SATELLITE Freeview Lite choiceFilm London Lite Monday, 3 August 2009 23 skypremiere skycomedy skyaction/thriLLer skyFamiLy skydrama skysci-Fi/horror skyscreen1/hd skyscreen2/hd tcm FiLm4 skyindie 6.20 Bookys Crush. Drama, starring Rachel Marcus, Stuart Hughes and Megan Follows. Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. The treasure seeker races against a Russian scientist to find a powerful artefact. Action adventure, with Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett. 10.15 The Cottage. A pair of incompetent kidnappers and their hostage fall prey to a murderous farmer. Comic horror, starring Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith. 6.15 King Ralph. An entertainer becomes Englands monarch. Comedy, with John Goodman. Wild Hogs. Four men try to recapture their lost youth by dusting off their motorcycles and embarking on a road trip. Comedy, starring John Travolta and Tim Allen. 9.45 What Happens In Vegas. Two strangers wake up after a drunken night in the clubs of Las Vegas to find they are married. Romantic comedy, with Cameron Diaz. Three And Out. With Mackenzie Crook. 6.25 Red Sonja. A warrior battles to save the world. Fantasy, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. A man battles a horde of bestial warriors who plan to overthrow his countrys king. Fantasy adventure, starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta. 10.10 The Condemned. Convicted murderers are forced to fight to the death on a live Internet feed. Action thriller, starring Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones. 6.15 Shrek The Third. Animated sequel, with the voices of Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz. The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. A family of explorers battles an evil Chinese Emperor who has been resurrected. Action adventure sequel, with Brendan Fraser and Jet Li. The Librarian: Return To King Solomons Mines. An explorer sets out to retrieve a powerful key before a killer can use it for evil. Adventure, starring Noah Wyle. 11.40 Baby Geniuses 6.00 The Sixth Sense. Supernatural thriller, starring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. PS I Love You. A widow receives a series of encouraging letters her husband sent to her before he died. Romantic drama, starring Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Lisa Kudrow, Gina Gershon and Kathy Bates. 10.10 Get Real. A teenage boy struggling to come to terms with his sexuality falls for the school heart-throb. Romantic drama, starring Ben Silverstone and Brad Gorton. Deep Blue Sea. A scientist develops super-intelligent sharks -- but her creations escape and go on the rampage. Thriller, with Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane and Samuel L Jackson. 10,000 BC. A prehistoric hunter journeys across the wilderness to rescue his village from slave raiders. Fantasy adventure, with Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis and Joel Virgel. Halloween. A young boy grows up to be a cold- blooded killer. Horror, with Malcolm McDowell. 6.00 Enchanted. Fantasy comedy, starring Amy Adams, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. The Game Plan. An American football stars carefree existence is shattered when he learns he has a daughter. Family comedy, starring Dwayne Johnson, Madison Pettis and Morris Chestnut. Good Luck Chuck. A single man is cursed so any woman he sleeps with will meet their perfect partner soon afterwards. Comedy, starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. 11.45 In The Line Of Fire 6.55 The Chamber. A lawyer struggles to win a reprieve for his grandfather, a convicted killer on death row. Courtroom thriller, with Gene Hackman, Chris ODonnell and Faye Dunaway. Juno. A teenager gets pregnant after sleeping with her friend, and looks for the perfect parents to adopt her baby. Comedy, with Ellen Page and Michael Cera. 10.40 The Ruins. Tourists exploring Mayan ruins are attacked by hostile villagers. Horror, with Jena Malone and Shawn Ashmore. 5.15 The Train Robbers 7.05 The Omega Man. The sole survivor of a chemical war has his hands full fighting mutants. Post-apocalyptic drama, starring Charlton Heston and Anthony Zerbe. Private Benjamin. A scatterbrained society widow enlists in the US Army in the hope of finding a new direction in life. Comedy, starring Goldie Hawn, Armand Assante, Eileen Brennan and Harry Dean Stanton. 11.15 Before Sunrise. Romantic drama, starring Ethan Hawke. 