Thursday, 3 September 2009 London Lite For the full detailed forecast for your area, call: 0905 168 0619 Calls cost 50p per minute at all times from a BT landline (Mobile costs may vary) weatherweather TONIGHT TOMORROW EUROPE c-cloudy dr-drizzle f-fair fg-fog h-hail m-mist r-rain s-sunny sl-sleet sn-snow sh-showers th-thunder Low 7-10C (45-50F) Patchy cloud and scattered showers, mainly in the south. Windy. AirQuality NitrogenDioxide Yesterday246ppb Forecast-Moderate. Calculatedonpartsperbillion.Less than150-Low,150-299-Moderate, 300+-High FineParticles Yesterday47ug/m3 Forecast-Low. Calculatedonmicrogramspercubic metre.Lessthan50-Low,50-74 -Moderate,75+-High Lights High 16-19C (61-66F) Five-day London forecast Dry with sunny peri- ods, especially later. Windy. TOMORROW 18 Fair SATURDAY 20 Fair SUNDAY 21 Fair MONDAY 23 Fair TUESDAY 22 Cloudy Tomorrow 18 17 16 17 18 18 18 18 8 9 8 9 9 9 10 9 Under 5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-30 Over 30 Under 41 41-48 50-57 59-66 68-75 77-86 Over 86 C F 22 Edinburgh 15C r Manchester 16C sh Birmingham 16C fCardiff 16C sh Bergen 17C sh Oslo 15C r Riga 21C sh Warsaw 21C rBerlin 19C sh Prague 18C sh Munich 16C r Zurich 19C th Geneva 18C th Marseille 29C s Rome 29C s Palermo 32C sTunis 35C th Cagliari 31C s Ajaccio 28C s Barcelona 29C s Madrid 34C s Malaga 34C s Tangier 30C s Faro 29C s Lisbon 26C s Funchal 25C f Tenerife 27C s Palma 30C s Bordeaux 22C dr Bonn 16C shBrussels 16C sh Paris 19C sh Vienna 22C r Budapest 27C th Sarajevo 30C s Athens 32C s Stockholm 19C f Gothenburg 16C sh Copenhagen 18C sh Amsterdam 16C sh London 18C f Penzance 16C f Belfast 15C c Dublin 16C f Sunsetand lighting-uptimes 7.42pm,rises6.18am Moonrise 7.01pm,sets4.52am TODAYONAPAGE Met: We are NOT run by politiciansPFURY erupted today over claims that City Hall had seized control of the running of Scotland Yard. Senior Yard insiders angrily rejected the allegation -- and the Home Office accused Mayor Boris Johnson of using the police as a political football. The row was sparked by Mr Johnsons deputy Kit Malthouse, who claimed in a newspaper interview that the Tories had elbowed the Home Office out of the picture and now had the Mets top officers working to their agenda. The deputy mayor for policing said that he and the Mayor, who chairs the Metropolitan Police Authority, had decided to be more influential and would no longer rubber stamp the ideas of senior officers without question. One top Yard source said: This is nonsense. If you look at what the police have delivered in the past year that is all down to [Commissioner] Sir Paul [Stephenson] and nothing to do with politicians. Paul has been very robust with Mr Malthouse in recent months. It is ridiculous to say he has wrested control away from the police. He is a local politician thinking he is a national politician. The Home Office, which clashed with the Mayor last year over the removal of the former Met chief Sir Ian Blair, said long-standing arrangements under which the Home Secretary has ultimate responsibility for the Met remain in place. Storm: Kit Malthouse Darlingwarnsofdouble-diprecessionrisk PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY LONDONS first camel race was held today in the shadow of Tower Bridge. The event was organised to promote Saracens rugby club, which has a camel as its mascot. The winning camel was a six- year old Bactrian called Sarah ridden by female jockey Andy Probert. They completed the 75-metre course in just 17 seconds over three heats. Saddle up: camels lining up for the Tower Bridge race today Lookoutforthe speedhumps... Luton flights hit in easyJet row BUDGET airline easyJet is to cut its flights from Luton airport by 20 per cent, it announced today. The company started out at Luton but is now looking to move its base after a row over higher landing charges. The airline said the airport had failed to recognise the commercial realities of the recession and claimed costs rose by a quarter in the past three years, but added that its flights to and from Luton up to the end of this year would be unaffected. PALISTAIR DARLING spoke of the danger of a double-dip recession today as he put Britain on collision course with France and Germany over bankers bonuses. Speaking ahead of a summit of G20 finance ministers in London, the Chancellor said he opposed a global cap on bonuses. He also said the global economys recovery would be put at risk if stimulus packages were curbed too soon. Germany and France have pulled out of recession and want a cut in spending to reassure financial markets they are balancing their books. Berlin is also leading calls for exit strategies from the $1trillion rescue package agreed in London in April. However, Mr Darling wants countries to keep up spending. He told The Independent: It is a bit early to say, How do we get out of this? You must have a plan to exit in a way that is consistent with allowing the economy to grow again. Referring to the dangers of a double-dip recession, Mr Darling said the world must deal with the risks, including rising oil prices and jobless figures.Warning: Darling Women are crazy nightmares -- Hollywood star Megan Fox, left, gives a Handy guide to tHe fairer sex I dont try to control my body like I used to -- ex-spice girl geri halliWell admits doing a lot less exercise now sHes 37 I couldnt see a problem with making a few quid on the first throw-in -- soccer legend MaTT le TiSSier admits trying to win 10,000 in a bet by kicking tHe ball out in a matcH in 1995 DiSTriBUTion helPline: If you have any comments about the distribution of London Lite, ring 020 7651 5276, or email On the Tube JOURNEY PLANNER For the easiest way to get around london visit uk and click on Journey Planner london travel information call 020 7222 1234 24-hours Textphone 020 7918 3015 Travel alerts receive free real-time travel info on your mobile or email, subscribe at uk/travelalerts for more information on oyster, visit lU Customer services for inquiries, call 0845 330 9880 between 8am and 8pm daily Congestion charging for payment details call 0845 900 1234 or visit cclondon. com london Travelwatch call 020 7505 9000 or visit londontravel Roadwatch oxford Circus, West end: works at regent st. Queens rd, Peckham: works at pomeroy st. Fulham rd, West Brompton: works at limerston st. Bermondsey St, Bermondsey: works between magdalen st and st thomas st. Maida Vale: roadworks at elgin ave. Upper St, islington: works between liverpool rd and duncan st. Western avenue, acton: works between wales farm rd and perryn rd. Blackbird hill, Wembley: works between forty lane and salmon st. Stockwell rd, Stockwell: works at chantrey rd. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting STOP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE BY garY larSon a good service on all underground lines. Camden Town: no down escalator until 13 october. Finchley Central: no step-free access (faulty lifts). Waterloo: no step-free access to the Jubilee line (faulty lift). Mind if i smack? 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