London Lite Monday, 7 September 2009 23 IN&OUTTONIGHT IN&OUTTONIGHT PREVIEWS Feel the thrill of the ChaseADRIAN GRENIER Entourage Season Five is out on DVD next week. 11PAGE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION CompiledbyLaurenPaxman COMEDYTHEATRECLUBSMUSIC PARAmoRE THE charismatic American emo band, right, perform songs from their forthcoming third album, Brand New Eyes. O2 Academy Islington, N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield St N1 (0870 771 2000, o2academy, 7pm, returns only. Tube: Angel CompiledbyLaurenPaxman Coming SoonTomorrowToday Londons biggest and best newspaper guide to staying in...or going out AIDAN moffAt & thE BEst-ofs THE strong Glaswegian accent of ex-Arab Strap member Moffat, right, booms over the alt-folk beats of his latest band, The Best-Ofs. The Luminaire, 311 Kilburn High Rd NW6 (020 7372 7123, theluminaire. com), 7.30pm, 12, 10 adv. Tube: Kilburn ExAmPlE THE Hammersmith-born rapper, right, whos known to his parents as Elliot John Gleave headlines the final Levis Ones To Watch gig. Milke and A Genuine Freakshow support. 17 Sep, Barfly, 49 Chalk Farm Rd NW1 (0870 907 0999,, 7pm, 7. Tube: Chalk Farm AvENuE Q INCREDIBLY funny and incredibly rude, this musical puppet show stars Lucy The Slut, right. Until Jan 2010, Gielgud Theatre, 33 Shaftesbury Ave W1 (0870 154 4040), Mon-Thu 8pm, Fri & Sat 8.30pm, mats Fri 5.30pm & Sat 5pm, 10-50. Tube: Piccadilly Circus Coming SoonTomorrowToday ZAmBEZI ExPREss A HIGH-ENERGY musical, right, about Zimbabwe teenager Zilli, who leaves the slums to fulfil his footballing dream. Until 27 Sep, Riverside Studios, Crisp Rd W6 (020 8237 1111), Tue-Fri 8pm, mats Sat & Sun 2pm & 5pm, 12-20. Tube: Hammersmith thE vIEw STEVE ARBERS play, right, follows a young couple on the night of the death of their daughter. 10-19 Oct, Lion And Unicorn Theatre, 42 Gaisford St NW5 (08444 771 000,, Sun & Mon 7.30pm, mat Sat 3.30pm, 10-12. Tube: Kentish Town BENEfIt foR thE suZy lAmPluGh tRust JO BRAND, left, plays this benefit in aid of the charity set up by the parents of Suzy, 25, who disappeared without trace in 1986. Richmond Theatre, The Green, Richmond (08700 606 651), 7pm, 20-24. Tube: Richmond Coming SoonTomorrowToday RoBERt NEwmAN THE COMEDIAN, left, who brought us the acclaimed BBC4 sketch show The History Of The World Backwards reveals his latest sociopolitical ponderings. Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill SE10 (020 8858 7755, greenwich, 8pm, 15, 13 concs. DLR: Cutty Sark lAuGhING Boy ComEDy BRENDON BURNS, left, Kevin Bridges and Charlie Barker (MC) ensure belly laughs at this night which also offers open spots to brave audience members. 22 Sep, Proud, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd NW1 (020 7482 3867, proud, 7pm, 10, 8 concs. Tube: Camden Town BRAZIlIAN INDEPENDENCE DAy PARty JIMMY JAM Productions welcomes Brazilians and Brazil- lovers, left, to samba the night away to Banda Swing Da Cor (live) and DJs playing funk, ax, forr and house music. Guanabara, Parker St, Corner Drury Lane WC2 (020 7242 8600,, 5pm, 7, 5 adv. Tube: Holborn Coming SoonTomorrowToday BARRIo lAtINo PUT on your dancing shoes as DJs Chino, left, and Alex play prime cuts of merengue, salsa, bachata and urban Latin tracks. Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Ave W1 (020 7287 2715,, 9pm, 5, 4 concs. Tube: Piccadilly Circus mINIstRy of souNDs 18th BIRthDAy MINISTRY comes of age with Sasha, left, and Nick Warren in the Box and Fred Falke, Lifelike and Were Not Cool in the Bar. 26 Sep, Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St SE1 (08700 600 010), 10pm, 20, 6 after 4am. Tube: Elephant & Castle ADRIAN GRENIER is looking tanned and tired when we meet and I cant help wondering if the curly-haired charmer whose former conquests include a swimsuit model and, according to gossip, Paris Hilton, has been enjoying too many nights on the town. Horizontal jogging would explain Greniers worn-out look and if hes anything like Vincent Chase, the Hollywood heart-throb he plays in Entourage, he wont be going without. But the 33-year-old actor plays his cards close to his chest, so questions about whether hes anything like bed-hopping Vince are met with: Im an actor play- ing a character, not myself. Grenier gets top billing on the show but he raves about his posse of Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara. All the guys are so down-to- earth and no one thinks theyre the star. We keep each other grounded and if you go out you know theres someone there who has got your back. Grenier was born in New Mexico and hes of Apache and European descent, which explains the swarthy good looks. Like his small-screen counterpart, he was raised in Queens, New York, and he didnt have much of any worth on his CV (the romcom Drive Me Crazy and a Britney Spears video) until Entourage came along in 2004 and The Devil Wears Prada in 2006. With the sixth season premiering soon, Vince has been through the mill (smash hit with Aquaman, fall from grace with Medellin) but hes stood by his boys. Thats what the show is about, the friendship between these guys. Do I have my own entourage? Sure, but isnt entourage just a fancy word for friends? And what about the women? Is Adrian as successful as Vince? He sidesteps the question. Actually, Vince hasnt had much action lately. When we shot the pilot there were all these girls around the pool and I thought Wow, this is what its going to be like for the next few years -- but it hasnt. Im starting to complain about that. 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