10 Friday, 14 August 2009 London Lite Leaping to our defence: Sarah Brown joined the We Love The NHS Twitter campaign after US slur tactics Do you love the health service? I KEEP hearing about people getting dream jobs, such as the guys, pictured, who will coach football on a Pacific island. But where do they find them? I bet not down the Jobcentre! Lou, London MY DREAM job, like every bloke in the world, is to be a professional footballer -- stratospheric wages, adulation and gorgeous(ish) women. All for kicking a bag of air! Harry H, N2 BEING a pilot has got to be the best job. You get to travel the world for free. Charles, Holloway WHEN I watch Grand Designs I want to be an architect, but it takes 12 years of training by which time Id be 52. Anne L, DA12 WHAT happened to the island caretaker in Oz? Any chance he got bored? Cos Ill snap it up! Marie-Claire, London T he American critics casting aspersions on the NhS include private healthcare insurers who dont want to lose their huge profits, even if it means a better health system for more of the public over there. I say well done to Barack Obama for his plans to reform the US health care system by providing insurance for the millions of Americans who can- not afford it. Wealthy Republicans can continue to afford to fight this new system but there are still nearly 50 million African Americans who have no access to health insurance. Andy, London OUR taxes pay for the NhS, which means we effectively pledge to take care of each other when it is needed the most. It is a na tional treasure, an immense achievement every day we like and we do, but wed never get rid of it. National health Service workers dont ask: What insurance do you have? They just fix you. Alex C, London ThIS is the same US that does not provide e ve n b a s i c health care for injured war veterans unless they can afford to go private; the same US where the poor queue all night in car parks to get medication for their children provided by charities, that even Third World nations would provide for free. The Republicans dont want you to know about these things and is it any surprise? It is to Americas eternal shame. Nj, London The NhS is not evil but those opposed to free health care systems are. In the US, one of the rich- est nations on e a r t h w i t h more billionaires than any other country, the health system is in a sorry state. The billionaires funding the bash the NhS campaign over there will never have to watch their children die -- unlike some of their fellow Americans who cant afford medical treatment. Anthony, London and anywhere it may have failed is a worthy sacrifice for the ideal itself and the continued success and appre- ciation of that ideal over the decades. Toje, north London DeAR Republi- cans, we here in the UK are allowed to moan about our NhS as much as Whatdoyouthinkisthebestjobintheworld? Wouldyoupayforabodyguardtowalkyouhome?AreU2betterthanever? StanSted express, 7.30am. Wasp buzzing about on train. Man swats it with newspaper -- hits the wasp and the man next to him full in face. Classic !! Lee, Herts i WORe crop tops and leggings 15 years ago -- when i was 15. Rule of thumb: if you can remember it first time round, dont wear it second time round... Ugh. Lisa, London penSiOneR listening to what sounds like hardcore dance on his ipod. Rock on! Kate, Greenwich MiCk, who cleans the trains: stop reading this and get on with your work! Lu, north London eMMa B (Txts, Thur): nonsense! Future husband had stag do with lap dance on Saturday. devastated! Only thing to do is to even the stakes and see how he likes that. Shills, Carshalton eMMa B: Fiance shouldnt even know what went on at stag do! What happens on a stag stays on a stag, right gents? Mr K, EN4 eMMa B: if groom talked, hes got a few lessons to learn. Binthere, GU1 HOtteSt chick in London is receptionist in Broadway Chambers, W6. Hello natasha! James, TW5 aBdULLaH (Txts, Thur): Mystic Meg has moved all the way to Mold, Clwyd in Wales. Dr PP, SN5 neveR mind what happened to Mystic Meg. What i want to know is, did she see it coming? Saddo, London CHipped tooth and broke ipod in the space of a few hours. any other Londoners having rotten luck today? Unlucky, SW16 MySteRy stadium-like seating being built next to Battersea power Station. any idea what its for? Curious girl, SM6 tO deSpeRadO (Txts, Thur): look for a normal stripper. there are currently dwarf shortages. Kam, E7 paUL (Txts, Thur): yes, you should have comforted her. i once was silently crying and a very nice lady gave me a tissue and a smile. Makes a world of difference Now happy, IG7 paUL: i was in tears on tube once, everyone ignored me. Would have been nice if someone had offered a tissue at least! CK, RM11 paUL: i would only take comfort in a complete stranger approaching me when i was upset if they were very fit, otherwise stay clear! Sam, Endell St GUyS: would you give a girl a second chance when she didnt return your text? Jade, RM17 a SMiLe is all the power anyone needs to succeed and be happy! try it and see how far it will go! Esher, Surrey Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See thisislondon.co.uk/lite Like the London Fire Brigade, Southwark council regards resident safety as paramount, thats why we agreed works on three of our estates (Lite, Wed) in partnership with the brigade three weeks ago and are already working on the buildings. We do not consider the enforcement notices were necessary, when we had already volunteered to undertake any precautionary work the brigade wanted. as an authority we are committed to a borough- wide drive to improve the safety of our buildings and the information our tenants receive. Cllr Paul Noblet, Southwark Council Executive Member for Regeneration tHe tRaveLLeRS who trashed the 1m home are typical of whats wrong with Britain: the take, take, take mentality. Nyadora,London And another thing... Textpoll Q: Should Alan Duncan be sacked? OurlastresultShould Lockerbie bomber be released? YES 25% NO 75%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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