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Its the second time in two weeks a celeb has worn bright orange. I thought they had stylists? Gordon, Twickenham FASHION designer Vera Wang always looks great on the red carpet. Always unfussy. She is a great icon for us ordinary women who can only afford simple dresses! Janet D, London ARE these celebrities and designers supposed to be leaders in fashion? Some of the outfits are horrific! Stacey, N21 WHAT the hell was Alexa Chung wearing? I thought she was supposed to be a style icon. In that hideous granny frock? Hardly. Lily, W10 W E alrEady have among the most expensive pints in Europe its why we go abroad to get t r u l y b l a d d e r e d ! Politicians always think its about money but we will pay any price for a beer! Tory leader david Camerons proposal to increase tax on alcohol is simply about raising revenues. Fran, Camberwell WHy hurt everyone when it is only the idiot minority who cant control themselves? Theres nothing wrong with a civilised drink on a Sunday evening but I dont see why I should have to pay any more than I already do. Alice J, London Id like to see the drinking age raised to 21, just like it is in most american states. We also need tougher penalties thing you cant hold down, and a lot of the stuff you can. If I want to spend my hard-earned money on beer I will. Its nothing to do with the Chancellor. Peta, Uxbridge alCOHOl should only be sold in pubs. It is not the beer thats the prob- lem but the people who drink it. Target the binge drinkers who only buy from conven- ience stores and supermarkets. Toby S, Alexandra Park IM WITH you all the way on this Mr Cameron. alcohol, like cigarettes, is a luxury not a necessity. It damages lives and reduces the town centre to a zoo at weekends. Tammy, London HOW will these proposals for more tax on booze change anything? The only people who drink strong lagers such as Special Brew are tramps! Purps, London HOW about custodial sentences for drunken behaviour? We need to claim back our streets! at least a night in the cells. lets enforce the law. Terry, Richmond o n s e l l i n g t o underage people. Shopkeepers who sell beer without asking for Id are part of the prob- lem. They need to have more respect for society. Evans, London WHEN will these British politicians learn to get out of peoples lives! Their first instinct is to tax every- Who had the best frock at Vogue premiere? WereyousickenedbyLockerbiebombersrelease?WillAvatarliveuptothehype? TO whOever placed spiky balls on top of every bus stop along Old St and into the City: you made me laugh. very random! Scott, Old St, E1 Overheard woman on train say: Fifty per cent of kids born nowadays are ginger. any other ridiculous statistics? Robbo, DA18 Claire (Txts, Thur): perhaps your blind husband is just maintaining his hearing hasnt improved as youre his wife. have you not heard of selective hearing? Ben, DA1 juST seen heston Blumenthal eating in Coq dargent. do you think the chefs get nervous? Claire, BR6 why do people pretend to accidentally knock your leg, apologise then talk to you cos they think youre interested? Oh men! Elisha, Romford Fed uP (Txts, Mon): i worked at Costa Coffee five years. Told people i was a professional barrister. Zoblcties, London Fed uP: my brother is a window cleaner and calls himself a vision technician. excellent! Impressed, BN8 aFTer how long is it acceptable to chat to people who get the same train as you day after day, as if they are your best mate? Ads, Sidcup NaT (Txts, Thur): bikinis should only be worn near expanses of water suitable for swimming. Otherwise its called being an exhibitionist. Billie, SW16 GeMMa (Txts, Thur): you and your seven female friends could go with a james Bond theme, say, Octopussy! Bert, Sussex TaNNOy message on train, buffet carriage at rear. woman turns to husband, says: how stupid. how do we know which way the rear is? GE, Ipswich COPPO (Txts, Thur): my mate scored 38 on the devonshire Square mini golf -- sorry. Can anyone beat that? JJ, Bow BOyFrieNd comments on a girls topless pic on Facebook saying shes amazing. Mention something or let it go? Paranoid, SS9 MeT a really nice guy over the weekend, spent day together, was sure he would call me but hasnt! Should i be patient -- or sod it? Disappointed, N3 BarB (Txts, Wed): if you can hear all the announcements from the station in your flat you should get a loud hailer and make some of your own. Megan P, GU14 aa (Txts, Thur): would you have sent text in if it was a businessMaN drinking on train? Nothing wrong with a G&T on train home. hic hic. Jo, Surrey TraiN Geek (Txts, Wed): take it youll be going to upminster Tube depot open weekend, 29 aug? 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