THEVIEWWITHTHEULTIMATEINADRENALINEFLIGHTS Six of the best MICRO HEADING out to the country for bank holiday weekend? Its all very romantic spreading out a rug for that meal under the sun or stars. But what about your wine glass falling over? What about style? What you need is a smart folding table... its a must for any picnic and, more importantly, you wont spill a drop. DAVID WILLIAMS 9.99, CLEVER, this one. Its low enough to let you balance your cuppa and sarnies at just the right height while still lying back on that rug. And it all folds up into a tiny bag for carrying, too. 24.99 (12.49 on sale), SO EASY, so cheap, so lightweight and so clever, every picnicker should have one of these on stand-by. Its not just a cinch to put up -- when its up it stays up with a clever, sturdy frame. 19.99, ALMOST identical to the Eurohike in style, but much more tricky to erect. Could you be bothered to fit rows of plastic clips each time? We couldnt. Very good once its up, though. 39.99, ABOUT as effective as you could get. Lightweight too, this clever set folds up inside a slim aluminium carrying case while being simple to erect. 29.99, STRANGE one, this. It has a tiny table with a stretched-fabric top, and we wouldnt fancy balancing a glass of wine on that. But it comes in a bag with two comfy little chairs. 78.29, REMEMBER origami at school? This is the metal table version! Not lightweight, but ideal for whipping out of the boot, putting up, and saying: Heres one I made earlier. EUROHIKE ALUMINIUM HOMEBASE ALUMINIUM COMPACT FURNITURE KIT ARGOS ALUMINIUM foldingpicnictables London Lite Tuesday, 25 August 2009 13 manoeuvres that would make up my Top Gun experience that he actually convinced me I was relaxed. Wingovers? No problem. Aileron rolls? Easy. The vertical stall and spin? Er, hang on a minute... By the time Roger started talking about parachutes its fair to say Dragon was feeling the heat. Out on the runway were our Bulldogs, which the RAF uses for training. Jim and I climbed into one; Roger and Flash (aka John the photographer), into the other. We would take to the skies together, try out a few gentle moves, then move into Top Gun mode. OntheTarmac THERE are no guns fitted to either plane. You simply get the bandit in your sights, press the transmit button on top of the flight stick and shout: Guns, guns, guns! into your headset. If the other pilot thinks youre on target he lets out the gargling cry of the doomed. For added realism, the Extra300 planes release a plume of smoke if theyre hit. As the planes accelerated along the runway I started to feel anxious about what was ahead of me: a simulated dogfight at 5,000ft with forces of up to three Gs. Loopingtheloop THE first manoeuvre was the slow- climbing 180-degree turn known as a wingover, which wasnt too bad. Amazing isnt it? said Jim. There were the fields of the Cotswolds laid out far below us -- and then above us. Aileron roll, Jim informed me as we turned over in midair. I never quite recovered from that moment on. Next we launched into a barrel roll, the looping spin made famous by the Spitfire. Suddenly there was only bright blue sky and the sun spinning around us. Pushed back in my seat by the Gs, I tried to tense my stomach muscles as Id been taught. I was gasping for breath by the time we were the right way up -- just in time to deal with the negative Gs, the swooping feeling you get on a plunging rollercoaster. Thedogfight THEN it was time for me to take the con- trols for the dogfight. With two sets of controls theres no danger of messing up too badly. We looped and circled each other like predatory vultures, Jim shouting: Guns, guns, guns! a few times and me muttering it weakly once or twice. The whole experience lasted only 35 minutes, but they were the most exhilarat- ing (if slightly nauseous) of my life. Me be your wingman? Not likely -- you can be mine. Ultimate High, Kemble Airfield, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. See Top Gun experience starts from 295 weekdays and 370 weekends. DVD of flight costs 45. simulatedame:ofaheadwaswhat offorceswith5,000ftatdogfight slow-thewasmanoeuvrefirst knownturn180-degreeclimbing toowasntwhichwingover,aas Jim.saidit?isntAmazingbad. theoffieldsthewereThere thenand--usbelowfaroutlaidCotswolds meinformedJimroll,Aileronus.above ofsetstwoWithdogfight.thefortrols Battle for the skies: mid-flight in the Top Gun experience HALFORDS index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html