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Sorry we do not accept Visa Electron or Solo cards. Cards accepted: call free 0800 358 4227THREE.CO.UK/LITE OR VISIT A 3 STORE PAY MONTHLY SIM Only 10 a month 100 mins & unlimited texts on a flexible 1 month contract. No ties. Only 10 a month 100 mins & li it d t t BEST VALUE DEAL Is Central line the hottest? a CCORDING to this new survey map by Transport for London of the Tubes summer hot spots, the Central line is not only the hottest but there isnt a single spot on it where the temperature falls below 32C. How can this be possible in the 21st century? Weve put a man on the moon and yet we are still subjected to this! Something has to be done. Leo, London THe stats only show platform tem- peratures. Its miles hotter inside the carriages -- especially when the Tube gets stuck halfway between stations for no apparent reason. TfL treats us worse than cattle. Roz, London THe Central line is fine for me but I travel quite early (before 8am) when there are few people on there. I find the Northern line is hotter -- it can get boiling in the summer. F England, Clapham I DONT mind the heat as long as theres a breeze every now and then. Parts of the Victoria line are unbear- ably hot but theres a cooling wind when the train arrives. Central line air is stagnant and suffocating. Frank, Harrow IVe been on the New York subway in summer. The Tube is pretty much arctic compared to that. We should be thankful for what we have! F Wik, London DOeS this hot spot map mean south London actually has the coolest trans- port links? Bilal, London I SaW a guy collapse on the Tube last week -- the heat got too much for him. The other commuters just tutted and shook their heads. One woman told me to pull the alarm as she got off the train. Graham, London THe spot next to an open win- dow is as pre- cious as a seat this summer. Ive seen people almost come to blows trying to stick their head out. They should get rid of all the windows so everyone can get a blast of air! Charlie, Greenwich THe map shows the Circle line isnt as big a problem as deep lines. If Mayor Boris comes up with something to sort them out, Ill be impressed. Simon, London I See the Jubilee line is the coolest. TfL seems to have the attitude that as long as the Canary Wharf bankers are okay, forget the rest. Adam C, EC2 ONe day someone will realise the utter folly of try- ing to cram mil- lions of people into a tiny space every morning. Wi t h i n t e r ne t offices we should just stay at home and refuse to sub- ject ourselves to the commute. Terri, SS8 The Tube does get flaming sweaty Heat is on: commuters sweat it out on the Underground Is The X Factor as good this time? THIS show will always be strong as long as they keep unearthing genuine talent. After so many series Im amazed they keep finding great singers like Danyl Johnson, pictured. Sam Morris, London THe basic format of the show is good but the way its made is awful. People tune in to see the acts perform, not watch them screech as they are told that they are through. I changed channels in the end as it was all screaming idiots and adverts. Semore, London THeyve got rid of the best bits, such as auditions with no backing track, but kept the worst, like the irritating sob stories. Most people have had tragedy in their life. Its not dignified to use it as a tool to win a record contract. Cally, Manor House SINGER Pixie Lott is an absolutely stunning girl -- until she opens her mouth to speak, that is. It may be completely unfair of me to think so, but shes got one of those accents that makes her seem as if shes only got half a brain cell. Vinnie, Canning Town GoRdoN BRowN can comment on the health of talent contestants but he takes his sweet time to say anything about the early release of a mass murderer. Something tells me his priorities are all wrong. Claire, London And another thing... Stunning: Pixie Lott has the looks for pop stardom Should web pirates broadband be cut? Who do you think will win Strictly? Textpoll Q: Has Cameron won the next election already? OurlastresultCan you sympathise with the US boycott threats? YES 49% NO 51%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at JuSt sat bang opposite same lady on the tube on the way home as I did on the way in to work. Stalker or coincidence? Worried, London wIth new Britains Got X Factor format, how long till Piers Morgan jumps on board? Stephen, EC2 waS out on my bike, saw girl Im interested in and turned to wave -- only to face plant into bus stopped in front! any other slapstick comedy bike moments? LessonLearned, SW12 aM scheduled to spend Christmas week with in-laws -- lovely people, but always an ordeal. Need a decent excuse. Now. any good suggestions? Noel, London taMaRa (Txts, Tues): youre right to find mans comments on your short skirt and low-cut top offensive, wrong to use judo. Self-defence only is golden rule of martial arts. Punishment is 100 wax-on, wax-offs. James, Epsom taMaRa: sorry, I am a girl and I think thats quite clearly assault. at least warn him first, and then floor him! Donna, Norwich haVE only now found text I sent to a guy I was seeing, it didnt go, no wonder he ignored me when I saw him. what do I do? Annoyed, RM16 ShuFFLE BoY (Txts, Mon): shuffled my iPod randomly and Billy Ray Cyruss achy Breaky heart came on. thought Id just get up and dance. Sorry to poor women I fell on trying to do a Jackson spin. Adamski, NW8 ShuFFLE BoY: bit disturbed, I got Leo Sayers the Show Must Go on, beginning to think I dont know whats on there! Vesty, CM2 Matt (Txts, Mon): leave black sock in white wash and colour every- thing else goes isnt grey, its called sock left in wash. Laundermatt, N21 oVERhEaRd at Guildford station. Girl: Excuse me, how do I get to haslemere? Station staff, straight face: By train! Kim KT11 haVE2LaFF (Txts, Mon): three times Ive pressed open button on huge automatic train toilet doors to find a lady already inside! PL, Surrey StEVE (Txts, Mon): 64 per cent of statistics are indeed made up. the other 38 per cent contain basic mathematical errors. Mark, Norfolk IM SICk of hearing about internet dating! when will people learn that you have to take risks in real life? Cowardice is not attractive. Dude, E8 daVE (Txts, Mon): mate got scammed by same fake bike crash victim at Stock Exchange. week later he came by again. Mate said loudly, Id stay away from that bike mate, you cant stay on it. Bloke apologised and sloped off to applause. Scambuster, London daVE: I got scammed by that cycle guy too! I had to appreciate the effort he went to with his fake arm though! 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