email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Tuesday, 8 September 2009 London Lite Is It possible to say the words beer can without sounding like a West Indian saying bacon? try it. Any others? Beercanneggs, SE16 do RIchARd hAmmonds eyes in the ad for his new television show scare anybody else? Footey, E4 REVELs (Txts, Mon): stag do -- best man shot stag in ankle on first day with air rifle. Released from hospital on eve of wedding in thigh high cast. three-week diving/ safari honeymoon ruined! Staggered, London REVELs: on my stag do I had to wear a bright pink frock and blonde pig tails while playing paintball. Youd hardly call it valid camouflage! Big Dave, TN6 to thE gent who posted my purse back through the closing northern line tube door at Euston: you are a star with good karma coming. Taffy, RM14 hoW do you make a hot dog stand? steal its chair. Laffa, London John (Txts, Mon): Id heard these all-chocolate Kit Kats were deliberate and meant you got a prize of 100. sadly turns out to be an urban myth. too much Willy Wonka, folks? Marianne, NW1 Autumn on its way -- should girls be wearing stockings, hold-ups or tights? discuss. J, EC3 doWn the back of the sock drawer: two pairs of tights, a hairbrush, a Bon Jovi cd, 1.27 and my marbles. Perhaps time for a new wardrobe! Clearout, London dEnIsE (Txts, Mon): my cat buddy has learned to open the cupboard, take the food pouch out of the box, open and eat it whenever hes hungry! Herekitty, London Is It just me or are all London women really getting taller? Gibbo, Southend st PAuLs tube station closed for entry -- because down escalator broken and walking down the stairs deemed unsafe by health and safety. Anyone else got similar madness stories? Matt, EC2 Kd (Txts, Fri): bizarre office outfits -- receptionist wore pink pyjamas today. that came after her purple wig last week. LB, SW7 cRAIG (Txts, Mon): man up! the only acceptable hair product for a proper male is a set of clippers.... Rich, Cambridge fAshIonIstA (Txts, Mon): youve missed a major fashion trend. the non-match stiletto thing was started by transsexual model mugatu last summer. call yourself fashionista? no way! Rick, WC1 ARGh! can department store mirrors lie and, ladies, is there any real way to successfully combat cellulite? Ruined my shopping spree. Traumatised, BR1 Are streets with no traffic signs agoodidea? I thInk its great news that Chris Evans, pictured, will be taking over from terry Wogan on Radio 2s breakfast show. Id ditch Radio 1 in a heartbeat to listen to him, hes a lot of fun and certainly never boring. Good choice, BBC. Caroline, London Oh WEll, thatll be millions of pounds of our money going towards a show loads of people will now stop listening to. this is another typical out- of-touch decision from the BBC. Ricky, Hackney I nEvER see what the fuss is about with DJs. Why does anyone want to listen to them in the first place? Al, Ealing Im GoBsmAcKEd by the London midland trains chaos last sunday. Is anyone else shocked a company offering a seven-day service doesnt have staff contracted to work seven days? for once Rmt leader Bob crows in the right. El Wisty, London Good on Emma Watson for going off to university. It seems heres one lady who wants more from life than the celebrity merry-go-round to which others in her position might have succumbed. Harriet, Walthamstow Another thing Doyoufearmoreterrorattacks?IsMickeyRourketoooldforclubs? WillEvansbeasgoodasWogan? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageEach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See S HOULD we introduce more naked streets stripped of traf- fic lights, white lines and kerbs to London, as Boris Johnson is suggesting we should, it would be a victory for common sense. The con- cept has been seen to work in the Netherlands, Ashford and Kensington. Extending it across London will also allow borough transport budgets to be cut, which must be a good thing in the current economic climate. Manny Goldstein, London THE roads are jam-locked precisely because we try to micro-regulate motorist behaviour. Traffic always flows better when traffic lights stop working. This seems like a wonderful way to address an issue at the root of many problems: people are told what to do so often they no longer take responsibility for their actions. ST, London My girLfriEND lives on a very narrow road where the council removed any split between road and pavement. it works beautifully: cars take it very slowly because they have greater respon- sibility, pedestrians are aware drivers will have noticed them and that they can now walk down the middle of the road safely. its very civilised. George, London SOrry, but the Mayor is way off the mark with his suggestion. Naked street schemes work well in places like Holland because they have a different driving mentality. What we actually need to make roads safer here is greater enforce- ment of existing laws, which police in London appear to turn a blind eye to. Philip, London AMSTErDAM is very different to London. The law there upholds the rights of cyclists so that motorists wouldnt dare drive at them in the way they do in London. Theres a culture of aggression and arrogance among our motorists that would have to be addressed if this was going to work. The Mayor is assuming a rosy view of human nature. Tony Mcmahon, London HOW rich that a politician who admits to cycling on the pavement and running red lights should cam- paign to remove traffic lights. The government should halt his attempt to get roads to conform to his per- sonal needs. KP, Luton PErHAPS Boris could look at the ludicrous number of traffic lights between Clapham Common and Elephant and Castle. Nobby Clark, London iD LOvE to know what blind or partially-sighted people will do in these shared spaces. At the moment, they rely on safe crossing points and street features if using a stick; and the guide dogs are trained to stop at the kerb and wait for a halt in traffic. Will such folk now have to carry white flags? Wilhelm Vieux, London JUST what k i n d o f politician are you, Boris? Treating us like adults and asking us to take responsibil- ity? That approach will never do. Seriously, this scheme is exactly the kind of grown-up thinking that helps to improve society. 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