London Lite Monday, 24 August 2009 13 Whats in my fridge? Food writer, TV presenter and son of Camilla, Tom Parker Bowles, 34, lives in west London. His new book, Full English, is out now. I USED to start the day with a can of Coke, but now its a cup of green tea. Once or twice a month Ill have a big, fat English breakfast, but I usually dont eat until lunchtime because I hate cereal. I work in Westbourne Grove and Ill have Chinese for lunch, Mexican, dim sum or noodles. At night it can be anything from salad and fish to steak, home- made Thai or a takeaway. I dont have a sweet tooth, but I love sticky toffee pudding with custard. I dont snack during the day but graze all night on whatevers around -- cheese, cold baked beans, Ryvita, crisps, anything. I drink lots of water throughout the day and I love Coke and Dr Pepper. Im a wine drinker -- sometimes just a glass and sometimes, at weekends, its a bottle. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter says: YOU dont need a degree in nutrition to know starting the day with Coke is not a great idea -- a cup of green tea is much better. Studies show skipping breakfast can adversely affect creativity, reaction times and ability to concentrate in the morning so Tom should get into the breakfast habit. If he doesnt like cereal, something like scrambled eggs on toast would be a good option. People often worry eggs are high in cholesterol, but theres no need because the cholesterol in food has very little effect on cholesterol in the blood. Chinese food and takeaways are notoriously high in salt which can lead to blood pressure problems later in life. Potassium in fruit and veg can help balance the effects of too much salt so instead of crisps and cheese, Tom should graze on fruit. Natasha Hall and Amanda Moorhouse, a mobile vintage hair and make-up salon, to help us recreate the look. Our tester, Tracey, says: My hair is naturally curly so I love the idea of a sleek Twenties wave. Amanda worked her magic with vintage heated rollers, lots of hairspray and straighteners to give me soft waves that framed my face. I immediately wanted to put on red lippy and a flapper dress. Time taken: 40 minutes. From 25, plus 150 call-out charge, The Bardot bouffant THIS messy up-do is as Sixties fabu- lous as Mary Quant and monochrome. Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot did it first time around and now the younger generation, in the form of Duffy and her ilk, are doing it. No wonder its one of the most requested styles on t h e H a i r M e n u a t Hershesons Blowdry B a r. T h e Blowdry Bar concept was a hit from the first day it opened its d o o r s a t Topshop Oxford Circus and has since expanded to Westfield. The bar offers eight styles in all. Our tester, Jane, says: With some nifty backcombing and a ton of cement spray, I was transformed into my mother circa 1967 -- super-glam. Incredibly, my hair was in place the next morning, allowing me to channel Jackie O retro chic all day long. Ill be back. Time taken: 20 minutes. From 22, hershesonsblow The fringe roll (above) VV BROWNS rolled-fringe hairstyle is one of the many things that marks her out as being a cut above her contemporaries. Although she reckons she can DIY it in seconds, we looked to Ninas Hair Parlour for some assistance. For years Nina has been the go-to girl for Londons burlesque babes and vintage divas and can recreate almost any old- school look. She also offers haircuts, colour and makeovers. Our tester, Olivia, says: I loved my OTT hairdo, which certainly got me noticed on Friday night. The vintage- style salon is super-cute and everyone who works there totally looks the part. Both my make-up and hair were amaz- ing -- I will definitely go back next time I have a special night planned. Time taken: hair by Leila, 40 min- utes; make-up by Issidora, one hour. Hair from 35; full period make-up, 45, The Marilyn THE blonde bombshell herself might have been the one to popularise this chic, curled look, but recent recrea- tions by Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson prove that modern-day starlets can also have fun with this style. Enter Pimps & Pinups at Spital- f ie ld s, a shrine to Fifties Hollywood with staff w h o a r e dab hands at creating retro hairstyles from that era. Of course they can do modern-day stuff too, but wheres the fun in that? Our tester, Rebecca, says: Im a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, so was very excited to try out her famous do. My brilliant stylist Belinda was a real p r o. S h e t e a s e d my h a i r t o perfection. Time taken: An hour and a half. From 40, The rockabilly quiff BACK in the day it might only have been the boys rocking a quiff, but recently sisters have been doing it for themselves, too. And this year it has an Eighties tinge as the likes of La Rouxs Elly Jackson make it edgier. We asked Its Something Hells, the first French retro salon in London, to show us how its done in the leopard print and red velvet surroundings of their Kingly Court parlour. Our tester, Deborah, says: Rockabilly quiffs are for boys, says Miss Betty (she specialises in Rita Hayworth dos). But heaps of back- combing and hairspray later, my gravity-defying quiff was stopping traffic. I loved it! Time taken: One hour. From 25, my space. com/ something_ hells The fringe roll (above) BROWNSVV marksthatthingsmanytheofoneis herabovecutabeingasouther sheAlthoughcontemporaries. seconds,initDIYcanshereckons forParlourHairNinastolookedwe Moorhouse,AmandaandHallNatasha Enterstyle. af ie ld s, toshrine Hollywood staffwith it!lovedItraffic. Hershesons T h eB a r. BarBlowdry wasconcept fromhita dayfirstthe Stand-out style: Olivia with the rolled-fringe hairdo la VV Brown, inset left Messy chic: our tester, Jane, left, and Duffy Quiff: our tester, Deborah, left, and Elly Jackson Blondie: our tester, Rebecca, left, and Scarlett Johansson THATLL GIVE YOU AN AUTHENTIC RETRO HAIRSTYLE index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html