email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Friday, 4 September 2009 London Lite New girl in the office wears the strangest clothes every day. Its like MC Hammer And The Technicolor Dreamcoat! Any other strange dress combos? KD, Herts JosHuA (Txts, Wed): after night out I fell asleep on train home and woke to find my head on some random guys lap! He didnt seem to mind though! Sophie, CM5 JosHuA: fell asleep on a train once (back in early Nineties) and woke up singing Depeche Modes Dreaming of Me. Go figure!!! Linda, KT21 woMAN doesnt take bag off Tube seat in rush hour, so I sit on it. whos in the wrong? Catherine, London My FRIeND was subjected to a loud, obnoxious man shouting down the phone in her carriage. Funniest bit was, his phone rang while he was supposedly talking! KM, WD17 oNly three small Cadburys Clusters in one bag, at a cost of 55p. Can anyone top this? Sharon, Brighton JIMBo (Txts, Thur): only if all you 6ft 5in people stand at the back of the crowd during concerts. Deal? SI, SG9 IM on train listening to lonely Goatherd from sound of Music and smiling to myself. why will no one sit next to me? Lonely, DA7 GIRlFRIeND growled at me today! whats that all about? Steve, CT5 eARBAsHeD (Txts, Thur): re random overheard conversations. woman on train exclaiming shed forgotten to eat her strawberries at lunch and that they could cut nasty bits out and eat them tonight with sugar. Interesting. Ian, RH5 eARBAsHeD: bloke shouting to his babe and telling her how to make smash! surely she could have read the packet! SA, Kent eARBAsHeD: Guess who I saw today? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... oMG your friend is rubbish at this game! Jane, London eARBAsHeD: I saw you check me out. My figure is from 11-mile runs and brown rice and nothing wrong with a big contract. Bless you. Bragging guy, London How come when people ask how are you? we always say fine even on crap days? LM, SW1A My nose runs when I am tired, yawn or I get hot and sweaty. Does anyone know why? Baffled, TN9 louIse (Txts, Thur): the yellow- shirted girls in liverpool st area are Deutsche Bank receptionists. Gorgeous. every last one of them! IJS, CM14 MICky (Txts, Thur): being called Quasimodo really gives me the hump, too. Kevin, CM20 Howdowestop weaponscrime? RONNIE WOOD is the luckiest man alive. His music is dull and his paintings are terrible. There are thousands of better artists but, because he is a Rolling Stone, his pictures are printed on a Liberty clothing range, right. Jealous! Paul I, KT14 I LOVE Ronnies music but not sure if being a designer is his thing. Much prefer the story about him snorting his Dads ashes. Fliss, London AT LAST, a fashion line normal people will wear. The designs are nothing special but at least they dont make you look like youre from outer space. Kayleigh, Canada Water Do we really need more new versions of The Beatles albums? Releasing remastered tracks is just another money-making ploy. The Rolling stones achieved more and at least they are still touring. Nathan, London ITs sad when a family rift can ruin a wedding. If I was Danielle Buxs dad, though, I wouldnt worry about not being invited to her wedding to Gary lineker. what goes around comes around. Marty, London Another thing IsDizzeerightabouttheGames?WasJackoburialafittingend? Would you buy Woods frocks? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I CANT believe the Metropolitan Polices excuse that the spike in gun crime in the last few months comes from muggers and robbers claiming to have a gun when they probably dont. Are they seriously say- ing that the figures are incorrect because they cant prove that a gun was actually present? Thats the worst kind of spin. Its half-baked at best and at worst its a full-on lie. Bob, Cheam IF New York could be cleared of crime gangs a few years back, when will the Met, the Mayor and local government do the same for London? No tolerance now! Jimmy, London THere were 49 fatal shootings in the Uk in 1999 and 50 in 2005/6. There was a hefty spike in the early years of this century with an equally hefty reduction since about 2003. The nasty little catch to this is that either criminals became worse shots over time or New Labour, ken Livingstone and Sir Ian Blair over- saw a sharp reduction in violent crime. Tom, London THe Scotland Yard figures showed a 76 per cent rise in the number of Trident gun crime offences involving gangs in the black community. Surely leaders within that community now need to take responsibility and start to clear up the crime and causes of crime. If there was a movement from within, surely the crime rate would reflect that. or should we carry on pretending that gun and knife crime are spread equally across all communities? Jilly, London THeSe thugs running around with guns thinking they are Mr Big are really get- ting out of control. If they like guns so much, when they are caught give them six months basic training and ship them out to Afghanistan so they can fight in a real war. Patricia, London wITHoUT guns there would be no gun crime. Charge the gun manufacturers -- and the guys who sell them -- and give them harsh sentences. Joan, Barnet CoMe down harder for possession offences, and that includes any sort of weapon. More people die by the knife than die by the gun. If you carry any kind of weapon you fully intend to use it. If you do not fully intend to use it, then why carry it in the first place? Mick, London JUST 10 years ago you hardly heard of a gun being used. Twenty years ago you never heard of it. The authorities constantly play this down but at the same time it is an offence to defend yourself. My first human right is the right to protect myself and my friends and family. Clearly I cant do that these days s o a s a law-abiding citizen Im damned if I do and damned if I dont. I demand the right to bear arms Kev, London LeTS bring back the death pen- alty for any murder that involves a gun. James, London Textpoll Q: Should Afghan troops come home now? OurlastresultShould all kids get free school meals? YES 58% NO 42%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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