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Health Secretary Andy Burnham claimed Tory leader David Cameron would turn the NHS into the biggest quango in the world and warned that the Conservatives would scrap key targets for A&E and cancer treatment. Conservative commitment to the NHS has come under scrutiny after MEP Daniel Hannans appearance on US television to warn against copying the British health system, saying he would not wish it on anybody. Mr Cameron slapped down Mr Hannan but Mr Burnham today sought to exploit the row by claiming that the Tory leaders bland protestations of love for the NHS did not prove unequivocal support for it. He added that Tory plans to create an independent board running the NHS would turn it into the biggest quango in the world -- responsible for a 100bn budget and 1.4million staff. A survey by for AXA PPP healthcare found that 29 per cent of respondents said none of the political parties could be trusted with the health service. Some 27 per cent said the Tories are best-placed to run the NHS, marginally topping Labour, who were on 26 per cent.Warning: Andy Burnham Council plans to pay private school fees PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR COPY OF LITE RESPONSIBLY PASSENGERS at Heathrows Terminal 5 this week could appear as characters in a book being written by the first airport writer-in- residence. Author Alain de Botton will spend a week at T5 meeting travellers, after being appointed by the airport. His brief is to capture the inner workings of Britains busiest airport, with passengers and staff making up the content. Mr de Botton said: I have always found airports mesmerising. He hopes the book will become the literary equivalent of a TV reality show. Port of call: author de Botton will write at T5 Novelway towritea travelbook Realjoblessfigureis6m PTHE number of working-age adults claiming benefits will hit six million this month, a think tank predicted today. The Policy Exchange forecast the rise using official government figures on benefit claimants and the latest unemployment figures. The centre-Right think tank said the cost of benefits would hit 193bn next year and called for wholesale reform of the system. PA LONDON Tory council is drawing up plans to subsidise the school fees of privately educated pupils whose parents have lost their jobs. Bromley council could divert state school funding to help families struggling to pay fees averaging 12,000 a year. The plan would cause a row with teaching unions and put the borough on a collision course with the Tory leadership. It would re- open divisions over the use of state cash to pay private school fees, which some Conservatives want reintroduced. The borough could use state money to subsidise private schools by up to 4,700 per pupil. Schools minister Iain Wright attacked the scheme, saying: The funding is intended to benefit all children in Bromley. Teachers unions condemned the proposal as immoral and a waste. 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