dress (my picks are shoulder-padded and studded this season) and then adding similar fierce accessories. If youre hitting town straight after uni, pack a spangly clutch and a pair of heels to transform your look. Whatwasyouruni experiencelike? I studIed at the London College Of Fashion so every day was like a catwalk, it was fabulous! When I first arrived at uni I wore cargo jeans and desert boots -- the shame! One thing I took away from there was to embrace your individual qualities. Peacocks, Matalan and all of the supermarkets have style bargains, too. Buy one key item like a sequin dress or a printed peplum skirt and blend it with high-end high street pieces to posh things up. Whattowearinlectures? CLassrOOM style is about showing youve got fashion flair, but not being too try- hard. If you like alexa Chungs boyish quirk, try a pinafore frock with a striped Breton top underneath and loafers. More a Cheryl Cole minis and heels girl? Be wary of short hemlines in the classroom, mid-thigh is about high enough and, if youre doing heels, make sure you can walk in them first. Andoutonthetown? thIngs have gone really dressy this season. all frocks are embellished, sculpted or printed. the key is picking a wonder London Lite Tuesday, 1 September 2009 27 Lucy Wood, pictured, from Look magazine, reveals how girls can steal the show at university this autumn. Whatshotforautumn andwinter? LashIngs of leather, whether its a biker jacket, dress or skirt. Yasmin Le Bons leather biker jeans for her YLB for Wallis collection are going to speed out of the door. theyre online at ylbwallis.com on 12 september and in store 15 september. heeled worker boots -- think boxer lace-up tops with builders boot treading on the bottom -- win extra points. a studded handbag inspired by designer alexander Wang will turn a simple jeans and t-shirt combo into pure glam. Wheresbestto bargain-hunt? hIgh street clobber neednt look cheap if you know what to buy from where. new Look does the best catwalk-inspired shoes for less than 30 and fashion editors are raving about evans jewellery this season. Primark, Education2009 Styleituponabudget Q&A Cometopofthe classinthe fashionstakes wordsjamesday Studying isnt cheap but there are ways to limit your expenditure and stay in the black, says JAMES dAy. if youre starting university this autumn you could graduate with debts of up to 30,000, claims consumer group Which? the average undergraduate will rack up debts of up to 10,000 a year on a three- year degree course, to pay for necessities such as tuition and living fees. With huge debt and employment opportunities at an all-time low, we find it astonishing that universities demand ever higher fees, says Wes Streeting, president of the national union of Students. We are in danger of condemning a generation to a lifetime of debt. thankfully, help is at hand. Michael Royce, of the Financial Services Authority, says: there are two types of debt: managed debt and problem debt. We deal with managed debt. A mortgage, for example, is managed debt. When your financial commitments spiral into problem debt and youre not able to pay them, thats when you should seek help from the citizens Advice Bureau or the national debtline. the FSA project Money doctors funds advisers at universities, who help students understand how to budget, plan and prepare for the amount of money they will spend as a student. We work with professionals already in universities, called student money advisers, adds Mr Royce. We give them training so they can pass on advice. We expect most students to be in a lot of debt when they finish, but hopefully we can equip them to deal with it. National Association of Student Money Advisers, nasma. org.uk; FSA, moneymadeclear. fsa.gov.uk; Citizens Advice Bureau, citizensadvice.org.uk; National Debtline, nationaldebtline.co.uk l add it up: the average debt of an undergraduate is 10,000 a year WITH a National Union of Students (NUS) card youll get discounts at all these shops... l Superdrug: 10% off l Body Shop: 10% off l Amazon: 5% off shoes, accessories, jewellery and watches l La Senza: 10% off l Miss Selfridge: 10% off online l Firetrap: 15% off online l Office: 10% off l Bay Trading: 15% off l Oasis: 10% off online l Warehouse: 10% off online l Coast: 20% off l Top Shop: 10% off online l Top Man: 10% off online l Moss Bros: Dinner suit from 26 l Cecil Gee: 10% off l JJB Sports: 10% off online and in store. For a card, go to nus.org.uk Boys fashion We HaveNT forgotten about the boys. Stefan Pesticcio, menswear buying director at asos.com reveals all for the new student year... Were pushing two distinct and separate trends for autumn 2009 -- Lord Hoxton takes quintessential english style and throws it on to the dance floor in Shoreditch, while Into The Wild remixes grunge styling and adds a spiritual, hippy vibe. Comfort must prevail in the classroom. Jeans are the obvious option for day and we stock more than 40 denim brands alongside our own range. Down the pub the hoodie rules, as do cardigans which are fast becoming a staple in mens wardrobes. Weve got a broad range including a Navajo- inspired cardigan incorporating bold colour and graphics. Out on the lash, a decent pair of shoes can dress up any outfit. Try our Made In england collection of footwear covering brogues, brogue boots and loafers, all with genuine Goodyear welted construction. Money-savvy:dealingwithdebt Where your student dosh comes from: Student Finance england: 79 per cent High street banks: 10 per cent Your parents: eight per cent Credit card companies: three per cent Where your money goes (figures based on the first year of a three-year course): Tuition fees: 3,225 accommodation: 2,934 Food: 1,721 Leisure: 1,300 Books: 491 Transport: 420 index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html