50, threading, 17, brow-tinting, 12, and eyelash extensions, 60. blinkbrowbar.com ShuUemuraTokyoLashBar Perfect for: Anyone looking for ber- luxurious or dramatic lashes. Shu Uemura has been providing lashes to Hollywoods leading ladies for decades. Devotees include Madonna and J-Lo. The low-down: Styles range from the bejewelled to the ostentatious, fash- ioned from everything from Liberty- print fabric to feathers. Lash technicians will fit your look for free. Lasts: To ensure longevity, remove as you would mascara each night. Costs: Lashes from 14-55. 24 Neal Street, WC2 (020 7240 7635) SueMarshEyelash Enhancement Perfect for: Lash aficionados looking for the next big thing. The low-down: Alongside her meticu- lous couture extensions, lash guru Sue Marsh is also offering something new: the Lash Lift. It uses a similar technique to perming, but lifts the lash from the root to create an extra 2mm of height. The result is longer- looking lashes without the need for stick-on extensions. Lasts: 5-6 weeks, the same as your lashes natural shelf life. Costs: 115 for the Lash Lift with Sue or 98 with one of her team. Cosmetics la Carte, 19b Motcomb Street, SW1 (020 7235 2236) London Lite Monday, 7 September 2009 13 Whats in my fridge? SCotS-borN tV presenter Jenni Falconer, 33, lives in London with actor boyfriend James Midgley. She backs Sainsburys Eat britain campaign for shoppers to buy local produce. sainsburys.co.uk/food At breAkfAst its a banana, tea, two Well Woman tablets and yogurt. I try not to eat too much at lunch as it makes me lethargic, just soup, salad, a smoothie, or cheese on toast. for dinner the other night I made chicken fajitas, the night before I had chicken salad. Im no great cook, most of my meals are chicken-based. If I buy desserts I just eat them so I try not to, but Im often tempted by fresh cookies in the supermarket. sometimes I eat Doritos, but mostly I snack on fruit. If friends come over I open a bottle of wine. At the pub I have dry white wine with soda, but two glasses and Im anyones. My fridge is full of fruit (I keep it there or the dog pinches it), fresh soup, chicken, pasta, bacon, eggs and skimmed milk. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: Jennis diet is short on fibre, so it could give digestive problems. she should swap her yogurt for muesli, porridge or other whole- grain cereal, then have lentil soup or mixed bean salad at lunch. she often feels tired in the afternoon so she should avoid carbs like bread and pasta and concentrate on protein-rich lean meat, eggs, beans or fish to help her stay alert and energised the rest of the day. As a change from chicken in the evening, Jenni should try some oil-rich fish such as salmon or mackerel to boost her intake of essential omega-3 fats to keep her heart and brain healthy. if she doesnt like fish she can buy omega-3 enriched eggs. are springing up all over town -- we round up the best any time to have them reapplied, free of charge. Lasts: A one-day or night wear only. Always remove before bed. Costs: Lashes range from 7-16, tint- ing from 13 and brow shaping is 17. Call 020 8993 8333 Jinnylash Perfect for: Lash addicts looking for a glamorous new look. While these extensions, pictured right, can be tailored for a more natural look, theres no denying the super-long lashes make the greatest impact -- the longest are a sweeping 14mm and they come in a range of colours. The low-down: These individually applied extensions are meticulously fixed in place -- expect your appoint- ment to last up to 90 minutes. The results really are addictive. Lasts: From four to six weeks depend- ing on the life cycle of your own lashes. Essentially the extension is only lost when the lash it is bonded to sheds naturally. To maintain the look expect to book in for extension top-ups every five weeks. Costs: This can be expensive as a full set is 150 (75 lashes per eye) and each individual top-up extension costs 1. 16 James Street, W1 (020 7495 8385) ThePowderLoungeBrow &EyelashBar Perfect for: Time-poor lashionistas in need of a one-stop shop for lash enhancement and brow maintenance. The low-down: Offering the most comprehensive lash and brow care service in the capital, choose from brow-shaping and tinting, and then seven different lash services including strip application and the innovative Y-Lash extensions used to fake a fuller, flicked-out look. Lasts: Expect extensions to last up to two months and brows will need to be re-tinted and tidied every 7-8 weeks. Costs: Threading, 14, tinting, 9 (lashes cost 13) and extension serv- ices range from 11 to 70. thepowderlounge.co.uk Blink Perfect for: Walk-in appointments for a brow shape and tidy. The low-down: Shy and retiring types wont like the shop-floor location of the Blink bars, but theres no denying their threaders are among the best in the business. Lasts: Brow-shaping needs mainte- nance every eight weeks. Costs: Lash-tinting, 18, perming, The eyes have it: a leading lady look is applied at Shu Uemura index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html40.html41.html42.html43.html