email your views to or log on to MESSAGEBOARD 10 Monday, 24 August 2009 London Lite Outside bar, a guy made vulgar comments about my short skirt and low-cut top. Floored him with judo throw (im a black belt). Over- reaction or justified? Tamara, Chelsea AccidentAlly opened toilet door on train while still sitting! treated carriage to full moon. Got to laugh... Have2laff, Kent biG thanks to man who shouted Run! as a falling window pane on threadneedle street last Wednesday was about to smash over me. you saved my life! life flashed before me but i managed to escape with a cut foot. thanks again! Nicola, Gidea Park eveRyOne do a random mp3 shuffle and reveal your tune. i got Hank Williamss lovesick blues, top stuff. Shuffle Boy, London just saw fat man in bright yellow tracky at cannon street. but no cape! Conners, SE2 Ads (Txts, Fri): you dont talk to fellow commuters unless youre drunk or mad! except when there is a delay or something and you have a collective tut. Nicky, Kent Ads: i talked to a fellow commuter on same train for years, trains-up-creek shared woes, now been married 25 years! KG, Witham just got glared at by fellow passenger for apparently turning pages of my lite too loudly! Ali, SP10 RObbO (Txts, Fri): be careful what you believe with statistics -- 64 per cent of them are made up on the spot. Steve, EC3 i AccidentAlly put one white sock in with my darks washing load and everything has come out a weird shade of grey. Matt, NW10 pARAnOid (Txts, Fri): reacting to your boyfriends comment on a girls topless pic on Facebook -- i wouldnt be mad but i also would not be impressed. TM, EN8 Fed up (Txts, Fri): im a criminal barrister, id be financially better off working in costa coffee. Wig, CR0 Fed up: firm sent me to milan to do a degree as barista -- thought they meant barrister -- am now best espresso maker in equity finance!! SKC, EC2 disAppOinted (Txts, Fri): ever seen movie Hes just not that into you? dont mope around after spending a weekend with this guy, you deserve someone who cant wait to call you -- move on! Amy, Surrey cOppO (Txts Thur): devonshire square crazy Golf record -- Afro mann and i both shot 37 to top leader board. should be down to 35 by end of next week. AG, London AnyOne else scammed for taxi money by fake cycle accident victim by stock exchange? my footsie is coming your way mate... Dave, SS8 mAn thursday night who helped me out of gutter and got me back to Waterloo: thank you! Fazza, SE1 Wereyousickened bythereleaseof Lockerbie bomber? I went to a special 15-minute preview of Avatar, the hotly anticipated sci-fi epic from director James Cameron to be released in December. theres far more to it than just blue aliens, pictured. the 3D was great: this will change movies forever. Patchington, London YAwn. After watching the online trailer, it looks like this movie needs all the hype it can get! Paulo Uccello, London CYnICs have been quick to lay into Avatar after the internet trailer. Listen, geeks, this is meant to be seen as a 3D movie at the cinema. Buy your ticket and put on your special glasses in December. then you can judge. HR, Kew RAisinG tax on alcohol to stop binge drinking isnt the answer. Alcohol is mostly cheaper in europe than in the uK. the difference is kids there are brought up to respect alcohols effects and dont see drinking as cool. Rob, Bucks sinGeR daniel merriweather is a clown for admitting to taking cocaine. its not cool and its not clever. if you have to indulge, do so in private. dont risk encouraging kids by shouting about it. Ricci, N4 Another thing IstheCentrallinereallythehottest?IsTheXFactorasgoodthistime? Will Avatar live up to the hype? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See S ome combination of British and Scottish government deci- sions and possible murky deals for UK business in Libya has led to the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-megrahi, convicted of killing 270 people in 1988, to return home to a heros welcome, greeted by Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafis son. Though al-megrahi is said to be terminally ill, I dont believe compassion had any- thing to do with this cynical decision. Richard, Harlow Im SCoTTISh and thoroughly ashamed to be so at the moment. What the SNP government calls compassionate others will see as weak, soft and a country easily walked over. It gives a whole new meaning to scot-free. Shameful, shameful, shameful. The SNP should hang their heads in shame. JB, Sussex WoULD those who released him have done so if it was their relatives whod been blown out of the sky? Andy, Highgate WhAT is deeply distressing for the families of victims killed is the man convicted of their murder spent only seven years in prison. his release also e n d s t h e chances of whatever doubts remained about his conviction being resolved in an appeal. Mike, London ComPASSIoN, like forgiveness, was not really the Scottish gov- ernments to give. That belongs to the victims and their families. Alan John, Kent The decision to release al-megrahi is brave and consistent with civi- lised ideals of compassion and forgiveness. Well done the Scots for restor- ing us to the moral high ground. Kev, Bow mANy relatives of the Lockerbie victims do not believe al-megrahi was responsible. We need a full inquiry to find the truth. Michael, London Textpoll Q: Can you sympathise with US boycott threats? 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