email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Wednesday, 26 August 2009 London Lite When going the extra mile for my customers, which direction should I be taking? Dean, Kent I WORK in a restaurant reception and just welcomed a guy I had big club night out with. Pretended not to know each other, but everyone stared as hes a very famous actor. I couldnt remember his name! Jacob, W1 LessOnLeaRned (Txts, Tues): did similar thing cycling -- admired girls sunbathing in garden then crashed my bike into parked car. Total embarrassment. Ross, SW19 LessOnLeaRned: in my comedy cycling moment, bag caught in front wheel and I fell back off bike right in front of ex-boyfriend. JT, SE13 LessOnLeaRned: accelerated away from lights, pedal snapped, crashed privates on to crossbar, then fell into a heap in middle of junction. Top deck of a passing bus was in fits of laughter. GingerNuts, KT19 Why do people offer to take you out for a coffee when its a cocktail youd rather have? CheekyBev, SW16 anyOne else think stacey slater from eastenders looks like a poor mans Megan Fox? Custard Pie, Essex GenTs, seriously!? When a dude offers a lady a seat thats not your cue to take the gap and score the spot! Manners, Wimbledon nOeL (Txts, Tues): to get out of Christmas at the in-laws, volunteer to work for charity on Christmas day. Hospital Worker, London nOeL: just book a holiday for Christmas, she wont say no and you avoid her family. CoolYule, London nOeL: why not claim youve been invited to seasonal TV special on people called noel? Alex, Cambridge bOOKed two nights in top Canary Wharf hotel as a treat for fella and I. Ideas for fun or unique things for us to do in London? RomanticGirl, W10 LadIes! do you prefer a guy clean- shaven, stubble or beard? Jim, DA7 heaRd over the Tannoy at asda: someone has lost their shopping list, if anyone finds it please bring it to the customer service desk, it is very important. Shopper, London dId Jubilee line train buttons ever open the doors? Pete, UB8 dude (Txts, Tues): internet dating does mean risks! Its how I found my girlfriend. I moved to Paris to be with her after meeting twice, Id say thats a risk! Love you nisnooz! Sas, N16 Why dont men wear aftershave any more? dont they know how sexy it is? Woof. Ladycommuter, E4 WhIsTLe-bLOWeRs at Fenchurch street need training. blow em like its going out of fashion! Dave, Essex WORRIed (Txts, Tues): I was woman sat opposite you on Tube both to and from work! I was also wondering if I was being stalked so its clearly coincidence! Di, London Shouldillegal downloadersbe barredfromNet? IVE got my eye on Natalie Cassidy, pictured with dance partner Vincent Simone. Of course the cynics will snipe, but I think the ex- EastEnder may surprise us all. Sue, Richmond I dONt want Jo Wood to win. Shes not a real star. Being dumped by someone famous does not make you noteworthy! Dan, Kentish Town SpOrtS stars always do well, so I expect Martina Hingis and athlete Jade Johnson to go far. But with mainly female viewers hunky tV presenter rav Wilding may do very well. Pat, London sO The Tories want to compare crime in britain to The Wire? Murder rates in american cities such as baltimore, in which the series is set, are 20 times higher than in the uK. Theres no real comparison. Martin, London IF ITs true Jordan was shouting about her sex life on an easyJet flight she really is vile. she is fast becoming the most unpopular person in the uK! Is there anyone left in Team Katie? Chris, Kent Another thing Shouldcouncilstaffgetgold-platedpensions?IsGervaisstillfunny? Who will win Strictly this time? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See W HILE Ive never been a fan of Lord Mandelson, this time Id like to say three cheers for his latest idea. Swapping intellectual property such as music or movies is just a euphemism for theft. The Business Secretarys apparent support for such illegal downloaders to be banned from using the internet is entirely to be applauded as sending out a much-needed, strong signal. Hilary, Camden THE download websites are just sitting there year after year waiting for people to use them illegally -- why dont inter- national governments just shut them down? Or, why cant they sort out the technology to block illegal downloads if its such a huge issue? Helen M, West Hampstead THEfT is theft. People who down- load from unauthorised sites are committing an illegal act -- it really is very simple guys. Daisy, SE1 HOw on earth do these people think they can stop someone using the internet, any more than t he y c a n stop some- body using a telephone? A law that is unenforce- able is no law at all. George, London MAyBE if legal downloads didnt cost so much, people wouldnt make illegal downloads. Its also a pity the authorities cant put as much effort into dealing with real crimes. you know -- mugging, burglary, assault and the like. Mr T, London THE Net is a vital means of com- munication to which we all have the right under the Human Rights Act, offenders too. Joy, London THE really significant crimes online are multi-billion financial frauds. Downloading is petty crime by comparison. Harry, Blackheath Textpoll Q: Will you miss Big Brother? OurlastresultHas Cameron already won the next election? YES 55% NO 45%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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