have found themselves out of work during the recession. Set against the backdrop of the Governments efforts to help the unemployed, the programme highlights the realities of trying to find a job, even when armed with a degree and a glowing CV. 9.00 Daredevils (S). 1/5. New series. In the first of five films following people who push themselves to the limits of human capability, Jeb Corliss aims to fly down the jagged face of the Matterhorn Mountain, Switzerland, in a winged Teflon suit. His preparations hit a stumbling block when he is arrested for attempting to jump off the Empire State Building. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 Keith Meets Keith (S,HD). Documentary following actor Keith Allens efforts to track down his long-time hero, chef Keith Floyd. Known for their wild lifestyles, they immediately hit it off in rural France. Floyd also shares his thoughts on current television chefs, the state of modern Britain and the human condition. See Ben Felsenburg 11.10 8 Out Of 10 Cats (R,S,HD). 12/13. With guests Ken Livingstone and David Mitchell. 11.45 No Angels (R,S). 1/8. Kate quarantines her staff. 12.45 Film: Mr. And Mrs. 55 (1955). An heiress stands to inherit a fortune from her brother -- on the condition she is married. Comedy, starring Madhubala and Guru Dutt. 3.20 The Playful Muse (R,S). Interpretations of religious orthodoxy. 3.45 Supporting Acts (R,S). 4.00 Channel 4 Education (S). 10.45 Trisha Goddard (R,S). 11.45 Build A New Life In The Country (R,S). 12.40 Five News (S). 12.50 Game Ranger Diaries (R,S). The team tries to catalogue the elephants. 1.45 Neighbours (S). Donna stands up to Paul. 2.15 Home And Away (S). Belle breaks the news about her illness. 2.50 Rough Guide To Adventures (R,S). The Middle East and South Africa. 3.05 Film: Snowmans Pass (S) (2004). Premiere. Adventure, starring Nicole Eggert and Marc Singer. 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky (S). 5.30 Neighbours (R,S). 6.00 Home And Away (R,S). Aden and Belle arrive back early from their honeymoon. 6.30 Live From Studio Five (S). New series. Ian Wright, Melinda Messenger and this years Apprentice runner-up Kate Walsh host the magazine show. 7.30 How Do They Do It? (R,S). Robert Llewellyn visits the network of conveyor belts under Heathrow airport to find out how they handle more than 100 million items of luggage a year. He also discovers how fields near Darlington are being transformed into a golf course, and examines the technology behind printer cartridges. Followed by Five News Update. 8.00 The Gadget Show (S). Ortis Deley joins Suzi Perry to pit Google against other internet search engines using a series of game show-themed challenges. He also examines three music-mixing devices with DJ Judge Jules. Jason Bradbury tests the best micro scooters available, and Jon Bentley launches the gadget-of-the-decade review. Followed by Five News At 9. 9.00 Warship (S). 3/6. HMS Ocean takes over from Bulwark as the flagship, leading the fleet in a battle simulation. However, once the drill is over, first-aid officers are called on to deal with the discovery of a body floating in open water. A memorial service is held to commemorate the sinking of two Royal Navy ships off the coast of Malaysia during the Second World War. 10.00 Americas Toughest Prisons (S). 2/6. Life inside Fremont Correctional Facility in Colorado, which houses 1,600 prisoners, 1,400 of whom are guilty of sexual offences. Rapists and child molesters are regarded with contempt by inmates imprisoned for other crimes, causing one offender to prefer solitary confinement. 11.00 Rory And Paddys Great British Adventure (R,S). 4/4. Rory McGrath and Paddy McGuinness travel to the south and south-west of England to take part in the Pedal Car Grand Prix in Ringwood, Hampshire. Last in the series. 12.00 UFC 102: Main Event (S). 12.55 NASCAR. 1.50 NASCAR (R). 2.40 Race And Rally UK. 3.30 Grand American Racing (R). 4.20 Grand American Racing. 5.10 Neighbours (R,S). 5.35 Home And Away (R,S). Crime. 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