London Lite Thursday, 30 July 2009 15 Enjoy a genuine taste of Ireland from 3.99* At ONeills, we source quality Irish ingredients for our Taste of Ireland menu. Why not try the 6oz Irish beef burger or grilled Irish sausage and colcannon from just 3.99. Naturally, wed recommend a crisp, refreshing Magners Irish cider as the perfect accompaniment. But while the Magners may be ice cold, the welcome is anything but. Regional pricing applies. All central London ONeills offer the Taste of Ireland Menu at 3.99, excluding Carnaby Street which is priced at 4.85. This offer is not available at ONeills Drury Lane or ONeills Stansted Airport. LL4 GO BEHIND THE SCENES AT THIS JURASSIC EXPERIENCE they weigh around 1.6 tonnes -- about the same as a family car. Dinosaursonthego Knowing exactly how dinosaurs moved was a challenge, says Tilders. He basically took his best guess and went with it. we looked at modern animals, particularly elephants, since theyre closest in size, he explains. if we got a group of palaeontologists together theyd all have different views. we cant please everyone. whats accepted wisdom now can be wiped out by the discovery of a new fossil. Some experts claim the movements are too robotic. Tilders responds: were not trying to mislead. The aim is to have dinosaurs that live and breathe in front of them and let the audience revel in their power and majesty. Happily not many visitors are disgruntled palaeontologists: the show has been seen by two million people around the world who have been spooked by the convincing special effects. Tilders says: we use muscle bags of stretch mesh filled with polystyrene to make these creatures appear flesh and blood. The bags contract and stretch just like real muscle, fat, and skin do. JurassicIT AS for technical difficulties, they do occur from time to time. The walking with Dinosaurs team includes engineers who service the puppets regularly and are on hand in case of a crash (it has happened...) And then there are the dangers of overheating and clashing radio frequencies -- perhaps unsurprisingly, the dinosaurs get twitchy and start playing up if they are too close to a police station. Walking With Dinosaurs, The O2 arena 5-9 Aug, Wembley Arena 26-31 Aug. 0844 875 9000; Thefuture startshere... Tomorrows gadgets reviewed today Muvi Micro caMcorder due date: now Price: 79.95 optional sports pack: 19.95 Officially the worlds smallest DV camcorder, the Muvi Micro camcorder marks the end of treating your video camera with kid gloves. This camcorder is not just tiny but its also incredibly robust, designed to withstand a fair amount of abuse. yet despite being not much bigger than your thumb, the recording quality is surprisingly good. This makes it great for sports enthusiasts who want to record the action. Just clip it on to your clothing or use the optional extreme sports pack to attach it to your bike or helmet. Fingers and thuMbs: With just three buttons the Muvi couldnt be simpler to use, although for anyone wanting some control over the settings this may also present a limitation as there is none to be had. Even so, both the 640x480 VGa-quality recording at 25 frames per second and pretty impressive sound should be enough for most people. voice: The device comes with a 2GB micro SD card which can be upgraded to 8GB, enough to store an hour of footage. it also features a VOX voice-activated setting which lets you start/stop recording without touching it, handy if you are wearing gloves or if its attached to your helmet. WebcaM: as another nice touch the Muvi also comes with an attachment that lets you use it as an impromptu webcam. and after its two-hour battery is dead just plug it into a USB port to recharge it. Simple. for more details see OperatingtheT-Rex a DriVEr in a camouflaged buggy steers the dinosaur around the stage, while an offstage puppeteer controls the movements of its limbs, head and tail with a voodoo rig. This is a metal model of a dino, its movements recreated on stage like a radio-controlled car. another puppeteer controls minor actions, like blinking, roaring and snorting. Onthemove ThErE is no way of knowing exactly how dinosaurs walked. The shows creators looked at todays animals, particularly elephants, being closest in size, but what is accepted wisdom this year can be wiped out by the discovery of a new fossil so the team had to go with their best guess. Hydraulics aS WEll as human controllers, there are 24 microprocessors on each beast governing its movements and a hydraulic system to create lifelike movement. Each dino needs 7kW of power from 12 lorry batteries, and weighs 1.6 tonnes, about the same as a family car. Specialeffects BUlGinG muscles are recreated by stretch mesh fabric filled with polystyrene balls. These bags contract and expand in a similar manner to real muscle, fat and skin, so it seems that the six, eight and even 20-ton creatures are stomping around the stage. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html