email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 12 Thursday, 10 September 2009 London Lite On train into Cannon Street, German tourist asked boyfriend, is that building the olive? i fear the Gherkin may have got lost in translation. Karen, BR6 ChanGed job in London twice in six years, same person succeeded me -- different companies, no connection --a record? KG, Witham BeerCanneGGS: (Txts, Tues): more soundalike phrases -- shut the door is French for i love you. Steve, EC3 anyOne else find it slightly hypocritical that the arms protesters in the City resorted to vandalism to try to get their point across? GG, SW1 tipS on how to deal with my nosey neighbours, anyone? thicker curtains or live in darkness seem most obvious options at the moment. Steve, E6 reVeLS: (Txts, Tues): had my bros stag do in newcastle the other week. he was dressed as robin and had a midget handcuffed to him dressed as Batman for the night, Beat that! Captain Chunk, Kent traumatiSed: (Txts, Tues): cellulite to boys is like man boobs to girls! the more there is to grab, the better it is! Grabit, London COrrie: (Txts, Wed): the juggling older lady was in action at henlys Corner in north London on Saturday afternoon -- must be on tour! Em, N2 my 14-year-old son heard two americans on a Cornish beach. this sands so soft. Guess they ship it in like we do back home! Major, Hitchin anyexCuSe: (Txts, Wed): tape the tablecloth down. even naked you could scratch a new table while christening it! Carpenta, London anyexCuSe: please tell me you took photos of the tables maiden voyage. Excited, SS6 did anyone see naked strawberry blonde lady wandering through the royal exchange tonight?!! Emily, AL4 WeddinG BeLLe (Txts, Wed): men dont understand hints. Want him to propose? next time you pass a jewellery store point out the ring youd like. Max, WD6 WeddinG BeLLe: good luck! ive been giving my fella subtle, not-so- subtle and downright blatant hints for the past six years! reading this raphael?! Emma, Wimbledon WeddinG BeLLe: the fellas a man. you want him to propose, say please propose. avoids frustration and we know where we stand. DK, BR4 OVerheard: kid in street: my teacher is pregnant. i think its a girl or a boy. Sassi, E11 GiBBO: (Txts, Tues): London men not shorter, London women getting taller! Ladies, its not normal for a woman to be six feet-plus! Dave, SE28 nOthinG i love more at end of a stressful day than to sit on a train next to a screaming baby... Wailer, AL9 Shouldthecost oftravelfollow retailprices? On the basis of what I heard at the awards on tuesday night, I think that Mercury- winner Speech Debelle, pictured, is quite talented. tight, eloquent -- at least in her music -- and most of all fun. Colin, London I hearD this woman being interviewed yesterday morning. that the name Speech has been adopted by someone who can barely string a sentence together beggars belief. Dave, London La rOux was robbed. Im sorry, I know that the judges have diverse tastes but I think theyve gone too far this time by choosing this particular winner. James Casey, London i diSaGree with shared streets without kerbs, pedestrian crossings and pavements (Letters, Tues). i work for Sense, the charity for the deafblind. deafblind people would be unable to use these areas: Londons streets should be safe for all. Jim Lewis, Sense the launch of the oblong Jaffa Cake is another pointless exercise in repackaging and rebranding! Whatever will it be next? round toblerones? Or triangular Kit Kats? Michael, London Another thing Will you travel to the World Cup? Has Lady Gaga got style? Will Speech be a true rap legend? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T HIS is simply an outrage. Tube and bus fares should move in line with inflation, and theres no reason for that to not mean going down in this period of deflation too. Yet instead Mayor Boris Johnson wants Transport for London to continue with its plans to raise fares by six per cent next year to provide for the future. Just how are recession-hit com- muters supposed to pay for tickets? Mark, Surrey London currently has the most expen- sive Tube system in Europe -- charging 4 for a single stop is absolutely outra- geous. Its not on, raising fares and hitting the unfortunate commuter again: we should be addressing waste and ineptitude at TfL. Marianne, London BorIS is being realistic about Tube fares. The previous Mayor kept fares too low, and now pay- back time has come. Good for Boris for saying the truth, that fares need to go up to pay to mod- ernise the network. Sarah, London ITS about time some- one tried to address the massive waste at TfL, particularly the number of over- paid senior management positions which are entirely superfluous to delivery requirements. Let the cuts start there. Oscillator, London wHaT happened to the congestion charge money? we were told it would be used to improve transport but in reality things are worse. at the same time fares go up and we pay more council tax. There must be an inquiry into this scandal. Paula, London How much are Boriss vanity projects costing TfL? The replacement of bendy buses because of his mistaken belief they were a danger to cyclists is unnecessary and expen- sive. This is where Boris should look first to save a few quid. 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