TheDyeJob SOMETIMES a beard isnt only as tough as copper wire, but the same colour, too. GBS (Ginger Beard Syndrome) can affect any man whatever his hair colour. Some people love it, but if you dont, dye it to match your thatch, as Sting, right, did at the Golden Globes this year. You can now do it yourself with Trevor Sorbies hair colours for beards, moustaches and sideburns in three shades,, 5.63. Difficulty rating HHH TheVillain TOGETHER with long hair, Johnny Depp, below, and Jack White use skinny taches and carefully defined goatees to get an edgy, arty, almost villainous look that women seem to love. Think twice about this style if you have a round face or itll look even rounder. Its high-maintenance, so invest in Remingtons 10-in-1 PG520 Navigator, 34.99. Difficulty rating HHH Its the Pitts: Brad models his latest door-knocker moustache and goatee combo are for babies, not for a man of the world Six of the best Gore biKe wear Cross Last Friday saw the first of Mayor Boris Johnsons bike trains, encouraging Londoners to cycle to work in groups to give them confidence on the roads. If you fancy getting involved, you need to get the right kit. so here are some accessories to enhance your biking -- and make you look pretty cool while youre at it. anGUs watson 124.99, Fluoro yellow is just so binman, so this red number is an excellent high-visibility alternative that will keep the rain off and, unlike most cycle jackets, look stylish once youve arrived at your destination. From 7.99, The Knog bullfrog, toad and frog are excellent bike lights. Theyre bright, waterproof, easy to fix on and remove, very trendy, and there are witty comments on the box. What more could you want? 369.99, Much more than a computerised A to Z, this tells you where to go, where youve been, how much energy was used and loads more, in wireless colour. Takes ages to understand, but its great once youve got to grips with it. 120, originAlly designed for an electric bike, this helmet, with its future retro styling, can get a bit hot on long missions, but theres no safer or more stylish way of protecting your bonce. 19.19, cycling glasses are an essential piece of safety kit. But dont shell out just to have the designers name on the frame. These glasses, with interchangeable dark and yellow lenses, look great and do the job. 20, This stylish mirrored bells plucky chime is unlikely to stop you being crushed between a left-turning bus and railings, but itll budge pedestrians. And you can check your hair in it. liGhts bY KnoG Garmin edGe 705 GPs CasCo e motion helmet sPeG X-Clear anti-foG disC bell urbancyclingaccessories London Lite Tuesday, 18 August 2009 13 TheWatson ADMITTEDLY, its more Seventies gay bar than 1870s Baker Street, but Jude Laws tache for his part as Dr Watson in Guy Ritchies upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick works for him because it suits his oval face and, like all facial hair, draws attention away from his receding hairline. Avoid if you have a small chin and keep it neat and tidy (and free of food). Trim with a beard trimmer and comb with a moustache comb, 2.55, Difficulty rating HHH TheDoor-Knocker SO-CALLED because of the shape made by a tache and goatee around the mouth, this has been sported by everyone from Brad Pitt and Josh Brolin to Bono and Ben Kingsley. Its appeal is that it suits men of almost any age and is striking without being shocking. Brads is a little too bushy for his face though, says Mayfair barber Bett Prosner, Id be inclined to give that a trim. Get yours in shape with Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision razors, 8.76 from Difficulty rating HHH The(Jack)BlackBeard JaCK BLaCKs facial fuzz gives him a raffish charm and cuddliness he might lack without it. It works because its well-maintained and just the right length. avoid the overly bushy look if youve a round face or if youre bald. arm yourself with Remingtons Professional Beard trimmer, 20.50 from amazon. Difficulty rating HHHH TheDesperateDan NatURE has pre-programmed women to love men with stubble. the allure reaches a peak at three days growth. this may explain why stars like David Beckham, right, like the low- maintenance look. Keep yours in check with the BaByliss For Men I-trim automatic stubble, 50 from Difficulty rating H toP trimminG tiPs sideburns tend to look best when they end just below the midpoint of your ear. if youre growing a beard start when you go on holiday. That way, by the time you return youll be over the unsightly, itchy stage. Keep things symmetrical. studies have shown that women find men with symmetrical faces more attractive! if youre planning an intricate design use a clear shaving oil instead of foam, so you can see where youre shaving. Always trim just outside the line of your beard -- that leaves you room to tidy it up properly with a razor Keep your facial hair soft and supple (and the skin beneath it in tip-top condition) by applying a little moisturiser twice a day. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html