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Islington council is believed to be the first local authority to use the 12,000 adapted Honda 125cc. Water is squirted on the mess, which is then sucked up by a hose and deposited in a 25-litre box on the back of the bike. A pump then cleans the pavement with a flower-scented sterilising wash.Foul of the law: Islingtons hi-tech scooper in action Poo-vertoclear roadsofdogdirt Toughercheckson CityHallexpenses PBORIS JOHnSOn was today told to impose random testing on City Hall expense claims following the scandal involving his former deputy mayor, Ian Clement. A cross-party report called for checks to be carried out on the veracity of claims. Clement, 44, was due in court today to face five charges of fraud over misuse of his Greater London Authority credit card. Clement, who earned 127,000 a year, has been charged with illegally claiming 227 for five meals. PGORDOn BROWn was facing growing unrest over his leadership today as ministers warned that his handling of the Libya row showed why Labour was heading for a landslide defeat. As the Lockerbie and IRA compensation issues reignited talk of an autumn coup, the Prime Minister came under fire from senior backbencher Jon Cruddas for his astonishing failure to attack the Conservatives. Mr Cruddas, a possible leadership contender, warned in a speech that unless Labour changed its message it would go down to a catastrophic defeat -- and deserve to. But perhaps more worrying for Mr Brown were complaints from one unnamed Cabinet minister that the Libya affair had exposed government by fiasco. One minister told The Times: We cant go on like this. Were going from one fiasco to another and Government by fiasco doesnt work. Another said Mr Brown was behaving like a rabbit trapped in the headlights.Warning: Cruddas I was walking around New York for three or four years before I got spotted -- HeIdI klum, left, put in the legwork, literally, to earn her modelling break Ive never been to Nandos... and I havent had a Big Mac in about six years -- chef JamIe olIver fears being pictured eating fast food will damage his rep I stopped wearing trousers when I got fat -- rICkY GervaIS admits jogging bottoms and pyjamas have of late become his sartorial friends dISTrIBuTIoN HelPlINe: If you have any comments about the distribution of London Lite, ring 020 7651 5276, or email distribution@thelondonlite.co.uk On the Tube JOURNEY PLANNER For the easiest way to get around london visit tfl.gov. uk and click on Journey Planner london travel information call 020 7222 1234 24-hours Textphone 020 7918 3015 Travel alerts receive free real-time travel info on your mobile or email, subscribe at tfl.gov. uk/travelalerts for more information on oyster, visit oystercard.com lu Customer services for inquiries, call 0845 330 9880 between 8am and 8pm daily Congestion charging for payment details call 0845 900 1234 or visit cclondon. com london Travelwatch call 020 7505 9000 or visit londontravel watch.org.uk Roadwatch elephant and Castle roundabout: works at the junction of new kent road Portland Pl, marylebone: works at the junction of new cavendish street. Western avenue, acton: works between wales farm road and perryn road. Seven Sisters road, Finsbury Park: works at woodbury grove junction. edgware rd, maida vale: lights out at aberdeen pl. Tottenham Court road, regents Park: lights out at hampstead road. Christchurch road, Brixton: burst water main at junction of streatham hill Fulham Palace road, Hammersmith: works between averill street and silverton road. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting STOP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE BY GarY larSoN CeNTral lINe: minor delays are occurring due to a person under a train earlier at stratford. CamdeN ToWN: until tuesday, 13 october, there will be no down escalator. access to the platforms is via staircase. a coy carp nDAVID CAMERON today said he kicked Alan Duncan out of his cabinet after reflecting on his claim that MPs were being forced to live on rations. The Tory leader also revealed that Mr Duncan had agreed it was right for him to make way for veteran Sir George Young, who is replacing him as shadow leader of the House. PTORY leader David Cameron today promised to scrap the cheap meals and alcohol served to MPs in Parliament. He also vowed to stop ministers swanning around like Royals in ministerial cars, and announced a five per cent cut in ministers salaries if he won power -- slashing 6,500 from the Prime Ministers pay and costing every Cabinet minister 4,000. Promising the gravy train will well and truly hit the buffers, he said the political world would have to show a lead in cutting costs. He said that would mean attacking the subsidised cheap drinks and taxpayer-funded food that have brought Westminster fame as the cheapest gentlemans club in town. Slashing the subsidy would save 5.5m and make the cost of food and drink in Parliament match the prices normal people pay in cafs, restaurants and bars around the country. The 169 ministers are paid between 26,624 and 132,923 on top of their MP salaries. LibyafiascocouldtriggercoupagainstPM index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html