This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Friday, 7 August 2009 London Lite anyone else feel the need to sing out loud Just one Cornetto? RIP Renato. Chris, WD18 FaCebook: got a friend request from father-in-law. Please help! Agony, E14 Guys you can call it what you like but its still a handbag. Jus, SG17 a MassIVe thanks to whoever wrote wet on sheet of paper and left it on seat of northbound Piccadilly line train last night. youre an urban hero. Drybum, N21 do people think the yellow character on the Mind The Gap poster is joyful, in pain or other? Corinne, NW4 FuRRy (Txts, Mon): sleepwalking friend thought his girlfriend was a giant cockroach and attacked her with glass plate of his living room table. Vermin, London HI MuM: just wanted to see if this would be published. I love you loads, youre the best mum. Tafi, SG1 daVId (Txts, Thur): I had to cut one of my 200 boots off my foot as I panicked when I couldnt get it off when I was drunk! Sarah, Hitchin IM a straight guy but I have a list of male celebs I would. becks, Pitt, Clooney... am I alone? MD, SM1 CRazyGaMbleR: ginger mate in Vegas bet it all on black quoting snipes always bet on black. The redhead lost. Willy, BR1 RunnInG to station in rain with a mate. she has cardigan on head and remains dry, I have Clintons bag and am soaked. Mate laughs, woman then shakes wet umbrella over her head. Classic!! Lauren, Essex danXoCH (Txts, Thur): my boyfriend, who operates a jet firm from southend airport, has instructed all his pilots to wave to your daughters as they fly over. Rose, W11 danXoCH: my two-year-old was chuffed to bits when my mate flew over and gave him a wing wave! Doomlanger, Southend sJ (Txts, Thur): lets hope that the foot soldier ant and his flying friends have drowned in all the rain so we can cancel Flying ant day till next year! Alison, SE11 daVe (Txts, Thur): I saw thousands of dead flies at Harrow this morning. Was that your doing? Lin, HP5 suGGesTIons for dealing with house mates leaving chewing gum in sink, pasta in the shower drain?! Help! Jon, London leMon (Txts, Thur): loving a man with a hairy chest and a paunch! Queue formed! Lime, DA12 WHaT is it with the word literally. I literally couldnt speak. as opposed to I couldnt speak? Why? Chris, Crayford Haveonline socialnetworks becomeuncool? CHRIS BROWN has been given hard labour for attacking pop star Rihanna but the best punishment is that none of the R&B singers fans turned up to his court date. He is an odious thug. Gurps, Manor House THIS has gone on long enough and it is time for everyone to leave him alone. He has been treated like a pariah. What will subjecting him to hard labour actually achieve? Lorraine, London DOMESTIC violence is the lowest of the low. He should serve a custodial sentence as a warning to others. Dan, Notting Hill THank you to the lovely lady who paid my fare on the 68 bus from the strand. I ran out of credit on my oyster and the driver refused to give me change for a 10 note -- all I had. you made a tired, pregnant lady very happy! Vicky, London VICToRIa beCkHaM is to appear as a judge on american Idol. This is the biggest joke. Could she do anything entertaining to get past the audition herself? Kate, London Another thing Wouldyoujoincycle-to-workconvoys?WillPerrybeagoodIdoljudge? Is Chris Browns sentence right? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See t HE young peeps started desert- ing the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as soon as the politicians started trying to hijack them. Well done the youngsters! Jo Jo, London NONE of us young people use social networking sites any more because were over it! MySpace was sooooo 2005. Old people always do this -- jumping on our bandwagon because they think its cool when, in fact, it is lame! Charlotte J, London IM 65 and I love Facebook! Theres noth- ing on TV any more -- too much swear- ing -- so its nice to talk to my friends without that nonsense. Its brilliant for keeping up with my grandchildren. Thomas, DA3 I REMEMBER when me and my friends were the only people of our age on Facebook. There are too many people on there now though. I feel like too many people can see my personal details. Audrie, Hornsey IF MY mum added me on Facebook I would just d i e o f embarrass- ment. There a r e s o m e things parents are not meant to see! If the oldies are getting on there maybe its time to move somewhere they havent discov- ered yet! Scott T, Greenwich OLDIES should stick to Friends Reunited. It was the original social networking site and is perfect for people whove lost touch with friends. I dont know why everyone stopped using it. Vik, Islington THERE are people ove r t h e age of 13 playing with these social networking toys? No wonder the country is in such a mess! Pip, DA12 AS LONG as my boss doesnt join I dont mind. Mitch, London textpoll Q:Shouldmayoralcandidatesbe choseninUS-styleprimaries? OurlastresultShould middle-class pensioners get a bus pass? YES 84% NO 16%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Face it... sites are old newsTweets out for the fans: Jordan uses Twitter to make comments about her estranged husband Peter Andre on holiday? Dont miss a single edition! Log on to: BUY IT EVERY SUNDAY CHALLENGE: Coventrys Aaron Gunnarsson and Northamptons Abdul Osman in action Club-by-club: All the latest transfer news Page 18 Sven takes the County challenge BBC promise top coverage of season Clough ready to lead Derby forwards again LEAGUETHE ONLY PAPER FOR THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE FAN Paper The the previous year. The Championship is currently thefourthmost-watchedleaguein Europe, with a total audience of 9.9m fans. That figure is likely to be bet- teredonlybythePremierLeague, GermanysBundesligaandSpains La Liga. Attendances at matches in the Championshiproseby5%during 2008-09 and averaged 17,891. Crowds for matches in League One and League Two averaged morethan7,500and4,100respec- tively - figures that continue to dwarfthoseatcomparablelevelsof the game in Europes other major footballing nations. League One crowds are 40% greater than those in Germany and more than three times higher than those recorded in Italy and France. League Two crowds are almost three times those of German foot- ball and four times those of the Italian game. Attracting more than 16mfans to matches for the fifth consecu- tive season is further proof that Football League clubs provide an outstanding experience for sup- porters, said Football League chairman Lord Mawhinney. By David John CROWDS HIT 50-YEAR HIGH More popular than Italys Serie A The Football League is enjoy- ing its highest attendances for nearly 50 years, with crowds topping the 16m mark for a fifth consecutive season. Over 16.35m fans attended the 1,656matchesplayedinthe2008- 09 season, an increase of 1% on The League Paper is back from August 9! 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