STARS&PUZZLES PUZZLES&FUN London Lite Monday, 3 August 2009 27 Intheright-handpicture,Carlaswandislonger,oneofherribbonsis red,therearemorestripesonherscarf,herstockingismissingastripe andhergloveislonger Its impossible to anticipate the changes that Thursdays eclipse will bring. But because its the last in a series of three, you need only look back over Julys unanticipated twists to get a hint of whats on its way. Unsettling as these events appeared at the time, since then once-restrictive obstacles have vanished. Youre now more forthcoming about certain rather sensitive matters than you were in the past. With so much having come to light recently, others have good reason to look at things differently. That being the case, it would be wise to discuss these, too, with unaccustomed candour. Nobody would call you narrow-minded. Still, there are certain matters in which theres been so little change for such a long time that youve developed a rigid attitude toward them. This weeks eclipse doesnt just challenge those, it encourages you to explore options that, otherwise, you wouldnt even have known about. Soon youre going to have to get tough with somebody whos been increasingly lackadaisical about their commitments. However, you can wait until next week, when events will force them to acknowledge they must take their responsibilities far more seriously than they have been. Certain ideas are truly inspiring. And other people are keen to join you in pursuing them. But enthusiasm alone wont keep these new possibilities afloat. Expect to revise plans several times. Ideally, youll wait until the dust from changes has settled, in a few weeks time, then assess what your next step should be. Others are complaining about the rather arbitrary manner in which important changes are being decided. While theres no arguing that theyre abrupt, you regard them as just a starting point for discussion of decisions that will be made together, gradually, over the coming weeks. Few things are more exasperating than those who refuse to consider new ideas. It would appear its your job to win over the individual in question. Getting their interest will be the challenge. After that, youll be amazed at how swiftly their previously inflexible attitude changes. While you havent felt that decisions about potential changes in your work or lifestyle were that urgent, you are aware that absolutely nothing has been settled. Now your ruler Mercury has moved to accent exactly such matters, discussions are bound to become more intense, and the focus on those decisions more urgent. Youve been kind and generous to certain individuals. But theyve barely acknowledged this and, not surprisingly, your feelings are hurt. Their ingratitude has little to do with you. What it does suggest, however, is that you should feel no further need to extend yourself for them. Being an action-orientated fire sign, when those you care about are struggling, you want to do something. You want to lend a hand. At the moment, however, you can offer nothing more than emotional support and reassurance. Meagre as that may seem, its exactly what they need to help get them through this period. Discoveries about the underhand manoeuvres of certain people arent just annoying, altering existing arrangements to cope with their impact will require considerable effort. Still, you cant help but admire the courage it took to ignore what others decided, and to do things exactly the way they thought was wise. Answer:head-miller-band(politicianEdMiliband) No 607 ACROSS 7. Exaggeration (13) 8. Sham (8) 9. Relieve (4) 10. Afternoon nap (6) 12. Avaricious (6) 14. Babe (6) 16. Modest (6) 18. Conspire (4) 20. Sail a ship (8) 22. Thought (13) DOWN 1. Dislike (8) 2. Free (6) 3. Daze (4) 4. Power (8) 5. Hinder (6) 6. Burden (4) 11. Self- government (8) 13. Swelling (8) 15. Shrewd (6) 17. Powerful (6) 19. Plunder (4) 21. Wicked (4) Fridays solution No 606 Across: 1 Trip; 8 Abominable; 9 Spirited; 10 Exit; 12 Scarce; 14 Exempt; 15 Linger; 17 Custom; 18 Tell; 19 Calendar; 21 Distribute; 22 Deep. Down: 2 Respective; 3 Pair; 4 Bottle; 5 Middle; 6 Careless; 7 Sent; 11 Improbable; 13 Regulate; 16 Recoil; 17 Colour; 18 Tidy; 20 Need.Answers tomorrow STARSShelley von Strunckel Forecasts whats in the stars for you For your weekly in-depth forecast, call the number next to your star sign Aries Call 0906 650 5430 21 March-19 April Taurus Call 0906 650 5431 20 April-20 May Gemini Call 0906 650 5432 21 May-20 June Cancer Call 0906 650 5433 21 June-22 July Leo Call 0906 650 5434 23 July-22 August Virgo Call 0906 650 5435 23 August-22 September Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Scorpio Call 0906 650 5437 23 October-21 November Sagittarius Call 0906 650 5438 22 November-21 December Capricorn Call 0906 650 5439 22 December-19 January Aquarius Call 0906 650 5440 20 January-18 February Pisces Call 0906 650 5441 19 February-20 March Libra Call 0906 650 5436 23 September-22 October Jonty Clark LiteCrossword Splitpersonality Can you work out the name of the famous person from these pictures? The shifts triggered by this weeks eclipse indicate a dramatic shake-up in your daily routine or working life. Inconvenient as this seems initially, the resulting changes get you thinking about options and new ideas that, previously, youd never even regarded as worth considering. Alteredimage Spot five differences in these pictures of Wookey Hole Witch Carla Calamity. Answers below Scribblepad ARIES 0906 8336 504 TAURUS 0906 8336 505 GEMINI 0906 8336 506 CANCER 0906 8336 507 LEO 0906 8336 508 VIRGO 0906 8336 509 LIBRA 0906 8336 510 SCORPIO 0906 8336 511 SAGITTARIUS 0906 8336 512 CAPRICORN 0906 8336 501 AQUARIUS 0906 8336 502 PISCES 0906 8336 503 Foryourmonthlyforecastcall: Calls cost 60p per minute. 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You must reflect not only on the practical side of things, but whether the individuals involved fully appreciate you and what you have to give. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html