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TOMORROW 18 Rain ThuRsDAy 18 Showers FRiDAy 19 Showers sATuRDAy 19 Fair suNDAy 20 Fair Tomorrow 18 17 17 18 20 18 17 18 10 11 10 11 11 11 14 12 Under 5 5-9 10-14 15-19 20-24 25-30 Over 30 Under 41 41-48 50-57 59-66 68-75 77-86 Over 86 C F 18 Edinburgh 16C r Manchester 16C sh Birmingham 16C rCardiff 16C r Bergen 15C sh Oslo 18C sh Riga 24C s Warsaw 25C sBerlin 25C f Prague 24C th Munich 22C th Zurich 23C r Geneva 26C f Marseille 30C s Rome 29C s Palermo 31C sTunis 35C th Cagliari 31C s Ajaccio 30C s Barcelona 29C f Madrid 33C s Malaga 30C s Tangier 28C s Faro 26C s Lisbon 24C s Funchal 24C f Tenerife 28C s Palma 31C s Bordeaux 23C c Bonn 24C fBrussels 21C f Paris 23C c Vienna 26C s Budapest 28C s Sarajevo 28C s Athens 30C s Stockholm 20C r Gothenburg 18C sh Copenhagen 21C r Amsterdam 20C c London 18C r Penzance 16C r Belfast 15C r Dublin 15C th Sunsetand lighting-uptimes 7.46pm,rises6.15am Moonrise 6.29pm,sets2.32am TODAYONAPAGE Boris wants water meters for us all Elle of a guy: Boriss cover LockerbiebomberclosetodeathinLibya PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY CLIMATE CAMP protesters staged a nude demo in London today over a coal-fired power station. Fifteen people stripped off to stand in the window and climb on the roof at PR firm Edelman. The company, near Victoria, represents E.on, owner of Kingsnorth power station in Kent. A further 12 protesters glued themselves to the floor of the Royal Bank of Scotlands HQ in Bishopsgate while 100 people unfurled banners outside. Elly Robson, 21, campaigning at the RBS said: Six people inside are superglued together. Well stay until police forcibly remove us. Asset strippers: the nude protest and, left, an RBS protester Powerstationgetsthebumsrush LoCKERBIE bomber Abdulbaset Ali al-Megrahi is close to death, Tripoli claimed today in a twist to the furore over his release from life imprisonment. The claim came as the row in London rumbled on over the Scottish parliaments decision to free the 57-year-old on compassionate grounds. Downing Streets attempt to refute claims of an oil for freedom deal by publishing ministerial letters this afternoon looked unlikely to satisfy critics, with No 10 admitting it was not releasing the full correspondence on the matter. In Tripoli, a government spokesman said al-Megrahi was deteriorating fast, adding: only God knows when it will be over. But he is dying now. There was no way to independently verify the health of the only person to be convicted of the 1988 bombing that killed 270 people. Images of al-Megrahi with arms raised in triumph were due for a starring role in tonights celebrations in Libya to mark Muammar Gaddafis 40 years in power. Critical: TV image of sick al-Megrahi Its difficult when you try to be friends with someone after youve been in a relationship -- model lAuREn Budd, 18, right, has an age-old excuse for not attending ex-squeeze david walliamss birthday bash Spider-Man should not be co-mingling with Goofy -- a spidey fan is far from happy about disneys 2.4bn takeover of marvel comics Beautiful is very boring -- JoAnnA luMlEy on why she always saw herself as a character actress, not a beauty actress dISTRIBuTIon HElPlInE: If you have any comments about the distribution of London Lite, ring 020 7651 5276, or email distribution@thelondonlite.co.uk On the Tube JOURNEY PLANNER For the easiest way to get around london visit tfl.gov. uk and click on Journey Planner london travel information call 020 7222 1234 24-hours Textphone 020 7918 3015 Travel alerts receive free real-time travel info on your mobile or email, subscribe at tfl.gov. uk/travelalerts for more information on oyster, visit oystercard.com lu Customer services for inquiries, call 0845 330 9880 between 8am and 8pm daily Congestion charging for payment details call 0845 900 1234 or visit cclondon. com london Travelwatch call 020 7505 9000 or visit londontravel watch.org.uk Roadwatch oxford Circus, West End: works at the junction of regent st. Queens Road, Peckham: works at the junction of pomeroy st. Fulham Road, West Brompton: works at the junction of limerston st. Bermondsey Street: works between magdalen st and st thomas st. upper St, Islington: works between liverpool rd and duncan st. Broad lane, South Tottenham: works at the junction of high road. Western Avenue, Acton: works between wales farm rd and perryn rd. Blackbird Hill, Wembley: works between forty lane and salmon st. By using mobile services in Lite you may receive occasional SMS/email messages from Lite and other DMGT Plc companies. You will not be charged for these messages and may opt out by texting SToP to the originating number. QUOTESOFTHEDAY THE FAR SIDE By GARy lARSon dISTRICT/CIRClE lInE: severe delays anti- clockwise due to trespassers on the track at upton park. also minor delays on circle line clockwise due to faulty train. HAMMERSMITH & CITy lInE: suspended between moorgate and barking. Twitter for goldfish We understand your concern, maam -- but this just isnt enough for us to go on. now, you find the other half of your husband, and then weve got a case HH PBoRIS JoHNSoN today called for every home in London to have a water meter -- a move which could add 20 to some bills. The Mayor announced his support for the move to conserve water as demand rises due to an expanding population and higher temperatures caused by climate change. The idea came in a strategy commissioned by Mr Johnson which said temperatures will increase by more than two degrees Celsius by the middle of the century, while Londons population is expected to rise from 7.56million to 9.11million by 2031. At present, 23 per cent of homes have meters. Mr Johnson wants them installed in all houses by 2015, and in all flats by 2020. While annual water bills could rise by up to 20 a year -- with those most likely to be hit including the poorest 10 per cent of Londoners -- more efficient water users could see bills fall by the same amount. Mr Johnson said: It is easy to take water for granted. It is a vital resource, which is under pressure . nBORIS JOhnSOn will become the first solo male to appear on the cover of Elle magazine, in a special 100-print edition to mark the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week this month. The Mayor is among 25 famous faces to appear on different covers to mark the milestone. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html