STARS & PUZZLES PUZZLES&FUN London Lite Thursday, 20 August 2009 33 Intheright-handpictureMillassleeveislonger,twocolouredpanelsat hernecklinehaveswitched,acentralpanelhaschangedcolour,the hemlineisstraighterandahearthasbeenfilledinthebackground You long ago realised that there are certain times when even the most tactful discussions about relationship issues will achieve nothing. That has been the case since early August. But once your ruler, Venus, moves to accent such matters next week, youll be able to tackle even serious dilemmas without dramas of any kind. You are cautious about revealing your feelings, and so tend to suspect any spontaneous expression of emotion by others. While in the past that has been wise, judging by the current planetary set-up, the attention that youve been getting from one particular individual is both sincere and intense. Ideas or offers that are now coming your way are all the more thrilling for their suddenness. Unfortunately, those who will be involved in the decision-making process arent nearly as enthusiastic. In fact, unless you can win them over, by the time their questions are answered, opportunities could have simply vanished. Often, an accord can be reached simply by talking issues through. However, one particular individual is being very stubborn. Worse, theyre unwilling to listen to reason. This means that even lengthy discussions will achieve nothing. Use intimidation as a tactic and theyll buckle immediately. While this wont have been an easy week, dont allow the struggles you have faced to detract from certain welcome developments involving individuals you care about. Ordinarily, youd focus on problems until youve conquered them. Set these aside now, and instead turn all your attention to those far happier developments. Theres a difference between chatting about various concerns and actually focusing on achieving a resolution. Ideally, youll define your goals for yourself first, then work with others to do the same. In the process youll probably find you end up devising the ideal solution, and with amazing ease. Now is the time to talk over the changes youre considering. You may think that youve explored every option but between the current swift pace of events and the intriguing developments triggered by the recent new moon, theres been more than you could have kept up with, as others will tell you. Recent clashes about the correct way to handle tricky obligations werent exactly resolved. You and others reached a compromise, in which you decided what you could agree to, and that youd ignore the rest. Discuss this again now. Youll be amazed to discover you share far more common ground than you did only days ago. Once Mars, the planet of the ego, moves into Cancer early next week, you will find it easy to tell certain individuals who have come to rely on you far too much that their free ride is over. Youve got other things to do and achieve and, inevitably, therell be considerably less time for them. Sometimes differences with others can be resolved by a simple frank discussion. However, the issues youre currently facing require conversations that go deeper and into far greater detail. Only once everybody understands the practical side of things will you have any idea what a workable solution would look like. The last thing youre in the mood for are lengthy discussions about emotional issues. However, you owe it to others to take time for these, and the sooner the better. Much as you are dreading what you fear will be tedious dramas, its really about allowing them to express their complaints and concerns. Nothing more. Answer:chair-free-palm-oar(actorGeoffreyPalmer) No 620 ACROSS 6. Liberty (7) 7. Lid (5) 9. Insane (3) 10. Impromptu (9) 12. Essay (11) 15. Cheeky (11) 17. Deeply shocked (9) 19. In favour of (3) 21. Scatter (5) 22. Attack (7) DOWN 1. Handle (5) 2. Determined (3) 3. Trick (4) 4. Fit (9) 5. Censure (7) 8. Diminish (6) 11. Alien (9) 13. Glib talk (6) 14. Copy (7) 16. Earth (5) 18. Otherwise (4) 20. Hiatus (3) Yesterdays solution No 619 Across 7 United Kingdom; 8 Reticent; 9 Able; 10 Gentle; 12 Action; 14 Street; 16 Tested; 18 Goad; 20 Entrance; 22 Salvation Army. Down 1 Interest; 2 Strict; 3 Idle; 4 Distract; 5 Aghast; 6 Toil; 11 Entreaty; 13 Overcome; 15 Endive; 17 Seaman; 19 Oral; 21 Trot.Answers tomorrow STARSShelley von Strunckel Forecasts whats in the stars for you For your weekly in-depth forecast, call the number next to your star sign Aries Call 0906 650 5430 21 March-19 April Taurus Call 0906 650 5431 20 April-20 May Gemini Call 0906 650 5432 21 May-20 June Cancer Call 0906 650 5433 21 June-22 July Virgo Call 0906 650 5435 23 August-22 September Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Scorpio Call 0906 650 5437 23 October-21 November Sagittarius Call 0906 650 5438 22 November-21 December Capricorn Call 0906 650 5439 22 December-19 January Aquarius Call 0906 650 5440 20 January-18 February Pisces Call 0906 650 5441 19 February-20 March Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Jonty Clark LiteCrossword Live Astrology: Now you can speak to one of Shelleys professional astrologers live. 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Ensure that everybody knows you care, then withdraw, keeping a diplomatic silence. Alteredimage Spot five differences in these pictures of actress Milla Jovovich. Answers below Scribblepad ARIES 0906 8336 504 TAURUS 0906 8336 505 GEMINI 0906 8336 506 CANCER 0906 8336 507 LEO 0906 8336 508 VIRGO 0906 8336 509 LIBRA 0906 8336 510 SCORPIO 0906 8336 511 SAGITTARIUS 0906 8336 512 CAPRICORN 0906 8336 501 AQUARIUS 0906 8336 502 PISCES 0906 8336 503 Foryourmonthlyforecastcall: Calls cost 60p per minute. The astro-line horoscopes are updated every Friday And if its your birthday... Actress Amy Adams is celebrating her 35th birthday today WHILE you enjoy socialising, long discussions are another matter. And youve spent far too much time going over such things lately. However, judging by Mercurys potent aspect to Uranus in your birthday chart, what seem to be the simplest of conversations could lead to immediate solutions for even seemingly insurmountable dilemmas. 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