6.40 Elizabethtown. A depressed man visits his home town, where a free-spirited woman turns his life around. Romantic comedy drama, starring Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. The Day After Tomorrow. A climatologist races to save his son as freak weather conditions cause devastation. Disaster thriller, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Emmy Rossum, Ian Holm and Dash Mihok. 11.20 Big Nothing. Black comedy, starring Simon Pegg. 6.30 The Savages. A sister and brother are reunited when they are left to care for their elderly father. Comedy drama, with Laura Linney. 8.25 The Escapist. A man left distraught by the death of his wife vows to get even with the crooks responsible. Thriller, starring Jonny Lee Miller. The Counterfeiters. A forger held in a concentration camp during the Second World War is recruited to produce fake currency for the Nazis. Drama, with Karl Markovics. 11.45 The Savages movies 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm kate mulgrew, 7pm, Virgin 1 Freema agyeman, 8pm, BBc3 trevor eve, 9pm, alibi david mccallum, 10pm, FX Julia sawalha, 10pm, Blighty Vic reeves, 11pm, sky1 skysports1 skysports2 skysports3 skysportsXtra eurosport espn Where Are They Now? Premier League stars. Live Speedway. Poole Pirates v Coventry Bees. Coverage of the Elite League meeting at Wimborne Road. The hosts have endured a tough season and are battling to avoid finishing bottom of the table. Where Are They Now? Premier League stars. Time Of Our Lives. Former players reminisce about the favourite moments of their careers. Cricket: The Ashes. England v Australia. The Third Test at Edgbaston drew to a close. Golf. Action from the Moortown Centenary event at the Alwoodley course near Leeds. Cricket: The Ashes. England v Australia. The Third Test at Edgbaston drew to a close, as the players took to the ground for the fifth days play. Poker. Action from the latest heat of the Sports Stars Challenge, staged at the 3 Mills Studio. Speedway. Poole Pirates v Coventry Bees. Another chance to see the Elite League meeting. Show Jumping. The Nexen Cup Derby from Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Canada. NASCAR. The Pennsylvania 500. Action from round 21 of the Sprint Cup Series, as the drivers battled it out at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. WWE: Late Night -- Bottom Line. Jack Korpela presents highlights of the latest edition of Raw. WWE: Late Night -- Afterburn. Josh Mathews presents highlights of the latest bouts. 6.00 Premier League Years. Classic games and infamous blunders from the 1997/98 season. Pool. The fourth mens quarter-final of the World Eight-Ball Championship, staged at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. Wild Spirits. Extreme sports action. Golf. Action from the Moortown Centenary event at the Alwoodley course near Leeds. Ocean Adventures. The latest surfing events. Wild Spirits. Extreme sports action. 6.15 Swimming 7.15 World Superbikes. The 10th round of the season from Brno, Czech Republic. 8.15 MotoGP. The MotoGP British Grand Prix. Action from the 10th round of the season at Donington Park, won for the last two years by Australian Casey Stoner. 10.15 Motocross. The Grand Prix of Belgium. Action from the 12th round of season. 11.15 Cycling. The Tour of Poland. 11.45 Cycling 5.00 Live Major League Baseball. Tampa Bay Devil Rays v Kansas City Royals. Premier League Classic Match. Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur. A re-run of the dramatic top-flight clash from last season at Old Trafford. Premier League Classic Match. Manchester City v Liverpool. Action from the 2008/09 season, as the sides met in the top flight at the City of Manchester Stadium. entertainment channels 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm discoVery nat.geographic history yesterday Bio BLighty eden sky1 Virgin1 BBc3 BBc4 itV2 itV3 itV4 e4 more4 LiVing g.o.L.d. aLiBi comedycentraL FX sci-Fi The Simpsons. Lisa becomes a Buddhist. The Simpsons. Bart attempts resurrection. The Simpsons. Smithers takes a holiday. The Simpsons. Homer has his jaw wired shut. Road Wars. Thames Valley Police give an insight into vehicle crime and how it can be prevented. Night Cops. Police in Edinburgh come to the aid of a man who has been beaten up. Vic Reeves Investigates Jack The Ripper. The mystery behind the notorious killer. Star Trek: Voyager. Janeway sets out to find a cure for Tuvoks brain damage. Kate Mulgrew stars. Nothing To Declare. Heroin is found. Nothing To Declare. The training of beagle dogs. Ghost Whisperer. Melinda asks the mayor for help. Jennifer Love Hewitt stars. Chuck. The spy must exploit his relationship in order to find an agent named Leader. Sexcetera. A report on the poor awareness of men when it comes to pleasing their partners. Doctor Who. The Doctor meets an old enemy. 