IN&OUTTONIGHTDIGITALCHOICE &PLANNER 20 Monday, 17 August 2009 London Lite PAy PER vIEw Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2009) Sky Box Office Digital Premiere. Journalist rebecca Bloomwood accepts a position writing for a financial magazine. As she sets the publishing world alight with her unique brand of consumer advice, rebecca begins to question whether rampant spending sprees are the way to true happiness. Comedy, starring isla Fisher. Franklyn (2009) Sky Box Office Digital Premiere. Alternative worlds collide as the fate of four lost souls are intertwined across parallel universes. Fantasy drama, starring ryan Phillippe, eva Green, Sam riley, Bernard Hill and Art malik. BEST MOvIES Police Academy II: Their First Assignment (1985) Sky Comedy, 8pm AmeriCAS most inept cops are let loose on the streets and find themselves under the command of an unscrupulous lieutenant whose promotion depends on their failure. Fortunately for him, their unique brand of policing actually leads to an increase in the crime rate. Comedy sequel, starring Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith and David Graf. Surviving Picasso (1996) TCM, 9pm BioPiC charting the flamboyant cubist painters troubled 10-year affair with mistress Franoise Gilot, with whom he had two children. During their time together, she learns of his previous lovers -- all of whom were left emotionally scarred by the relationship. Anthony Hopkins stars. On patrol: Steve Guttenberg stars in the comedy Police Academy II: Their First Assignment Iron Man (2008) Sky Premiere, 9.30pm A CyniCAl arms manufacturer has a change of heart after he is taken hostage by a terrorist group and learns the weapons he has built have been falling into the wrong hands. inventing a gadget-laden suit of hit-tech armour, he fights to undo the damage he has caused, only to face an unexpected enemy determined to stop him. Superhero adventure, starring robert Downey Jr, Jeff Bridges, Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Shaun Toub and Jon Favreau. Gone Baby Gone (2007) Sky Drama, 10pm A TouGH Boston neighbourhood becomes the centre of a media circus when a four-year-old girl goes missing. A private detective who grew up in the area is reluctantly drawn into the case when the childs aunt hires him to find her. As he returns to the neighbourhood, he discovers a web of secrets and deceit surrounding the investigation. Crime drama, starring Casey Affleck, michelle monaghan, morgan Freeman, ed Harris, John Ashton, Amy ryan and Titus Welliver. BEST ENTERTAINMENT Gavin & Stacey BBC3, 9pm THe couple announce their engagement, prompting the Shipmans to invite the Wests to Billericay for a party. even Bryns decision to use satnav for the journey does nothing to dampen their spirits, and everything goes swimmingly until conversation turns to money. Two And A Half Men Comedy Central, 9.30pm JAke gets into trouble at school when he draws a picture of one of his classmates, and Alan is summoned by the principal. meanwhile, Charlie starts work at the chiropractors office. Chuck Virgin 1, 10pm THe spy follows Sarah when she goes to meet an older man, and has an intersect flash about the mysterious gentleman. Gary Cole guest stars. Little Britain BBC3, 10.30pm emily HoWArD is joined by a new friend who proves equally unconvincing at cross-dressing, while Sebastian continues to lust after Anthony Heads prime minister. Party time: Joanna Page and Mat Horne in Gavin & Stacey BEST DRAMA Maisie Raine Alibi, 7pm THe stalking of a TV game show host seems an ideal case for trainee detective kyprianou to cut his teeth on, but maisie soon regrets her decision to hand him the investigation. Taggart Alibi, 8pm Burke and the team investigate the murder of a scientific researcher involved in cloning experiments. Wallander BBC4, 9pm WHen a woman is found dead following the opening of an exhibition of war images, Wallander suspects she was murdered by the photographer whose work is on display. NCIS FX, 10pm VAnCe asks the team to help him investigate the death of a boxer, and Gibbs looks into Vances past. BEST FACTUAL BEST SPORT Live World Championship Athletics Eurosport, 5pm (HD) CoVerAGe from day three at the olympic Stadium in Berlin, where medals are decided in six events. World record holder yelena isinbayeva, right, from russia, is expected to compete as overwhelming favourite in the womens pole vault, while the favourite for the mens 10,000m is ethiopias kenenisa Bekele. Fred Dibnahs Age Of Steam Yesterday, 9pm THe development of steam power, from the earliest experiments in the ancient world to modern-day nuclear power stations. Fred travels to Cornwall to investigate the use of early engines to pump water out of the tin mines. Full steam ahead: Fred Dibnah BUY IT EVERY SUNDAY CHALLENGE: Coventrys Aaron Gunnarsson and Northamptons Abdul Osman in action Club-by-club: All the latest transfer news Page 18 Sven takes the County challenge BBC promise top coverage of season Clough ready to lead Derby forwards again LEAGUETHE ONLY PAPER FOR THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE FAN Paper The the previous year. The Championship is currently thefourthmost-watchedleaguein Europe, with a total audience of 9.9m fans. That figure is likely to be bet- tered only by the Premier League, GermanysBundesligaandSpains La Liga. Attendances at matches in the Championshiproseby5%during 2008-09 and averaged 17,891. Crowds for matches in League One and League Two averaged morethan7,500and4,100respec- tively - figures that continue to dwarfthoseatcomparablelevelsof the game in Europes other major footballing nations. League One crowds are 40% greater than those in Germany and more than three times higher than those recorded in Italy and France. League Two crowds are almost three times those of German foot- ball and four times those of the Italian game. Attracting more than 16m fans to matches for the fifth consecu- tive season is further proof that Football League clubs provide an outstanding experience for sup- porters, said Football League chairman Lord Mawhinney. By David John CROWDS HIT 50-YEAR HIGH More popular than Italys Serie A The Football League is enjoy- ing its highest attendances for nearly 50 years, with crowds topping the 16m mark for a fifth consecutive season. Over 16.35m fans attended the 1,656 matches played in the 2008- 09 season, an increase of 1% on The League Paper is back from August 9! 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