This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Monday, 10 August 2009 London Lite Now available from Economist Direct Get this issue FREE * Enjoy the convenience of home delivery with the flexibility of on demand ordering Order this weeks issue with our new direct service to receive: Your first order completely free* No commitment for future purchase First-class delivery *Offer of free issue is limited to new registrations. Only one free order per person. Order your copy now ONLINE: TEXT: LITE to 80801 Pedaling safety in numbers On your bike: Boriss Cycle Friday convoys begin this week Would you join London cycle to work convoys? First Victoria Beckham is a guest judge... and now Katy Perry, pictured! American idol has lost all credibility as a song contest. Perry has only been on the music scene five minutes. What on earth are idol bosses thinking? RL, Brixton i loVe American idol, but it wont be the same without Paula Abdul. she may have been a little eccentric, but she was more entertaining than Perry will be. Nick, Greenford WhAt is the appeal of Katy Perry? i just dont understand why people are falling over themselves to get this woman on idol. Victoria Hill, Hammersmith i cAnt wait to see Katy Perry on American idol. im sure she will be a great mentor and judge. she has a unique and quirky style. Keely, London PeoPle forget Katy is not only a singer, but a songwriter as well. she has a wealth of experience when it comes to making a name for herself in the music industry. Jackie S, Kilburn C YCLING to work in a convoy with other riders under the Mayors Cycle F riday scheme, launching this week for eight weeks, is a good idea. If there are a lot of bikers in the groups Im sure they will be safer than a lone cyclist trying to navigate fast-moving traffic on their own. T Jones, Poplar I Love to cycle to work and this scheme could help others to do the same. It will save people money and help their fitness and the environ- ment at the same time. I hope Cycle Friday is a great success. SH, Vauxhall We Need more cycle lanes on main routes to encourage people to get on their bikes, not an eight-week scheme We Need more cycle lanes. Its all well and good Boris encouraging people to cycle for just one day a week, but when we want to go out the rest of the week there arent the facilities. Cycle lanes just end in the middle of nowhere! Yousuf, Palmers Green Its a great idea for the summer, but how many people will keep this up when it starts getting cold and dark? Susie, N4 I WouLdNt take my bike out in London if you paid me. these cyclists will be putting their lives at risk if they go anywhere near the centre on two wheels. Lester, London BorIs is doing a great job of making London the green capital of the world! It is becoming a truly beautiful city. Tom, London CoMpaNIes need to provide more facilities for people who want to ride to work. Id love to commute by cycle, but I dont want to sit in sweaty cycle shorts all day! Blaize, Morden that people will lose interest in after five minutes. Fred Bryant, Swiss Cottage CYCLIsts better make the most of it, because once Boris Johnson removes the west- ern C-Charge zone theyll have 30,000 more vehicles to fight their way through. Melyvn, Essex Will Katy Perry be a good American Idol judge? DoyoutrustMI6totellusthetruth?IsearlyXmasshoppinggettingridiculous? Does anyone know how long a Tube minute actually is? Deeray, Reigate I sAW Boris Johnson cycling across London Bridge wearing a suit with a large bouquet of flowers strapped to his back. He smiled and waved! Louise, CM8 FURRY (Txts, Fri): a sleepwalking mate broke into his old house, waking up halfway up the stairs to an angry family. Mike E, Kent BoYFRIenDs been away for nine months and returns in three weeks. Meanwhile, Ive gone up two dress sizes. What do I do, hide? Tet, NW2 oveRHeARD a girl on a train say ... dunno who she was. she was foreign though, Irish or something, didnt speak english. Made my week! Nel, MK42 WeLL done to the man who shouted tickets please on the train, making the little fare-dodgers run! Amused, London AgonY (Txts, Fri): I accepted a Facebook friend request from my mother-in-law and its a nightmare! Ignore it and feign ignorance if youre asked! Regretting it, London AgonY: what you need to do is accept, then delete them straight away! Then blame it on Facebook. You wont be lying when you say I accepted it! Helpful, W5 AgonY: Accept the father-in-law friendship request, but edit your settings so he can only see a limited profile. Sneaky, London CRICkeT results just announced on the train to make our journey a bit more enjoyable. Classic. Liz, W1 goD bless Dolce & gabbana for their ads -- I love Italian swimmers! Fashion lover, London CHRIs (Txts, Fri): I sing the Cornetto song all the time. Youve gotta let it out! Taija, Hertford ok To celebrate two anniversaries once youre married? Hubby says we have to lose the old one. not happy. The start of the relationship is important! Happy anniversary! Anniversary girl, London DAvID (Txts, Thur): I panic like a crazy woman if I cant get the rings off my fingers! Amy, SW18 Does anyone else feel like covering their mouth when they look at a picture of the sneezing swine flu adverts?! Lauraloo, RM5 LeMon (Txts, Thur): I have a Jeremy Clarkson fetish. Wrong? I think not! Bizzle, Wimbledon DRYBUM (Txts, Fri): I had a chap telling everyone tirelessly during rush hour on train not to sit there because there is some spot. our everyday heroes! Impressed, London MAnY will moan that Posh spice shouldnt be an Idol judge, but look at Abdul and Danni! Posh sold more than both! Jay, SM5 Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See I ReAD in horror your report of a child falling between the platform and a train and being rescued by another passenger at Acton Town (Lite, Fri). I witnessed a similar incident at that station in 1989. I would urge London Lite to pressure TfL to effect safety measures to stop it happening again. Name and address supplied BRITneY sPeARs was never a naturally skinny girl. Those who think she needs to lose some pounds need to think again. Ellie M, Ravenscourt Park And another thing... Looking great: Britney at the Teen Choice Awards Textpoll Q: Should council workers have their pay frozen? 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