IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 26 Thursday, 3 September 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw S Darko (2009) Sky Box Office Digital Donnie Darkos younger sister samantha, now 18, leaves her family home with a friend to start a new life. after they break down in a remote desert town, samantha begins having the same strange visions. sci-fi drama sequel, starring Daveigh Chase. American Teen (2008) Sky Box Office Digital DoCumentary following the lives of five 17-year-olds in a small american town, each conforming to a specific teen stereotype, and examining how the social structure and dynamics of high school shapes their lives. BEST MOvIES Perfect Stranger (2007) Sky Drama, 8pm HarD-noseD investigative reporter rowena Price specialises in exposing corrupt individuals. When rowenas friend is murdered, she becomes convinced that a slimy businessman is responsible, and the determined journalist embarks on an undercover mission to bring him to justice. However, she soon finds herself caught in a dangerous game of manipulation and deceit. thriller, starring Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Giovanni ribisi and richard Portnow. National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (2007) Sky Family, 8pm intrePiD archaeologist Ben Gates is determined to clear the family name when evidence emerges that an ancestor was involved in the Lincoln assassination. adventure sequel, starring nicolas Cage, Helen mirren and ed Harris. Dangerous game: Bruce Willis and Halle Berry star in the murder thriller Perfect Stranger Meet Dave (2008) Sky Premiere, 8pm a CreW of tiny aliens on a mission to save their homeworld travel to earth aboard a spacecraft in human form. However, the miniature explorers are unprepared for their ship falling in love. sci-fi comedy, starring eddie murphy and elizabeth Banks. Black Water (2007) Sky Sci-fi/Horror, 9pm a Boat trip through australias mangrove swamps turns into a nightmare for a tour party when a crocodile attacks, killing the guide and forcing the survivors to take shelter up a tree. When it becomes clear no one is coming to rescue them, they face a perilous journey back to civilisation, with the fearsome reptile still stalking them. thriller, starring Diana Glenn and maeve Dermody. Point Blank (1967) TCM, 9pm a GanGster goes out for revenge on his unfaithful wife and the double- crossing partner who shot him and left him for dead. Crime thriller, starring Lee marvin and John Vernon. BEST ENTERTAINMENT Paris Hiltons American Best Friend Forever ITV2, 8pm in tHis new reality series, 16 women and two men compete for the socialites favour. their first challenge takes place in a nightclub and then they each undergo Paris- directed makeovers. Tough Guy Or Chicken? BBC3, 9pm tHe five adventurers continue their four- month journey, heading to the jungle of mexicos yucatn Peninsula to become cave divers. they have six days to learn how to negotiate a network of pitch-black underwater tunnels for the chance to take part in an archaeological expedition with leading cave explorer sam meacham. Justin Lee Collins: Ballroom Dancer Sky1, 10pm (HD) FoLLoWinG his attempts at wrestling, performing in the West end and high diving, the presenter tries his hand at the challenge he has looked forward to the most -- ballroom dancing -- to prove he has what it takes to be the next Fred astaire. Feet dont fail me now: Justin Lee Collins, 10pm BEST DRAMA Merlin BBC3, 7pm BanDits attack merlins home village, where his mother Hunith lives -- but with uther unwilling to provoke a war, arthur joins forces with morgana and Gwen. Colin morgan stars. Legend Of The Seeker Sci-fi, 8pm (HD) tHe sorceress shota uses magic to temporarily exchange richards identity with that of a merchants son. Bones Sky1, 9pm (HD) a CritiCs body is found inside a barrel of wine, leaving the detectives with plenty of work to do when they discover he had many enemies. Porterhouse Blue Yesterday, 9pm skuLLion attempts to clear up after Zipser bombards the college grounds with four gross of inflated condoms. David Jason and John sessions star. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT Live Premier League Snooker Sky Sports 3, 7.30pm neiL roBertson faces Judd trump and ronnie osullivan, right, takes on marco Fu at the Penrith Leisure Centre in Cumbria. osullivan won the trophy for the fifth year in a row last year. Ray Mears Goes Walkabout Eden, 9pm tHe surViVaL expert heads out to meet the arnhem Land aborigines closest relative -- the islanders of the torres strait. 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