IN&OUTTONIGHT Mark the shows you love. See your own personal TV schedule. Share with your friends. Just text LL TV to 65400 Texts to 65400 are charged at standard rate. The service connects to the internet; data is charged at your operators standard rate. Free from London Lite BBC1 11AM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM TONIGHTSTV 18 Friday, 21 August 2009 London Lite Hooray!Henrys back on the job The Tudors BBC2, 9pm Bus Pass Bullfighter Channel 4, 7.35pm Frank Evans, right, found fame back in 1966 in spain as El Ingls -- the first and so far only English professional bullfighter. He retired a few years back, but now, after a quadruple heart bypass and a knee replacement, he wants to return to the ring at the age of 66. The bullfighting scenes may be too much for some, but this is an absorbing study of a fiercely proud man who treads a very thin line between indomitable spirit and the ridiculous. Law And Order: Criminal Intent Five, 10pm as THE Law and Order B team investigate the Tupac- like killing of a rap artist, tonights episode has some scintillating guest faces. The victim himself is played by seminal hip hopper Fab 5 Freddy, while lesser-known sticky Fingaz also turns up as an undercover cop who may have forgotten which side of the law hes supposed to be on. and fans of The Wire should look out for gang member Luther -- its actor andre royo, who youll recognise as addict informant Bubbles. The case itself is an absorbingly gritty conundrum for the detectives as they struggle to penetrate the closed world of gangsters and rappers. F or the past two seasons, the mockers have been quick to berate The Tudors for its lack of historical accuracy and its dodgy performances, but as the bodice-ripping drama returns for its third outing, its time to think again. Heres the news: no, this isnt a documentary. If youre looking for the full chapter and verse on the Tudor monarchs, I suggest you wait for David Starkey to roll around again on Channel 4, or even -- hows this for a crazy idea -- pick up a book. Still, so far as the basic facts go, the wives have all been present and correct -- or dis- patched -- and were now on toNewlyweds: Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Annabelle Wallis star Coronation Street ITV1, 7.30pm/8.30pm JOEs sorry about what happened and wants to make it up to Gail (Helen Worth, pictured) but will making her breakfast be enough? and theres more desperate male pleading as Lloyd tells Liz he loves her in a bid to get her to change her mind before its too late. by any show that gets the dissolution of the monasteries on to prime time. Yet the real victim of the injustice meted out by the critics has been Jonathan rhys Meyers as Henry. Its true he looks nothing like our collective memory of the stout, ruddy-faced king, and Id be the first to agree Meyers showed all the range of a plank in such films as Velvet Goldmine, Bend It Like Beckham and Match Point. Yet hes really grown into this part, captivatingly reimagining Henry as a slithery, feral presence. Tonight the rebels are gathering in the North, the court is awash with ambition and conspiracy and there are romps aplenty in the palace b e dch a m b e r s. H a n g t he picky party-poopers, its time to get stuck back in. 11.00 Homes Under The Hammer (s). 11.30 Trash To Cash (s); BBC news; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt (r,s). 1.00 BBC news; Weather (s). 1.30 regional news and Weather (s). 1.45 Doctors (s). Zara doubts a patients reasons for wanting an abortion. 2.15 Murder, she Wrote (r,s). Jessica enters the world of Tv drama. 3.00 BBC news; Weather; regional news (s). 3.05 kerwhizz (r,s). 3.25 scoop (r,s). 3.55 Frankensteins Cat (r,s). 4.05 Basils Game show (r,s). 4.35 Hotel Trubble (r,s). 5.00 newsround (s). 5.15 Weakest Link (r,s). 6.00 BBC News (s); Weather. 6.30 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 7.00 The One Show (s). Live topical show in which reporters uncover the Uks most fascinating stories. Gloria Hunniford and Gethin Jones end their week as guest presenters. 7.30 My Family (r,s). Janey becomes involved with a married man and chaos ensues when his wife meets susan, while Michael concocts a money-making racket. Followed by BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders (s). Minty becomes suspicious of Dawn (kara Tointon) and Phil and wonders if they are back together, while Dot arrives home to discover Jim, Patrick and Liz playing dominoes and drinking. 8.30 Traffic Cops (s). The work of Hull traffic police as they track down criminals who break into homes to steal the car keys of new vehicles. narrated by Jamie Theakston. 9.00 War Of The Worlds (s) (2005). a divorced fathers rare weekend with his two estranged children descends into horror as mysterious alien machines rise from the ground and begin systematically destroying every human in their path. sci-fi thriller, starring Tom Cruise. Continues at 10.35pm. see Film Choice 10.00 BBC News (s). 10.25 BBC Regional News (s); Weather. 10.35 War Of The Worlds (s) (2005). Conclusion. 11.25 The National Lottery EuroMillions Draw (s). Carole Machin presents the draw. 11.30 California Man (s) (1992). Two high-school students unearth a stone age caveman. Comedy, with sean astin and Brendan Fraser. Followed by Weatherview. 1.00 sign Zone: rock n roll Hotel (r,s). 1.40 sign Zone: silverville (r,s). 2.10 sign Zone: Economy Gastronomy (r,s). 3.10 sign Zone: Heir Hunters (r,s). Last in the series. 3.55 BBC news (s). Kara Tointon 8pm, EastEnders PREVIEW BEN FELSENBURG Jane Seymour, here a smiley Laura Ashley type wisely looking to keep the peace after Henry VIII chopped off the head of her prede- cessor, Anne Boleyn. As for beyond the bed- room, my recall of school history lessons is a little hazy (what did happen to Henry IX?) but you have to be impressed index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html