7.45 Doctor Who Confidential Bizarre ER. Narrated by Freema Agyeman. Underage And Pregnant. A pregnant 15-year-old. Gavin And Stacey. First episode of the comedy. We Are Klang. Comedy, starring Greg Davies. EastEnders. Ryan and Whitney steal Maxs car. Little Britain. Vicky becomes a babysitter. Family Guy. Peter loses his bones. 11.25 Family Guy 11.45 Underage And Pregnant World News Today The Sky At Night. Studying the moon. The Sky At Night. A total solar eclipse. Only Connect. Victoria Coren presents the quiz. Wallander. When a Liberian immigrant is found murdered in a train yard, the teams investigation leads to an African dancing class. The Secret Life Of The Motorway. The history of the UKs first stretch of motorway. The Secret Life Of The Motorway Gossip Girl. Pilot episode of the American drama about rich teenagers from Manhattan. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Chris Tarrant hosts the big-prize quiz. The Chronicles Of Riddick. A galactic fugitive battles a sinister cult on a mission to kill or convert anyone in its way. Sci-fi adventure sequel, with Vin Diesel, Judi Dench, Alexa Davalos, Thandie Newton and Karl Urban. 11.20 Coronation Street 11.50 Coronation Street 6.50 Pie In The Sky. Henry investigates a death in Wychwold. Richard Griffiths stars. 7.55 Jeeves And Wooster. Bertie faces the grim prospect of being engaged to Honoria Glossop. Martina Coles Lady Killers. The case of Rose West, who is currently serving a life sentence. Taggart. Burkes father is found dead in suspicious circumstances. John Michie stars. The Bill. Mickey helps a teenager who claims she has been raped. Chris Simmons stars. 6.05 The Sweeney 7.05 Andromeda. Harper is paid an unexpected visit by an old friend. Magics Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed. How illusionists perform baffling tricks. Cops With Cameras. Following officers working across the UK as they carry out raids. The Art Of War. A spy discovers he has been framed for the assassination of the Chinese ambassador to America. Thriller, starring Wesley Snipes and Donald Sutherland. Hollyoaks. Michaela and Zak help Carmel. My Name Is Earl. Joy catches a large pig. Friends. Rachel returns from Greece. Friends. Phoebe gives birth to triplets. One Tree Hill. Haley faces a showdown with Carrie after she learns the truth about Dan. Shameless. After the departure of Monica, Norma contemplates her own future on the estate. 11.05 Eraser. Action thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Caan. Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud revisits an invisible home in Amersham. More4 News. Alex Thomson presents. The Daily Show Global Edition. Highlights. Property Snakes And Ladders. Two developers try to bring a taste of Los Angeles to London. The Home Show. George Clarke comes to the rescue of a man who has been sleeping in a bright pink bedroom. 11.10 Kevin McCloud And The Big Town Plan. A scheme in Castleford. Will And Grace. Grace outstays her welcome. Will And Grace. Karen dispenses advice. Make Me A Supermodel US. Michael Bergin stands in for Tyson Beckford as the models mentor. Four Weddings. A military couple arrange for a drumming battalion to play at their reception. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Part one of two. A suspect takes a hostage in a casino. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Part two of two. Brass fights for his life after being shot. Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? Terry moves in with Bob. 7.40 Yes Minister. Hacker supports the sale of a museum. 8.20 Last Of The Summer Wine. The friends go to the seaside. Only Fools And Horses. Part two of two. The Trotters arrive in America and walk straight into disaster when their camper van is robbed, and a Mafia gang targets Del. David Jason stars. The Vicar Of Dibley. With an appearance by Kylie Minogue. 