This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Friday, 31 July 2009 London Lite Control pants, chicken fillets, false eyelashes, high heels, fake tan. Are these the same women who say they hate men who lie? Matt, NW10 trAIn strike: thanks to drivers who worked on Southend line today, meant I could get into london and see close pal visiting from Sydney! Jackie, SS4 new Victoria line: not just new trains. Its more of them, upgraded power, better track, new signalling systems. look beneath the surface. Involved, E17 IVe had two texts published in this column from three tries, this text being my third one. Does this make me a published writer? FellowWriter, SW18 weArIng a national flag badge is common practice in the United States. How sad that the British are taught to be ashamed. Kim Carlu-Sorrell, Dagenham gIrlS, Im a shy guy. whats best way to approach you, best thing to say without looking stupid?? Craig, Bexleyheath My girlfriend texts me gibberish while she is asleep. I call it sleeptexting. Anyone else with a gF who has weird habits? Sidley, EC1 PHIl (Txts, Thur): essex girls are an interesting breed. I was once told by one that she was quite tall for a short person. Al, SW11 PHIl: my husband asked if we needed to take travel plugs with us to Isle of Sheppey! Hes from essex too -- and blond! Worried, London HArlS (Txts, Wed): mate told me Im not the sharpest sandwich in the shed last night... Hypocrite? Ben, Surbiton HArlS: my girlfriend asked which side of the river is london Bridge... Jules, SW19 MAtt (Txts, Thur): agree sunglasses stupid on Underground, as for festival wristbands -- youre just jealous! Festival gal, NW5 MAtt: if you keep your V Festival wristband on all year and show it at this years festival you get a free crate of beer! Ty, Essex MAtt: I love festivals but cant understand how people want to keep wearing their filthy, skanky wristbands. Sadder than sunnies on the tube. Jen, NW9 JoneSy (Txts, Thur): chillax is an awful word, almost as annoying as guesstimate... But not quite. Jane Doe, London on StrIKe (Txts, Thur): why dont you just stop ruining the poor guys dinners? Maybe then hed go straight home from the pub! Haha! LastRound, EC2 DoeS anyone else like the feeling and smell from a stack of warm, new photocopies on their lap? or is it just me? Jeff, Kent ShouldBlairbe grilledonIraq? IF I ever had the misfortune of sitting next to Heather, pictured, and she tried to convert me to veganism, I would give her some food for thought. Id mention two words: Paul McCartney. That should shut her up. S Muir, Teddington IF HeaTHer Mills has enlisted her daughter in her fight to convert people to veganism, is it any wonder diners dont want to sit by them if theyre going to be preached at? FK, Dalston HeaTHer must be a nightmare dinner guest. The kind who moans about whats offered and turns their nose up at an alternative. Id sit next to her, but I doubt shed want to sit next to me. P Wilkes, Blackheath I USeD to think Kylie Minogue always looked graceful and natural, a real example to over-styled celebrities, but her recent attention-seeking outfits are doing her no favours. Deborah, Hatch End neVer mind using shopping vouchers to bribe residents to recycle. the money councils will spend microchipping bins and weighing rubbish could be used to cut council tax bills. now thats an incentive. Fred T, Seven Sisters Another thing Is it right to extradite hacker? Do you feel sorry for Jude? Would you sit with Heather Mills? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See t ony Blair will turn up to the public inquiry into the iraq war because he has to, but getting the truth out of him is a differ- ent matter. Does anyone really think we will get a full and frank statement about why the former prime minister led this country to war? i think we all know the answer is no. Adrianna, Shoreditch PoinTinG the finger at Blair will lead absolutely nowhere. He will continue to plead that, based on the evidence available to him at the time, he did what he thought was the right thing. Whatever he says will be accepted in this farce. Credo, London TryinG to pin Blair down is like trying to get an eel into a jam jar. i dare say there will be some newsworthy findings in the inquiry to justify its existence, but i wouldnt mind a wager it wont pursue personal criticism against any of the key figures in the decision to take us to war. im expecting the old mistakes were made, but made honestly approach which ill find hard to swallow. EW, London WHaTS the point of Tony Blair being cross-examined at a public inquiry into the war in iraq? it wont change anything and it wont stop any future decisions that could lead this country into another illegal war. But the saddest thing is that it wont bring back the British service personnel or innocent iraqis who lost their lives in a pointless fight against terrorism and the non- existent weapons of mass destruction. Blair and former US president George Bush have blood on their hands. i dont need an inquiry to tell me that. Nina, Alperton Blair is incapable of telling the truth. How do i know this? Because he proved it every time his lips moved during his time as leader of this country. This inquiry will be another whitewash. Kerry W, Catford THE families of the servicemen and women deserve to know the truth about this unjustifiable war. However, i do wonder if Tony Blair and others are capable of being honest, even now. it will be difficult to convince people. MH, Stamford Hill W E a l l k n o w w e shouldnt have gone to war and i just wish labour would put their hands up and admit it. now were going to have another inquest, at taxpayers expense, and Blair will merely be invited to give a few choice words under the guise of cross-examination. The public inquiry will be nothing but a media circus. Jonathan, Barons Court WHaTEVEr the rights and wrongs of t h i s w a r Blair did w h a t h e thought was right at the time. iraq lost a tyrant and the country has been turned into a no mans land. This is Blairs legacy but not the one he would have wanted. Maybe he regrets his decision. Maybe the man has suffered enough. B Oldfield, Clerkenwell textpoll Q: Is Labours benefits crackdown a gimmick? OurlastresultDo you support the rail strike? YES 11% NO 89%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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