IN&OUTTONIGHT 18 Tuesday, 1 September 2009 London Lite a tropical environment, so I love the water, especially swimming and scuba diving. We are both quite adventurous but just in different sports. It actually felt like we had quite a lot in common in spite of our different backgrounds. We left the restaurant at about 11.30pm. We didnt exchange numbers but said wed look each other up on Facebook. Kevin is lovely and great to chat to, but Im not sure there was a spark. Saying that, it does take me a while to like someone in a romantic way. Id need to see Kevin a few more times to know for sure. I think well probably see each other again as we work so close together, so we could easily meet for lunch. Natalie did look like her picture which was cool as you never can quite tell from a passport- sized photo. She looked lovely! the first thing i did was to thank her for picking me. i thought she seemed genuine and down-to-earth in her profile, which is why i wrote in to meet her. the date itself was very relaxed. the film was good -- its a romantic comedy, but not in the usual soppy, Jennifer aniston way. it was actually pretty funny. During the meal we had Washe LOVE HESAYS: Single FILEWhat happened when we sent two Lite readers for a date to see a romcom then dinner? Natalie Smyth, 21, a recruitment worker who lives in Parsons Green chose to date business manager Kevin Suddaby, 28, from Beckenham, as she thought they had similar tastes. We sent them to a private screening of new release (500) Days Of Summer to see if they found their own romantic story to tell. I r e c o g - nISed Kevin immediately and he was exactly what I was expecting, so it was a good first impression. I chose him as he seemed to have similar tastes to me and looked like he was having fun in his picture. on our date we went to see a private preview screening of (500) days of Summer. We laughed all the way through. We were given the soundtrack to the film afterwards, which has some great music on it and this led to a big chat. We both like all types of music from classical through to rock. Kevin is a part-time dJ and quite into electro at the moment, so he recommended a few tracks I should look up. Hes quite into clubbing and likes his big clubs, while Ive never got round to going to places like that. Although London is huge, it turns out we both work about two minutes away from each other in the city. Kevin used to be in finance. now he works for a start- up doing client management, but he also has a music production company on the side. Kevin really loves what he does and is trying to follow his dream, which I found quite inspiring -- I do like passion- ate people. I was a little tired and really hungover on the date as it was the day after my birthday celebrations, so dinner at Mon Plaisir was a bit of a struggle. Kevin has spent quite a bit of time in France and tried to teach me how to order in French but I kept forgetting the right phrases. conversation flowed well and there were no awkward silences. He loves snowboard- ing -- I dont ski myself, but I am into sports. I grew up in Queensland which is SHESAYS: Fancy going on a date with this hottie, courtesy of Lite? Name Sara Reycores age 25 OccupatiON accountant RelatiONship histORy a few semi long-term celebRity cRush Ryan Reynolds peRfect lONdON Night Out a great restaurant, cocktails and dancing -- or anything remotely original last hOliday i weNt ON Los Angeles and Las Vegas last bOOk i Read Secrets by Freya North what im lOOkiNg fOR iN a guy: someone spontaneous who likes to try different things in life. Humour and a love of travelling would be a definite bonus FOR A CHANCE TO DATE THIS SINGLETON, EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO THE SAME PROFILE QUESTIONS, PLUS A PHOTO AND YOUR MOBILE NO, TO: Looking for love in London? Thousands are looking for you at Simple but tasty: Jom Makan in Pall Mall East CHEAP DATE WHeN I met my American blind date by Nelsons Column he led the way to Jom makan (5-7 Pall mall east, SW1, 020 7925 2402). Meeting at 6pm, it was soon clear my Yankee was less keen to meet me and more eager to take advantage of the offer of 5 main dishes before 7pm. Apparently being a regular at the restaurant, my date ordered a selection of side dishes for us to share, including beef satay and grilled beef and asparagus salad (4.60). Our waiter recommended a traditional Malaysian dish of nasi lemak with squid, beef and coconut rice, and my date ordered roti canai (flatbread with lamb curry) We ordered a cheap but surprisingly pleasant Spanish red (12.50) to wash it down. 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