LISTINGS London Lite Thursday, 13 August 2009 25 DESPITE the title this is not the tale of a successful bank heist. Instead its that rare thing, a brilliantly pitched, taut thriller with little flab and lots of salty humour. Steve Zahn and Milla Jovovich play newlyweds Cliff and Cydney, who are spending their honeymoon on the islands of Hawaii. On their way to a tough track on the remote island of Kauai, they encounter a pair of dodgy-looking, crusty hitchhikers before embarking on their walk and hooking up with another couple, musclebound army vet Nick (Timothy Olyphant, excellent) and his girlfriend, Gina (Kiele Sanchez). Then word arrives that another couple have been murdered by -- wait for it -- yet another couple. Are Cliff and Cydneys new companions the murderers? Or could it be the hitchhiking crusties who are always just behind them? The twist, when it comes, is pretty obvious and the final reel descends into bloody mayhem but, by then, A Perfect Getaway really will have stolen your heart. PC DontbankonEddie ANOTHER Eddie Murphy flop. Sigh. How long is it now since he made even a half-decent film? Twenty years? Longer? Does Shrek 2 count? Its not as if he couldnt tell this would be a bad move -- a kids film about the world of equities and institutional investment. Just who is Imagine That aimed at? Eight-year-old equities analysts? In short then, Murphy plays a right horses ass of an investment banker who cant be bothered with his daughter Olivia (Yara Shahidi, very good) until her imaginary friends start giving him sound investment advice. Yes, really. They finally bond, despite the fact hes still an idiot. The end. PC Imagine That Cert PG, 107 mins REVIEWSCINEMA Hardly stellar: Ashley Boettcher and Sparks the alien Unlikelytotakeovertheworld Thrilling tripinto honeymoon hell Teenage killers: members of the Mara gang with a homemade gun Badlands gangsters will leave their mark THIS powerful Mexican drama from the makers of 21 Grams and Traffic is set in the gangster-run badlands of Central America. Casper (Edgar Flores) is a reluctant apprentice in the deadly Mara gang, where loyalty is measured in scalps from rival gangs. He is green lit as a marked man when he slashes his terrifying, tattooed boss Lil Mago (Tenoch Huerta Mejia) in retaliation for murdering his girlfriend. He hops freight trains to the US border, hooking up with the pouty teen Sayra (Paulina Gaitan), on her way to a better life in New Jersey. Horrible violent moments -- a man is sliced into pieces and fed to a pack of dogs in the first 10 minutes -- are woven into a tender, tragic love story. This deeply memorable film has scenes that will literally feel like theyve been inked into your brain. AMBER COWAN A Perfect Getaway Cert 15, 98 mins Sin Nombre Cert 15, 96 mins THIS movie is such a turkey it may be on TV by Christmas. I know its aimed at kids but come on guys, give the little blighters some credit. E.T. this is not. The Pearson clan -- mom, dad and three kids plus dads bro, his brood and good old Nana Rose drive out to a holiday home for the vacation. The only one of the not-so-stellar cast its likely your kids will recognise is High School Musicals Ashley Tisdale who plays the teenage Bethany. Ashley Boettcher (seven-year-old Hannah) is very cute but has only one expression -- the quivering bottom lip, present in almost every shot. The family are soon joined by Ricky (Robert Hoffman), Bethanys boyfriend, and four animated aliens (your typical Gremlin-esque space bods) who have taken up residence in the houses attic as they prepare to invade Earth. World domination is to be achieved by mind- control plugs catapulted into their victims skulls -- they only work on adults, though, which leaves it up to the kids to save the world. The films humour turns mainly on this device. The kids get hold of the control stick and use it to defeat the aliens at their own game via a zombified Ricky who is now the ultimate Game Boy-toy. The ninja match between Hoffman and Nana Rose is amusing but I dont forecast any Oscar action. STEPHANIE HIRSCHMILLER Aliens In The Attic Cert PG, 86 mins love of his life even though he hasnt met her before. We then learn that he first met her when she was a six-year-old when he was on one of his jaunts back in time. So far, so confusing and not a little creepy... after all, isnt that kind of time-shifting grooming? Yet somehow this big ball of preposterousness mostly works. It does so by trimming away the subplots and peripheral characters of the novel and concentrating on the central romance. We spend a good deal of time with Henry and Clare so its just as well that Bana -- whos very reminiscent of a younger Liam Neeson -- and McAdams spark off each other. So, what we have is a romance that ignores chronology and instead concentrates on the arc of the couples relationship. Henry, rather inconven- iently, disappears forward in time just before his wedding before returning, 10 or so years older with very noticeable grey hair, moments before the ceremony, much to the consternation of the congregation. There are neat little twists, too, includ- ing an extraordinary episode where Clare cheats on Henry, and a novel way of financing a big house. The script is plain, with flashes of deadpan humour, and the tortuous narrative shifts are balanced by an otherwise very straightforward tale of love and loss. Just dont expect it to make sense if you have to pop to the loo -- this film with a heart doesnt have much of a brain. 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