LITESPORT London Lite Wednesday, 9 September 2009 43 LITEAND BITTER Gotanaxetogrind?Doithere... To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 50p plus standard network charges >>Text LL RANT to 65400 Terms apply. See HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA ...... Andy Murray. Dan, Bexleyheath FIRST Murray, later Scotland. What a great day to be English NettieG PHIL (L&B 08/09) maybe if you got those silly go-faster stripes cut into your hair, you may run as fast as Lennon. Ryanaldo PHIL (L&B 08/09) who cares how Lennon runs? Fact is, he skins every full-back hes up against week in, week out. Plus he can stay on his feet after a tackle. Park Lane Wayne PHIL (L&B 08/09) funny how none of the usual idiots have got anything sensible to dig at Spurs with. So they start slating the way the players run! Is that all you have got? Pathetic. THFC Loyal GOONER GEO (L&B 08/09) pocket dynamo Defoe is loyal, loved and admired. Bounty hunters (Sol C & Berbatov) seeking greener pastures find also-ran obscurity. Not missed. Olivia, N10 GOONER GEO (L&B 08/09) what are you talking about numb nuts? Chelski wont sign Defoe! They cant sign anyone, do you know anything about football? Of course not, youre a Gooner! Essex boy HOTSPUR (L&B 08/09) Charlton fans know how to remain loyal whatever the ups and downs. Spursll only finish mid-table. UpTheAddicks ALL the people who feel the need to text in basically saying my teams better than yours or such purile nonsense, honestly, get a life! Simon, W7 But Simon, you dont get it Ed Going on holiday? You can now keep up with all the action in LiteSport by logging on to: Now letsgive Aussies a Wright hammering ENGLAND v AUSTRALIA ONE-DAY INTERNATIONAL THE ROSE BOWL. TODAY, LIVE ON SKY SPORTS 1 FROM 2PM-10.30PM LUKE WRIGHT -- the only man to hitasixintheNatWestSeriessofar -- heads to the Rose Bowl today knowing England are in danger of throwingawaycricketspost-Ashes feel-good factor. With England 2-0 down in the seven-matchNatWestseriesagainst a largely unimpressive Australia, memories of the epic 2-1 Test tri- umph are fading all too fast. The 50-over game -- axed by the ECB from next seasons domestic calendar -- appears to be beyond the grasp of five-day specialist Andrew Strauss, who has twice failed to inspire his team to modest victory targets in a lifeless contest which was always going to struggle tocapturetheimaginationafterthe Ashes roller-coaster. Strauss called for the final power- play with the best of his batsmen firmly back in the pavilion as his side slid to a 39-run defeat at Lords onSundaytofollowFridaysnarrow loss by four runs at The Oval. Wright -- who scored 20 from 19 balls at Lords after a rousing 38 off 27 at The Oval -- has been one of the few hot spots in a tepid series and remains responsible for the only six scored in 200 overs of so- called bish-bash one-day action. TheSussexall-rounder--whohas also taken a couple of wickets and ablindingcatchsofar--wouldhave benefitedhadStrausscalledearlier forthepowerplay,andWrightknows England will again rely on him to playthebigshotslateintheinnings if Ravi Bopara, Paul Collingwood and Strauss scratch around at the top of the order again. Wright had reasonable success as an opener in the World Twenty20, butwaspushedbackdowntheorder immediatelyafterthattournament -- another example of Englands muddled one-day thinking. Wright shrugs: Its hard to put a fingeronwhynobodyhasmadethat decisive contribution with the bat. I certainly dont mind where I bat in the order, though. I enjoy opening or batting in the top three or four, but perhaps this role suits me more, and its a role I feel comfortable with. We need to be able to hit bounda- ries at the end, as the Australians managed at Lords. Wedohaveplansinplacethatwe seek to put into practice, but we have had a few changes in the team, so wearestilltryingtofindtheformulathat works best. Without Andrew Flintoff and Kevin Pietersen, this England side lacks fire and risk-takers but Wright -- like so many in this series -- is more concerned about survival. He said: You only get consistency if youre performing well. In an ideal world if you all play well you keep a settled side and that is what the best sides do -- they have a consistent side where they all know their roles. But no-one can expect a free ticket to stay in if youre not performing. BY NEAL COLLINS Englands one-day flops seek Ashes fire PROBABLE TEAMS ENGLAND Strauss (c), Bopara, Prior, Shah, Collingwood, Morgan, Wright, Bresnan, Swann, Rashid, Anderson. AUSTRALIA Watson, Paine, White, Clarke (c), Ferguson, Hussey, Hopes, Johnson, Lee, Hauritz, Bracken. KEYMEN OWAISSHAHENG RUNNINGbetweenthe wicketsoughtnottopresent aproblemforaninternational cricketer,andcertainlynot onewhohasplayedin62 ODIs.Shah(below)continues tofrustrateinthisareaofthe gameandhisplacemustbe underthreathavinggone past50onlyonceinthelast eightgames. MITCHELLJOHNSONAUS THEsometimeserraticfast bowlerisstillsomeway shortofbeingtaggedasa genuineall-rounder,buthe providedEnglandwithan objectlessoninhowtoutilise alateinningspowerplayon Sunday.Johnsonsknock madeamockeryofthe Englandbatsman,noneof whommanagedtoscoreat anywhereneararunaball. LASTMEETINGAT THEROSEBOWL 13JUNE2005(T20) ENGLANDWINBY100RUNS MICHAELVAUHANSsideset thetonefortheAshes summerof2005by pulverisingAustralia. Thetouriststurnedup expectingalight- heartedwarm-uptothe mainevent,butwere stunnedwhenDarrenGough andSteveHarmisonripped intothemwithsomeultra aggressivefastbowling. Englandhadearlierposted 179,withKevinPietersen smacking34from18balls. LATEST BETTING MATCH ODDS England 11-8, Australia 4-7 May the force be with you, Luke: Wright and England need something special in Southampton tonight WIN TICKETS TO LORDS ON SATURDAY... AND A CASE OF WOLF BLASS LITESPORThasteamedupwithWOLF BLASS,theofficialwineoftheTestmatch grounds,toensuretworeadersgetto experiencetheNatWestSeriesOne-Day InternationalclashbetweenEnglandand AustraliaatLordsthisSaturday. Ifthethudofleatheronwillowismusicto yourears--orifyousimplyloveidlinginthe standswithachilledglassofwine--thisis agreatcatch. Weregivingawaytwopairsofticketstosee England,withtheAshesalreadywon,face therevenge-seekingAussiesinthefourth ODIoftheseven-matchseries. Eachpairofticketscomescompletewith acaseofdeliciousWolfBlassYellowLabel SparklingPinotNoirChardonnay,providing theperfectaccompanimenttoapitch-side picnic. TheSparklingPinotNoirChardonnayisanew additiontotheYellowLabelrangeofwines sourcedfrompremiumvineyardsthroughout SouthAustralia. LookoutforotherwinesintheYellowLabel range,includingaRose,ShirazandCabernet. Forthechancetowin,simplyanswerthe followingquestion: Who is Englands One Day International captain? 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