email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Thursday, 3 September 2009 London Lite Put valuables in gym locker. Returned to find stuff gone, so I reported it stolen. CCtV showed me locking the wrong locker. Other embarrassing gaffs? Timewaster, DA16 I get an itchy nose after a few drinks. Not a good look coming out of a nightclub toilet!! James, SW19 HelP! Best place to store my kiwi fruit for quick ripening? Dora, E6 ReJeCteD chick who tapped pass- port instead of Oyster at Wimbledon tube: thanks for laugh. Ozzy, KT2 I Hate it when people call me Quasimodo. It just really gets my back up. Micky, TN12 WHy do people send email, then 10 seconds later ring or walk to your desk to ask if you got it? Other niggly office habits? Will Reply, SM5 JOsHua (Txts, Wed): I get same train as you, and youre right, people do stare and giggle when you fall asleep, specially when you dribble or start mumbling! Evie, KT1 JOsHua: woke up at ewell West to see guy staring at me! Who needs sleeping pills when you have south West trains? Marina, KT22 JOsHua: every day Im convinced Ive been snoring and everyone is looking at me. Once woke up and random commuter said, Morning sleepyhead. Creepy. Donna, Norwich NeW boyfriend having ex-wife stay in his studio for six weeks before she goes travelling. Hard to deal with. acceptable? Perplexed, London Wf (Txts, Tues): that hideous lime-green flat with an overstuffed interior on Kennington Park Road started off okay, owner doesnt know when to stop though! Cat, SE17 Dez (Txts, Wed): unfortunately, advances in mobile phone technology have all but killed off the pub quiz. Boo. Chris, Vauxhall BRaggINg guy next to me on train shouting in phone about 11- mile run hes about to do, 100,000 contract he closed at work and making sure girlfriend cooking him brown rice for dinner! Worse train phone chat? Earbashed, London esCaPee (Txts, Wed): Im 30- year-old student. like you, I was personal assistant to top execs but got bored. Now almost finished masters in accounting and have job I love. Just do it. LM, W3 aNyONe else worry they divorced their one true love? after over a year decree absolute came through. Panicking that Ive made massive mistake! Help. Monkster, CM16 BOssWOMaN (Txts, Wed): will get married in two weeks, got wife- to-be earrings with flowers on. Our love will blossom. Lookingforward, N7 WIll all vertically challenged commuters keep to the left when walking between stations and let us 6ft 5in people pass on the right? Or Ill kick your ankles! Jimbo, KT14 Shouldtherebe an inquiry over freed bomber? Some people only get married for the wedding. They forget it is about spending the rest of your lives together. Well done Gary Lineker and Danielle Bux, pictured, for realising that and having a low-key wedding in Italy. Tessa, London Im GLaD they had a simple do on the amalfi coast. Ive been there and it is truly spectacular. I couldnt afford to stay in the same hotel though! Kath, London IF I wanted to have a secret wedding, Id be disappointed to get quite this much coverage in the national press. and you wouldnt say theyve been exactly camera-shy since theyve been together. Lisa, Harrow aNNIVeRsaRIes mean little usually, but today is exactly 70 years since the outbreak of hostilities between Britain and germany in the second World War. We should all pause to think about those who were lost in the conflict. Richie, London alaN DaVIes may not be to happy about his 25 per cent pay cut for Jonathan Creek, but he should remember were paying. and Ive not had my tV licence fee cut by 25 per cent. Helena, Islington Another thing Howcanguncrimebetackled?WouldyoubuyWoodsfashionrange? Isitbesttogetmarriedinsecret? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See R EGARDLESS of Gordon Browns repeated denials, theres a long shadow of suspicion looming over the whole affair. The Americans say a commitment was given that Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi would remain in prison for the rest of his life for killing 270 people in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing, yet now he has been freed, albeit on compassionate grounds because of his terminal cancer. Others speculate about a link with British busi- ness interests in Libya. If only to allay suspicions, there must be an inquiry. Ralph, Fulham NONE of this makes any sense. If you commit mass murder, you should die in jail. If youre found to be innocent, your case is re-examined legally. The Scottish Executive and, I believe, the British Government, have both behaved improp- erly and disgracefully. Kevin T, Beckenham If wE are to have an inquiry it should address the real issue and not continue this Brown-bashing. The decision to free Me g rahi was not made by the Government in westminster but by Scotland, and was based on a principle to allow the possibility of compassionate leave for dying prisoners to return home when on the point of death. The issue is whether Scotlands policy is right and whether or not it should have applied in this case. It sets a scary precedent. Martin Clerkenwell, London IN INTERNATIONAL relations you cant isolate yourself and that means you deal with people you might not want to and make compromises in order to advance your national interests. Take Americas dealings with Saddam Hussein in the Eighties as an unfortunately necessary bedfellow against Iran, and with the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet occupation. Saint, London If THERE was a deal Im not angry on that point. But we shouldnt be lied to. why cant we have some honest politics these days? Look mate, we had to hand him over to get the oil. what can you do, eh? People might even say fair enough. ML, London DOES anyone really believe that Megrahi was responsible for putting a b o m b o n the Pan Am plane that crashed over Lockerbie? Allowing a terminally ill man to go free on condition that he dropped his appeal appears very convenient. we need an inquiry to establish the truth. Austen, London IT IS one thing to try to double- deal the United States but it is another thing to do it quite so incompetently. Chris, Hornsey IT IS very simple. Brown would n o t h av e approved of Megrahi being freed, but he did not want him to die in prison and thus become a martyr. The two are entirely different. when Megrahi was in the final stages of his life, then, and only then, could he be transported to Tripoli to die there. JB, London Textpoll Q: Should all kids get free school meals? OurlastresultShould there be more regulation of cabbies? 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