LITESPORT London Lite Friday, 31 July 2009 39 Not so fast Schuey, I may need my car! Button will be undone by triathlon BRITAINS top triathlete Tim Don is more than happy to see Jenson Buttons name among the record 14,500 entries in the London Triathlon this weekend. Former world champion Don said: I can understand why Jenson finds triathlon training is ideal for motor racing. Triathlon is about all-round fitness. It helps your upper body, your lower body, your cardio system and your strength. If Jenson needs to be an all-round fit guy, there is no better way of achieving it. And since Jensons having a go at my sport, I wonder if hed let me have a go at his. Button (above), who will swim, cycle and run on behalf of the Make A Wish Foundation, said: I have been taking part in triathlons over the past couple of years to keep fit for my racing. I am aiming to finish in the top 10 percent, so no pressure! Don and Button will go in Sundays elite races around the ExCel Arena. Shorter distance races take place tomorrow. Brit Bronze as Foster says: Rip up records GREAT BRITAINS womens 4x200m freestyle squad put the nightmare of Beijing behind them by taking bronze in a new European record time at swimmings World Championships last night. Jazmin Carlin, Caitlin McClatchey, Olympic golden girl Rebecca Adlington and Jo Jackson lowered the record they set in the morning by more than three and a half seconds as they touched in 7min 45.51sec in Rome, finishing behind China -- who set yet another new world record -- and the United States. It erased the heartache of the 2008 Olympics when a below- strength squad failed to make it through the heats despite being one of the favourites. Jackson swam the quickest leg in 1min 55.98sec and said: Last year was a massive upset for us all and this year we came and just swam really well. We knew it would be tough out there, there were a lot of good teams. It was a great team effort. Adlington brought the team home to earn her second bronze of the meet and said: All of us gave 110 per cent. In the mens 200m individual medley, Britains James Goodard finished sixth and said: Im disappointed but to make the final is still good after my recent shoulder injury. lMARK FOSTER, the veteran sprinter and Strictly Come Dancing star who carried the flag for the British team in Beijing, believes the 29 world records set in Rome should be declared invalid due to the new swimsuits used to set them. He said: It us to be big news every time somebody broke a world record. Now every time somebody steps into a pool they break one. Its detrimental to the sport. FINA say they will change the swimsuit rules next year. by harry lane Bronze age: Britains 4x200m women celebrate in Rome by neal collins FELIPE MASSA is back to normal and talking about a return to Formula One racing, according to his doctor. While Michael Schumacher is preparing to come out of retirement and drive for Fer- rari in Massas seat, the stricken Brazilian is making what appears to be a miracu- lous recovery before the Euro- pean Grand Prix in Valencia on 23 August. There were fears for the Brazilians life when he frac- tured his skull and damaged an eye during qualification for theHungarianGrandPrixlast weekend, but he has since u n d e r g o n e s u c c e s s f u l surgery. Massa was hurt in a freak accident when a piece of Rubens Barrichellos suspen- sion flew off and smashed into Massas helmet at 163mph. And although Massa is stay- ing in Hungary until he regains his strength, doctor DinoAltmanbelievesheiswell on the way to recovery. He is back to normal, Alt- man said, confirming that the visioninMassasdamagedeye in unimpaired. As revealed by LiteSport on Tuesday, Ferrari adviser Schu- macher, 40, is set to come out of retirement to act as a tem- porary replacement, but the doctor said that Massa has joked about denying the Ger- man the chance as he wants to be back in action for the next Grand Prix in Valencia. Felipe said, Well see if I let him drive that car, Altman added. Racing is all he can think of. He has no fear at all. He thinks he will be able to race in Valencia. Britains Jenson Button, cur- rently leading the drivers championship, is relishing the chance to race against the greatSchumacher,whohasyet to drive this seasons winless Ferrari F60. Button said: It will be good to have Michael back out there racing again. Very special, although Im sure we all wish Felipe was there also. In a way Ferrari are very luckybecausetheyvesomeone working in their team who can jump straight into the car and be competitive, and Michael will be. Its an interesting one, though, because if he wins people will say they expected him to, and if he doesnt, they will say he should not have come back. So its a tough position for him to be in, although Im happyhehastakenupthechal- lenge. Its very brave of him. Button, whose lead in the driversstandingshasbeencut to18.5pointsoverthelastthree races said of Massas plight: It was a horrible accident, a freak accident. But its a good thing he is up and about now, moving around, and that the operation went well. Hopefully he will be back That car is mine! injured Brazilian Felipe Massa and former world champion Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari garage last season win fantastic triathlonkit the2009Mazda London Triathlontakesplace thisweekendandLiteSporthasteamedupwith theeventorganiserstogiveyoueverythingyou needtopreparefornextyearseventin2010with aprizepackageworthinexcessof1,000. triathlonisthefastestgrowingmassparticipation sportandtheMazdalondontriathlonisthe worldslargesttriathlon.Youcouldbeapartofit nextyear,helpingtoraiseover3mforvarious charitiesasyouraceroundthecoursetalkingin majorlondonlandmarksincludingBigBen,the londoneyeandtowerBridge.formoredetails Dontworryifyouveneverevencontemplated atriathlonbefore,approximately50%of participants enterthe Mazdalondon triathlonare doingtheir firstever triathlon eventandthe prizepackage belowwillgive youeverythingyouneedtogetyourselfinshape! weregivingaway: a Tri and Run bike;aSpeedo wetsuit;apairofAsicstrainers;aGatorade hydrationpack;trainingatthe220 Triathlon academywithex-GBolympiccoachesand ofcourseentrytothe2010 Mazda London Triathlon. forthechancetowin,simplyanswerthe followingquestion: Which is the worlds largest triathlon? 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