A STUDENT was engulfed in flames and fell four floors to his death after an explosion in his block of flats last night. The man, believed to be 20, became trapped in his bedroom as fire swept through the flat in Ellen Wilkinson House, Bethnal Green. He then plunged from the window while ablaze, apparently in a desperate bid to escape the flames. Neighbours said his parents and sister were held back as they tried to get inside the flat. Witnesses said he was still on fire when he hit the ground and that passers-by threw soil on him to try to put out the flames. He was treated at the scene by paramedics and taken to hospital, where he died. Neighbour Mohammed Robbie, 23, said the victim, who has not been formally identified, had injuries that were utterly horrific. He added: I heard a huge explosion. The boys parents and sister were standing outside the flat screaming that he was still inside. I tried to kick down the door and wanted to get in there but the flames were everywhere. There was just so much fire. When we realised he had jumped out of the window I ran to see what had happened. When he landed, he was still on fire. There was blood every- where and his burns looked really bad. Both his legs looked badly broken. One of the victims friends, who did not want to be named, said the man was about to start an accountancy course at South Bank University. Police and fire investigators do not yet know what caused the explosion. The rest of the blocks residents were safely evacuated. London Lite Tuesday, 11 August 2009 Burning man plunged after explosion shook his flat by MARK bLUNDEN Visit talktalk.co.uk to get your phone and broadband FREE for 3 months 6.49a month Subject to status, acceptance & availability in your area. Payment by Direct Debit only. You must take line rental. A one-off 29.99 connection fee & min term of 18 months applies. 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Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman today unveiled a ground-breaking design. Boardman, 40, who won gold at the 1992 Olympics, said advances in technology could soon make bikes as intelligent as computers. An inbuilt computer system incorporates an unbreakable locking device that allows only the owner to open it via fingerprint recognition. A mini computer on the handlebars counts the calories the cyclist is using by monitoring each turn of the pedals. Spoke-less wheels make the bike more aerodynamic while the tyres will be puncture- proof and self-inflating. Riders of the bike, which is still being designed, wont necessarily even have to pedal -- a battery- assisted motor run by solar panels takes over if they become tired. The frame is made of carbon fibre, making the bike lightweight yet strong. Boardman admitted the bike would not be financially feasible for 20 years, but added: It could be built now if there was a will. 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