20 Friday, 21 August 2009 London Lite pay per view Valkyrie (2008) Sky Box Office Digital Fact-based thriller, recreating the 1943 conspiracy to assassinate Hitler using a briefcase bomb. as the tide of the second World War turned in favour of the allies, a host of senior German officers recruited Nazi war hero colonel claus von stauffenberg to spearhead an attempt on the Fhrers life. starring tom cruise. The Pink Panther 2 (2009) Sky Box Office Digital bumbliNG inspector clouseau pursues a cunning master thief who has stolen several priceless artefacts around the world. comedy sequel, starring steve martin. BeST MOvieS Road Trip (2000) Sky Premiere, 8pm Four students hit the road, heading off on a foolhardy mission to retrieve an embarrassing video mistakenly sent to an unsuspecting girlfriend. it is not long before things go wrong and they end up having several nasty scrapes. comedy, starring tom Green as the tales narrator, with breckin meyer, seann William scott, amy smart, Paulo costanzo and dJ Qualls. Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Sky Screen 2/2HD, 9pm (HD) tHe demon superhero, aided by a team from the bureau of Paranormal research and defense, leads the fight against renegade elf Prince Nuada, who is intent on reawakening an unstoppable army and bringing about the demise of mankind. action fantasy sequel directed by Guillermo del toro, starring ron Perlman. Hitting the road: Paulo Costanzo, Breckin Meyer and Seann William Scott star in Road Trip Manhunter (1986) TCM, 9pm a Former Fbi agent is coaxed out of retirement to track down a serial killer behind the slaughter of entire families. but the detective needs an angle on the murderers psychology, and the only way to get this insight is to face his nightmares and consult cannibalistic psychopath dr Hannibal lecktor in prison. michael manns thriller, based on thomas Harriss novel red dragon, with William Petersen, dennis Farina, tom Noonan, brian cox and Joan allen. Wanted (2008) Sky Action/Thriller, 10pm a Frustrated everyman learns his father was a member of a secret society of superpowered assassins dedicated to eliminating people who are destined to commit greater acts of evil in the future. Having inherited his fathers special abilities, he is recruited into the organisation and must take on a former member who has betrayed them. action adventure, starring James mcavoy, angelina Jolie, morgan Freeman, terence stamp and thomas Kretschmann. BeST eNTerTaiNMeNT The Xtra Factor: Rewind ITV2, 8pm Holly WillouGHby presents a look back at the X Factor, including the tuneful and the not-so-tuneful and a selection of raised-eyebrow moments. Plus, last years alexandra burkes winning moment and interviews with the judges about what they thought of the series. The Simpsons Sky1, 8.30pm Homer overhears marge threatening to leave and makes a big effort to turn over a new leaf, starting by taking her out for the night -- leaving their kids in the care of a babysitter. South Park Comedy Central, 9pm butters is sure he has seen a vampire at school and when no one believes him he starts to think he would be better off as one. Ideal BBC3, 10.30pm WitH a possible prison sentence hanging over him, moz plans to escape the country by joining colin and carmel on their honeymoon in Portugal. meanwhile, brian makes a discovery about his boyfriend. X appeal: Holly Willoughby on The Xtra Factor: Rewind BeST DraMa BeST FaCTUaL BeST SpOrT Live Solheim Cup Golf Sky Sports 2, 1.30pm (HD) tHe opening days play at rich Harvest Farms in sugar Grove, illinois, where the 11th staging of the biennial womens tournament between the united states and europe gets under way. maria Hjorth of sweden was the star on the opening day for europe last year, winning her foursome match in tandem with Gwladys Nocera and gaining a half with sophie Gustafson, right, in the fourballs. The Real Hustle BBC3, 8pm Jess clemeNt, alex conran, Paul Wilson reveal more cons, including a sneaky car sale and a bar trick where drinks are guaranteed to be won every time. one member of the team also catches out unsuspecting members of the general public by posing as a warehouse employee. All mod cons: Jess Clement presents Gossip Girl ITV2, 7pm sereNas world descends into chaos when a former friend -- the evil Georgina sparks -- returns to town. Nate connects with Vanessa and Jenny develops a crush on a dog-walker. The Professionals ITV4, 8pm bodie and doyle are marked men when they begin an investigation into why a citys crime rate is falling. Life ITV3, 9pm creWs believes the murder of three russians in a suspected mafia hit is linked to his own case, and when he shoots an intruder, the victim turns out to be someone he knows. Medium Sci-fi, 10pm allisoN has recurring dreams about her past, and the visions interfere with her efforts to prevent a murder. 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