ToknowIamcreatingrenewableenergyissosatisfying London Lite Wednesday, 19 August 2009 21 Zone 3 This two-storey, two- bedroom brick house in Tooting Bec has a garden and off-street parking. 275,000, Zone 4 Two- bedroom mid- terrace house in Southgate with decked garden, entrance lobby and large living room. 279,950, now you can even sell your electricity back to the grid Property Zone 3TOBUY& 3TOLET to Buy for 275,000 to rent for 275 a week Zone 2 One- bedroom flat with balcony in the Trellick Tower, close to Westbourne Park Tube. 275,000, winkworth. Zone 3 Two-bedroom top-floor flat not far from East Putney Tube. Fully furnished with off-street parking. 277pw, Zone 4 Three-bedroom new-build flat in Beckenham with open-plan living room and kitchen. 276pw, Zone 2 Two- bedroom house in Greenwich spread over two floors, with garden. 276pw, greaterlondon properties. Poweringupthepergola Wevecutourconsumptionbytwo-thirds NICK BRADSHAW, an architect, and his wife Helen, both 51, have two teenage children -- Frances, 17, and Peter, 14. They have installed solar panels and a wood-burning stove in their five-bedroom Edwardian house in Putney -- and have reduced their energy consumption by almost two-thirds. Nick says: On the roof we have a solar thermal panel (STP) to heat water, and a photo voltaic panel (SVP) to produce electricity, plus a wood-burning stove in the kitchen. The STP cost 3,000 to install and I would think we will save about 200 a year on our gas bills with it. The SVP panel cost us about 7,500 but we got a government grant of 2,500 towards that. Whenever the sun is shining it is producing energy -- what we dont use in the house is sold back to the grid -- in total this saves us about 150 a year. The wood-burning stove is for hot water and heating. I go out raiding skips for the wood. My view is that it is carbon neutral because growing wood absorbs as much C02 as burning it produces. It cost 3,000 -- and I would imagine the savings there are about 150 a year, because we do use a conventional heating system, too. However, I didnt do this for financial reasons. I wanted to make our house more green and we have reduced our consumption from 160 kilowatt hours per square metre three years ago, to 65 now -- thats a huge difference. ENGINEER Amokak Hunjan, 48, and his wife Nina, 46, live in Wembley with their two teenage sons. The couple built a pergola in the garden of their Thirties semi and added solar panels to the roof. They also have a rainwater butt to water the garden. Amokak says: We wanted solar panels but our roof is not south-facing so, two years ago, we built the pergola. We were able to put panels on it without needing planning permission. The solar panels cost 12,000, but I got a 50 per cent government grant towards them. It has reduced our electricity bills by 255 a year. I have not yet got around to selling the power we dont use back to the grid, but Im looking into that as I think it would be more than 600 a year. This is not just about money, though. A solar panel works for about 45 years, so its a very environmentally friendly product. MusIc publisher Mike Harding, 51, from Balham, has installed solar panels on the roof of his four-bedroom Edwardian terrace house to help cut energy bills and reduce his carbon footprint. I am quite green-minded and have all the usual things like water butts and low-energy light bulbs, but I wanted to do more, he said. About four years ago I spent 4,000 on a solar thermal panel, which is connected to the plumbing. I got a 10 per cent grant from the Government. Then last month I had 11 solar photo voltage panels fitted, which generate electricity. It cost 10,000, but I will get a 20 per cent grant. We have arranged to sell power back to the grid through a firm called Ecotricity ( But this is not about money. To know I am creating power from a renewable energy source is deeply satisfying. Bright idea: Mike Harding with some of his solar panels Branching out: the Bradshaws installed a wood-burning stove in their Putney homespent 6,000, savingP/A 255 spent 11,000, savingP/A 500 spent12,000,savingP/A250 index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html