email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Wednesday, 2 September 2009 London Lite London Theatre Week booking opens 24 Aug till 4 September 2009, for redemption until 17 October. Best available seats for selected shows and performances at 15, 25 and 35, subject to availability and 1 booking fee per ticket. Booking fee will be donated to 95.8 Capital FMs Help a London Child who hope to raise 12,000 from the promotion. See website for full terms and conditions. book by september 4th theatre see more top price seats 15, 25 and 35 getting married in two weeks, got husband-to-be set of cufflinks with my thumbprint on them and the date on back. Hes under the thumb now! Bosswoman, London to RacHel who left a postcard on train to luton last Friday morning: ive posted it for you. Yina, SE5 tell me, why is it that i have more success with girls on the internet even if my photo and the face i carry around every day are one and the same? Marvin, SE16 WHy is it someone elses cross- word is always more interesting than your own? David, HP15 been dating girl for a month but its always me who arranges the dates, spends the money and does the texting. Should i end it or continue? Jericho, W1 StUcK4iDeaS (Txts, Fri): my hubby had our wedding date tattooed on his chest! i still forgot this year, oops! Forgetful, London WonDeRing how i managed to become Pa to top ceo but hate it. anyone had a total career change at 30? How did you escape?! Escapee, London Megan (Txts, Mon): yes! i have cDS (compulsive drunk sneezing) just like you. So embarrassing. Wish i could just be sick like normal people. Barney, E2 Megan: not sure about alcohol but i sneeze if i eat mints... or pluck my eyebrows... weird! Kirsten, cM14 Megan: my dog sneezes if she has a drop of red wine, dead giveaway that she has raided the recycling box! Polly, SW1 anyone else fall asleep on trains, wake up and believe everyone has been talking about you and staring at you? Joshua, Epsom laURa (Txts, Tues): walking round bank of england, big gust of wind, thank goodness for my thong, big knickers so wrong! Kimmie, DA18 laURa: saw you on london bridge when that gust blew your skirt up. you are right, they are big knickers. Mick, TW3 iM all for development yet i would love, just for one day, to be able to look at the london skyline crane-free. catch-22? Dando, SE22 looKing for a pub in the city that does quiz nights. Have they all died out? can anyone recommend one please? im desperate to be quizzed! Dez, Ec3 WF (Txts, Tues): you have hit the nail on the head calling that flat on Kennington Park Road hideous. How do you decide on that green interior? Must have lost a drunken bet... PD, SW16 all the women round liverpool Street and bank area in the yellow shirt with floral collar and navy skirt uniform -- im curious, where do you all work? Louise, Essex Should we all have our water on a meter? I had no idea Paul OGrady, pictured, was leaving Channel 4. he used to lighten up my afternoons. But I do hope Graham Norton doesnt take over -- really I cant stand him. Katie, London Graham NOrtON has been wasted by the BBC. his Channel 4 show was one of the best tV shows ever. It was so innovative and funny. the BBC tried to turn him into Bruce Forsyth. Martin Bideau, Camden Its great news that Graham Norton may be going to Channel 4 as I never watch it. With him and russell Brand on there, my tV viewing will be safe. George, South Kensington noW experts are warning of the possibility the UK will suffer power blackouts in the near future, what should we do? My plan is to stock up on lots of candles so i can start on all the books ill have to read with no tV. Terence, Streatham So VictoRia becKHaM doesnt look the same with no make-up. is there some reason were supposed to be surprised? you might as well expect someone to leave the house naked in the morning. Rebecca, Harrow Another thing ShouldtherebeaLockerbieinquiry?Isitbettertomarryinsecret? DoyoupreferNortonorOGrady? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I m not normally a Boris fan but this is an excellent idea. I have been flabbergasted at the waste of some of my neighbours (leaving an over- flow pipe running for a month). time people were forced to take respon- sibility for water use. Mark Lee, Vauxhall Personally I think this is a silly idea. other parts of the planet may want for water, but on this wet island theres no shortage, except in the hottest of sum- mers. mayor Boris Johnson may suppos- edly have a good nose for politics, but in calling for household water meters hes way off target. Holly, Camberwell YES, the more you use, the more you should pay. now introduce the same fair- ness for council tax, Boris. Darius, London DoES Boris really think by sav- ing water here there will be more, say, in the Sahara? All of this because Boris dare not ask his friends in water companies to reduce wastage and invest in bet- ter infrastructure to store water. Nabil H, London How long will it be before they start meter- i n g h o w much air we use? water isnt a luxury, it is a necessity for life. S Port, London FIrSt they should put water meters in office buildings. we pay the same at our office as I do for my flat, but its 30 times the size. Ali, London mY wAtEr bills gone down by a third since I got a meter. why should I subsidise the baths of a family choosing to have three k i d s ? I f they pay more, they might be more careful in their water use. Squiz, Islington IF wE pay per drop, can we at least get water that isnt all chalked up? Josh, London Textpoll Q: Should there be more regulation of cabbies? OurlastresultWas Baby P chief badly treated? YES 15% NO 85%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Everyone must pay for waste Save it: Mayor backs water meters for all homes your Lite? Dont miss a single edition! 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