11.40 Absolutely Fabulous Maisie Raine. Maisie cuts short her holiday to deal with an assault. Pauline Quirke stars. Taggart. A nurse is found strangled, apparently the victim of a straightforward crime of passion. Waking The Dead. Feature-length episode. Boyd receives a Nazi dagger in the post, leading him to reopen a murder file last examined by a former colleague shortly before her death. Trevor Eve and Sue Johnston star. 11.20 Rebus. The cynical cop goes on the trail of a killer. The King Of Queens. Carrie bakes a cake. The King Of Queens. Doug borrows a baby. Frasier. The shrink struggles to cope. Frasier. A reunion fills Frasier with misgivings. Two And A Half Men. Denise Richards stars. Two And A Half Men. Charlie writes a song. Rules Of Engagement. Russell causes trouble. Sex And The City. Carrie ponders motherhood. 11.05 Sex And The City. Samantha tries a new look. 11.40 Two And A Half Men The Listener. Toby uncovers a human trafficking organisation. Craig Olejnik stars. NCIS. The team tries to prove Ziva had nothing to do with a political assassination. Family Guy. Peter meets Tom Brady. American Dad! Stan teaches sex education. NCIS. One of Tonys cases is re-opened. Drama, starring Mark Harmon and David McCallum. The Wire. The detail makes raids on the targets of the investigation and Sobotka is arrested. 6.10 Hercules In The Underworld. Mythical adventure, starring Kevin Sorbo. Polar Storm. A scientist realises that the planets poles have shifted -- with disastrous consequences. Disaster thriller, starring Jack Coleman and Holly Digard. 9.50 Bionic Woman. Jaime and Antonio go on a mission to prevent an assassination. 10.50 Medium. Part one of two. One of Allisons old flames turns up. 11.50 My Own Worst Enemy Mythbusters. Part one of two. A selection of myths from the film world are put to the test. How Do They Do It? With Robert Llewellyn. How Its Made. Swords, pontoons and fuses. Time Warp. The Feasty Boys look at cooking. Time Warp. A barefoot skier is observed. Destroyed In Seconds. A destructive mudslide. Destroyed In Seconds. A bridge disintegrates. Bear Grylls: Born Survivor. Part one of two. The survivalist parachutes into freezing Siberia. Knights Templar -- Warriors Of God. An investigation into the medieval martial monks. Air Crash Investigation. An aircraft that crashed into the sea off Santo Domingo in 1996. Sea Patrol UK. Documentary following the lives of people who work on the English Channel. Ice Patrol. New series. The crew of the Royal Navys sole Ice Patrol Ship, HMS Endurance. Seconds From Disaster. The DC-10 crash at Chicagos OHare airport in 1979. How London Was Built. Adam Hart-Davis presents a guided tour of the citys landmarks. Extreme Trains. Americas longest serving steam train the Union pacifics 844 locomotive. Top Trumps. An exploration of the worlds most technologically advanced helicopters. Luftwaffe 46. The truth behind Germanys planned attack on New York. The Roman Empire In The First Century. How, 2,000 years ago, Rome achieved dominance. All Creatures Great And Small. Siegfried deals with a miserly scrap merchant. 20th Century Battlefields. Peter and Dan Snow tell the story of the 1918 Battle of Amiens. World War Two: Behind Closed Doors. How the alliance with the USSR began to collapse. Catherine Cooksons The Rag Nymph. Part one. Period melodrama, starring Honeysuckle Weeks. All Creatures Great And Small. Siegfried deals with a miserly scrap merchant. TVs Sexiest Stars. The best-looking actors. Gene Simmons Family Jewels I Survived. A couple who lived to tell the tale when they were taken hostage. Banged Up Abroad. A backpacker who was sentenced to life in a Thai prison. Disorder In The Court. A countdown of the 20 most infamous courtroom disasters. Psychic Detectives. Uncovering latent clues. Psychic Detectives. A body is found. Coast. Neil Oliver reveals why Americans once attacked the port of Whitehaven. Seaside Rescue. A car plunges over a cliff. Seaside Rescue. A herd of goats gets stuck. Britains Greatest Buildings. Dan Cruickshank explores the history of Windsor Castle. Who Do You Think You Are? Julia Sawalha traces her roots, following her ancestry to Jordan. Sky Cops. An insight into the work of Britains helicopter police as they crack down on crime. Lost Land Of The Jaguar. A team of scientists explores the vast rainforest region of Guyana. Ray Mears World Of Survival. Baffin Island. Ray Mears World Of Survival. Australia. Planet Earth. The lightning-quick ambush of wildebeest by crocodiles in Africa. Lost Land Of The Jaguar. A team of scientists explores the vast rainforest region of Guyana. Russia: A Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby. The presenter visits the estate of author Leo Tolstoy. factual 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm sPort 7.00Pm 7.30Pm 8.00Pm 8.30Pm 9.00Pm 9.30Pm 10.00Pm 10.30Pm 11.00Pm 11.30Pm index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html