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Max call time 60 mins per call, redial before 60 mins to avoid further charges. Calls to 0871 will cost no more than 9.79ppm, plus 8p call connectionfee;Callsto070nomorethan46.49ppm,plus8pconnectionfee.*BTcomparison:SavingbasedonsubscriptioncostcomparisontoBTE&WCallPlan&TotalBroadbandOption1.Comparisoninc. TTconnectionfeeof59.99&11.25linerentalapplicabletoTT&BT.24monthmintermappliestoTTcallplan.Mintermsof12&18monthsapplyrespectivelytoBTE&WCallPlan&BTTotalBroadband Option1.Comparisonexcl.anydisconnectionchargesandpromotionaloffers.BTpricescorrectat02/07/ 80% of households can get this great deal 0800 131 3303 Call us now and get a new phone line today: Need a new phone line? Visit Are you a Virgin cable customer, a home mover or need a second phone line? Switch to TalkTalk and get: Fast, reliable, up to 8Meg broadband (top speed depends on line and location) Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines^ FREE local calls FREE evening and weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers Line rental just 11.25 a month (you pay us not BT) Saveup to 258comparedto BT* Phone and broadband for just 6.49 a month666666666666....4444444444444444999999999999996.49 yesterday my mum discovered she had become a grandmother while doing her stint on the fourth plinth! thanks to all who cheered! Understandingaunty, lU7 theres a 28-year age gap between my girlfriend and I. anyone out there better that? Spec, Suffolk shIrt and tie with jeans. surely this is wrong? Nicola, BN3 My gIrlfrIend once told me, do not open the umbrella cos its gonna get wet. Other pieces of helpful advice out there? Mauri, NW2 furry (Txts, Mon): more weird sleep tales. friend lifted nightie above head, ran in my room shouting house was sinking while sleepwalking. even shouted, Man the bilge pump. Rickety, Romford furry: husband got up in night, ran bath and went back to bed. flooded bathroom and brought down lounge ceiling! Furious, london Was there a mask party at tottenham Court road tube? all this talk of pig flu Ive not seen one, today 12 of the darn things on same escalator. gave me a laugh. they were so serious. Sweeney, RM11 gervInhO (Txts, Tues): nothing sad about wearing old festival wristbands. I went to reading last year and still wear it because it was the best time of my life... Charlie, E17 gervInhO: I wear my festival wristband to remind me of a magical weekend that scaled the peaks of happiness. When it gets tatty it will go, until then I say to each their own! Gladehead, Toronto Man in pinstripe suit and trainers at fenchurch street station: do you leave your heels under your desk at work like us girls?! TravellingtoEssex2nite, Kent never had flu in my life. Could I be the answer to swine flu? should I give myself up to the scientists? labrat, N22 IM 29 in a fortnight but still look 20 -- good or bad? Kev, SE9 anyOne else been thinking of a suitable nickname for the crazy cyclists in london? I have... cyclopaths! Cal, Bromley IM a young woman who believes in giving up her seat for others. Would an old man take offence if I offered him my seat? Eti-kat, KT9 sO When did it become vacation? I thought it was holiday. silly me! Higg, RM11 sMIlIng: I ordered a large coffee at slough train station, then forgot I had no cash. he not only gave it to me for free but wished me a nice day. still smiling! Sarsha, london tO the next idiot on a Brompton or other small-wheeled folding bike: the next one of you who almost runs me over on a crossing, Ill fold your bike where the sun dont shine!! Nick, BR6 ShouldaPCget 100ksalary? THE case of a woman who claims her skin was left dog-eared after plastic surgery went wrong should be a warning. All operations, cosmetic or other-wise, can carry risks. Pete, London UlrikA Jonsson, pictured, has apparently spent 11,000 on her new body and seems happy. she looks incredible and proves surgery can bring new joy in later life. Sarah, London PEoPlE with such low self- esteem they have them- selves cut open are unlikely ever to be happy with how they look. TR, London neWsreader george alagiah must stand down as patron of the fairtrade foundation to protect the BBCs reputation for impartiality. But this will only add to the BBCs reputation for sometimes being silly. the decision should be revoked. lester May, london sInCe 1995, half a million children have left primary schools unable to read or write. do parents take none of the blame? We have to take responsibility for our own kids. Mark, london Another thing ShouldSpeakerget20ktodouphisflat?DoesBecksbelonginLondon? Is a cosmetic op worth the risk? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T HE news that a Met PC has been paid over 100,000 in a single year, more than doubling the maximum basic pay of about 40,000 through overtime, suggests there clearly arent enough officers to begin with. Its not this particular officers fault -- good luck to him, I hope he enjoys the money he earned -- but what was it comprised of? Time and a half? Double time? Its hardly a prudent use of taxpayers resources. John, London SHoulDNT police officers be allowed to earn overtime like other people? lets put it in perspective: there are more than 31,000 police officers in the Metropolitan force. of the few that earned six figures many would be very senior officers who dont actually incur overtime. For the last year they number just 38 in total -- little more than one in a thousand. H, London IF THEy pay all this money why dont I see any police on the street? The pub near me is full of drug dealers and lowlife, yet you never see the police on patrol. RS, London lETS see more beat officers earn- ing high salaries, they deserve it. Ive no problem with cop- pers on good money work- ing hard to keep us safe. Jo, London IF HE worked hard he should get rewarded. Its all very well saying they could employ more police but its not that easy. Training and job costs are huge -- overtime effec- tively saves the taxpayer money by using existing police. Alana Cunningham, London ovErTIME now only exists in the public sec- tor. In the real world its been replaced by a b o nu s culture with most of us working many more hours for a small extra amount at year-end. Bob, Cheam THEy should get low basic pay with big incentives for cases solved. Harry, Greenwich Textpoll Q: Are ministers meddling too much in the BBC? OurlastresultShould 11-year-olds have to sit exams? YES 73% NO 27%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. See Text LL POLL YES or LL POLL NO followed by your first name and postcode to 65400or at Forced to foot the old bill... Big money: overtime can greatly increase police pay on holiday? Dont miss a single edition! 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