This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Tuesday, 4 August 2009 London Lite i AM 510 and size 14 with hourglass curves... Why do people keep offering me their seat on the Tube when im blatantly not pregnant! Feeling Frumpy, Crystal Palace CAn anyone enlighten us on what the horses head is supposed to be for in Marble Arch? Layla & Jess, Kent Asked Where are you? by her nanny, my granddaughter isabelle, two, replied by singing im in the front room dot com. Too much TV? Peter, CM3 Thinker (Txts, Mon): yes, us girls do think about sex as much as you blokes. in fact as we can multi-task we think about it twice as much. Thinkerbelle, TN39 Thinker: i think about sex all day long and i am married. its just a shame my husband isnt on the same page! Very Anon, Essex drAWn at Cardiff, beaten at Lords, outplayed at edgbaston. so can we have less of that cocky Aussie arrogance now, please? Iain, SW20 Furry (Txts, Mon): weird sleep activities? My boyfriend had a very cold, shallow bath at 4am whilst asleep. im having a bath! he shouted when i asked what he was doing! didnt remember a thing next day! Sleepless, London Furry: i once got up in my sleep, spread some bread with cat food, topped it with frozen chips and placed it carefully in the fridge... Hungry, SE4 Furry: my sister had a full-blown auction in her sleep. 10, 20, 30... going once, going twice, sOLd to the gentleman at the back! What a nutter! BigBro, London ThAnks to the other cyclists who rallied round when i was broadsided by a car last week. i think he knows his rights now. Initiated, London LOndOn, do you not think it is about time for an indoor water park? Look out for the Facebook group. Lewis, DA16 TrenT (Txts, Mon): some people go to festivals for the music. People who wear old wristbands just want other people to notice. Bit sad. Gervinho, SE17 AnyOne else see black rabbit at Chelmsford station on Monday? Was worried he might escape. Rozz, Essex dAVAL (Txts, Mon): i also fancy the guy in the Barclaycard ad with the water chute! To see more of this cutie watch Gavin And stacey. i think hes staceys brother! Lexi, SE1 nOeL FieLdinG becomes single (London Eye, Mon) one week before i go to see him at the Brick Lane Takeover -- yes, it seems that there is a God! MrsFielding2b, Essex sheLLey (Txts, Mon): before we go accusing men of stomping sitting butterflies, may i just point out they are actually standing while being stomped. Wingman, London AreStrictlychiefs beingageist? STORE founder John Mackey, pictured, had a great idea with Whole Foods, but a lack of parking lets down the Kensington emporium. Who takes the weekly shop home on the bus or Tube? No wonder they had huge losses last year. Trey, Putney PEOPlE dont want cheap food but good value. Whole Foods is too expensive. Now the Foods Standards Agency says organic has no obvious health benefits, why pay double the price? Tess, Notting Hill I lOVE Whole Foods! Give them a bit longer: they will make a profit. Theyre here to stay. Irena, London sO, WiLL Jude Law now lower his standards for the movies he signs up for in order to pay for the growing amount of child maintenance? And if so, how will we be able to tell after travesties like the pointless remake of sleuth? Harry, Lea hOW childish is harriet harman? Apparently the credit crunch is all the fault of men. What about our useless MPs failure to regulate the City? Damian McCarthy, London Another thing Doespoliceovertimecosttoomuch?Isacosmeticopworththerisk? Is organic food on the way out? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T he BBC is gradually ruining Strictly Come Dancing, first by axing 66-year-old judge Arlene Phillips for Alesha Dixon, 30, and now getting rid of dancer Karen hardy at the age of 39 for replace- ments in their twenties. The point of this show is that the only thing that matters is what you do out on the dance floor -- age should never be a consideration. And has the BBC not noticed millions of Strictlys fans are the older generations? Watch out if the ratings start to fall. Marianne, Camden KAren was my favourite dancer. Forget the new series -- I wont be watching, thats for sure. Lets all boycott this ageist spectacle. Its the only way to end this shameful prejudice. Emma G, SS9 KAren is a lovely girl with a beautiful smile. Im sure shell put her talent to good use and prove the BBC wrong. Sarah, London The BBC seems to have got them- selves in a bit of a muddle. Getting rid of the older women to please the younger audience, supposedly, but keeping 81-year-old Bruce Forsyth. I think they have shot themselves in the foot again. Sally, London KAren should have replaced Arlene on the judges panel. Arlene is knowledgeable but too abrasive and irritating. Karen is younger and more knowledgeable than Alesha who, lets face it, is there as eye candy. Bob Beard, London Im GLAD: no more tears. She used the waterworks whenever she thought she wasnt getting through. People fell for it every time! Darren Burton, E1 The BBC has to know audiences for Strictly and The X Factor are different. Dont mess around with a winning formula for a show. Lynn, London AS The BBC is edging out women over 35, maybe we can get a con- cession on our licence fee? Fran, Kensington Textpoll Q: Should 11-year-olds have to sit exams? OurlastresultShould there be more women bankers? YES 45% NO 55%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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