London Lite Tuesday, 25 August 2009 17 a kick out of this Fancy footwork: Amy and Tim try their feet at capoeira and, inset, Tim does a handstand POSH DATE Email your restaurant reviews to White and bright: Coast Dining, Camden WHEN my girlfriend announced that she was sick of chain restaurants I knew it was a not-so- subtle hint that I had to pull my finger out and offer to take her somewhere other than Pizza Express. Luckily, I work in Camden and had noticed a spanking new fish restaurant, Coast Dining (108 Parkway, NW1, 020 7267 9555) that didnt look too expensive. Taking her there immediately ensured I was propelled back into her good books. The restaurants white decor would border on clinical if it wasnt for the numerous, colourful paintings of the Cornish seaside. However, the friendly service keeps the atmosphere warm and cosy. I opted for the 15 set menu which was a starter of perfectly cooked scallops with butternut squash and a main of yummy pan-fried plaice. My girlfriend, of course, went for the la carte menu. She had oysters (9) as her starter, and a main course of Dublin Bay prawns (which looked more like lobsters) with chips (21). My menu included a glass of house white and we shared another 500ml carafe (13). I found the servings a bit small, but maybe thats to reflect the quality of the food, or else its to ensure everyone makes the most of the dessert menu. My chocolate mousse with clotted cream (5) was sublime, as was the passion fruit jelly with champagne sorbet (5). Well definitely be going back. LEO, E2 accompanied by musicians with cymbals and drums. It was very impressive, they were teasing us to copy their routine. We didnt get a chance for a real one-to-one until supper. We shared four or five different tapas dishes like pork belly, octopus, lamb cutlets and baby artichokes. The food was amazing and the service incredible. Were both into our wine and the waiter took his time to help us choose an incredible Spanish vintage. We spent a lot of the evening learning about each other, too. Amy has a straightforward attitude about what she likes which I think is a nice quality. Im setting up a clothing label and I think she found my job quite interesting. I like girls who are successful and wouldnt fancy someone who was lazy. Amy is my kind of girl in that respect and if there had been a mutual physical attraction between us it would have been amazing. I think we both realised from the start that there was no romance between us. It wasnt an issue though, as we were happy hanging out with each other. We probably had more fun, as the pressure was off. We left the restaurant after 11pm but didnt swap numbers. I would have happily swapped email addresses with Amy but it didnt come up. We didnt fancy each other -- if she did she was being very coy about it. London is a busy place and its difficult to keep up with the friends youve got, so its hard to think well keep in touch. I think we both had a good night together and decided to leave it at that. Capoeira Academy UK is at the 52 Club, Gower Street, WC1. Classes start at 5 per hour, visit or call Bombril on 07841 342 874. Fino restaurant, 33 Charlotte Street, W1, INTERVIEW BY SHARON BRENNAN Romance is two hot to handle My showing off was a real turn-off Twosingletonsshare theirsearchforlovePlaying thefield T HERE is nothing more nerve-racking than a date with someone you really like. After our blind date last week, Mr Paris has asked me to meet him for a drink on Saturday and its all I can think about. I have spent all week going through outfits -- Im after something demure that says, Gosh, you really think Im pretty? but is still hot enough to make him glad he asked me in the first place. Not to mention the obligatory online stalking -- thank God he asked me to be his Facebook friend because its a girl rule not to do that first. Naturally I have sent hot photos of him to most of my friends for their opinions. And, if Im really honest, Ive bought his favourite book, which he mentioned in his profile notes. Its so boring. I have no idea whats going on, but I plan to take it to the date and casually allow my bag to fall open so he sees it and is impressed. Basically, I am fully prepared. But the funny thing is that boys are like buses -- you wait ages for one to come along and then two appear at once. I took one night off from preparing for The Date (most evenings have been spent trying to make progress with the book) and met the most ridiculously good-looking guy ever at a friends party. Normally I would never have had the guts to go and talk to him but, bolstered by the knowledge of my forthcoming date with Mr Paris (bear in mind that I have already married us in my head), I was able to chat away to him without any problem. Its like when you have a boyfriend and suddenly you are 10 times more attractive because you dont care whether it seems like you are flirting. But I was still pretty gobsmacked when I received a message from him asking me if I would like to go for a drink. Amazing -- the best way to relieve the pressure of one date is by arranging another. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/ROMILLY_LITE example. My stories were boastful rather than entertaining and I was painting myself as an ultra-confident Jack The Lad type. I suddenly realised I didnt want to do this any more. Id much rather be my slightly geeky self with potential girlfriends. Theyre going to discover what Im really like eventually, so Id rather they fell for that guy, not be hoodwinked by this show-off who sometimes gets to meet celebrities. Harsh as it sounds, I knew this girl preferred the ultra-confident version. Frankly, shed lose interest the second it dawned on her Im not her ticket to celebland. And Im not willing to hang around to find out. So, its back to the drawing board. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.COM/CHARLIE_LITE hottwois last week, Mr Paris has asked me to and then two appear at once. I took Romilly Chambers showingMy turn-offreal example. My stories were Charlie ParrishL AST week, I documented my laughable bid to secure a date with a girl so hot I was reduced to a stammering wreck. Come the big night, things didnt begin well. My Tube sat at Oxford Circus for 20 minutes on the hottest day of the year. By the time I emerged red-faced and late at Angel, I looked like Id been swimming. Praying for rain to nullify the sweat, we strolled to the restaurant. I realised I should have checked if she liked Mexican. Sure enough: I dont really do spicy food, she muttered. Plan B then. Except I didnt have one. She suggested a restaurant over the road, which was empty and expensive. But once inside the brasserie, things went surprisingly well. And then I realised why. I was showing off. I dont know if its a by-product of having a job which necessitates outgoing behaviour, but to combat an occasional lack of confidence, I sometimes overshoot the other way. And this date was a prime restaurant after 11pm but didnt swap numbers. I would have happily swapped email addresses with Amy but it didnt come up. We didnt fancy each other -- if she did she was being very coy index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html