City&FinanceBriefing 30 Monday, 3 August 2009 London Lite * Calls cost 75p/min from a BT landline & last approx 1 min per quote. Not all stocks are available Britain now a nation of hagglers THERE was more bad news for Londons High Street retailers today with research showing shop- pers are losing the traditional British reserve, and starting to haggle and ask for discounts. Two-thirds of 5000 shoppers in the survey said they were happy to haggle with shopkeepers and use vouchers to cut costs. The highest proportion of these bargain-hunt- ers were in London. The poll, by price-comparison site, also found Britons negotiate an average of 50 per month off advertised prices. The research also revealed that men are much more confident in the bartering stakes than women: 71% of men have flexed their bar- gaining muscles to secure a dis- count in the past six months, compared with 56% of women. Sian Harrison, of Moneysuper market, said: The practice of bartering used to be seen as some- thing of a taboo on British High Streets, but consumers are now aware that they are in a strong position as retailers continue to struggle, so they are feeling more empowered to challenge set prices. Discount vouchers on the High Street are also helping to drive down prices. The findings will come as a blow to the struggling retail sector, after figures last week revealed that 12,000 independent shops and nearly 7000 branches of major chains have closed this year in England and Wales. Local Data Company, a research firm, also said the average level of retail store vacancies has tripled from 4% a year ago to almost 12% now. Experts are warning that rising unemployment means consumer spending could be constrained through next year, delaying a recov- ery for the retail sector until 2011. Hard bargain: shoppers aim to cut costs VIRGIN Media may list its shares on the London Stock Exchange. The cable TV, phone and internet giant which operates entirely in the UK is presently only listed in America -- a legacy of its history as NTL, which raised money in America to fund its expansion here. A secondary listing is intended to encourage London-based investors to take a greater interest in the company. It is highly unlikely to make its primary listing in the UK, however, as this would trigger a tax liability. Virgin Media, which is valued at more than 2 billion on Nasdaq is expected to make an announcement about the move this month when it unveils second-quarter results. VirginMediamullsLondonlisting BY lucY toBin Australia Dollars 1.8927 Canada Dollars 1.7003 Denmark Kroner 8.2947 Eurozone Euro 1.1179 HongKong Dollars 12.1600 Japan Yen 149.9800 NewZealand Dollars 2.3477 SouthAfrica Rand 11.9700 Sweden Kronor 11.6600 Switzerland Francs 1.7111 UAE Dirham 5.6990 UnitedStates Dollars 1.5791 TourisT raTes 888 Holdings, the online gaming firm, is enjoying a winning run, with a rise in sales. The company behind brands such as Pacific Poker and Betmate said sales in the last three months hit $61 million (37 million), up 7% on the first quarter. Online betting has been one of the few sectors to ride out the recession. Brent Cross shopping centre owner Hammerson today appointed internal candidate David Atkins as its new chief executive. He will replace 30-year company veteran John richards when he retires in September. Hammerson reported a stabilising in its financial performance. Its net asset value per share for the half year was down 27.7% at 373p. UP 42.08 at 4650.44 fTse 100 dow joNes Nikkei -$ UP 17.15 at 9171.61 DOWN 4.36 at 10,352.47 UP 0.61 at $1.6775 >>for all the latest City share prices, call 0905 817 1694* or visit * Calls cost 75p/min from a BT landline & last approx 1 min per quote. Not all stocks are available index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html