This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 12 Thursday, 30 July 2009 London Lite which is sadder, sunglasses on the Underground or wearing old festival wristbands? cant decide. Matt, N22 why do so many people in London inflect their sentences with a rising intonation at the end? i am never sure whether or not to answer!! Deb (from Leeds) anyone else hate the term chillax ? awful. Room 101 for anyone saying it. Jonesy, Battersea have you ever looked at a digital clock while using an electric toothbrush? it is freaky! now do it while humming Deee-Lites Groove is in The heart! JayB, Romford haRLS (Txts, Weds): my girlfriend came out with this cracker on Saturday. i know im not the brightest tool in the box, but im not stupid. She iS from essex. Phil, TN4 DoT coTTon (Txts, Weds): feeling your pain, im called Dot cotton, too. if i had a pound for every time i got asked if i had a son called nick, id be a millionaire! CottonSox, SW9 MaRia (Txts, Weds): my colleague places paper cup full of cold water and a tea bag in microwave to make tea. we have two kettles. Typhool, SW17 MaRia: every day at 12.18pm a colleague of mine nukes a pasty in the microwave for five minutes. Smells like school dinners. Barf! Feelingsick, E4 MaRia: when i was at university i had a flatmate who cooked burgers in the toaster. eventually the toaster went up in flames. Catherine, SE19 JUST saw pic of new victoria trains (Lite, Wed). why do they still have terrible-looking seat covers? Did they get a job lot?! horrid. Magik Eye, CO1 BRave new victoria line trains: 20 per cent more space equals 20 per cent more standing. Lets look at the reality behind TfLs improvements and stop swallowing its self- regarding hype. Richard, NW10 So, weve now had three consecutive naff summers. and whos been PM since June 2007? Thanks Gordon! Iain, SW20 PaUL (Txts, Mon): my boyfriend regularly has drinks after work but not to keep pub spirit alive, just an excuse to drink! Gavin, get yourself home, dinners ruined again! OnStrike, IG3 if a stun gun has 50,000 volts and you get shot by two stun guns at the same time, is that 100,000 volts going through your body? Shocked, London TeaManiSTon (Txts, Tues): oMG doing friends-a-thon, youre mad to watch every episode with no break! youll never watch friends again without panic attack la clockwork orange! Kat, W12 Was Met flag ban wrong? I dont care who dances on Strictly as long as it is not the annoying ever-present Myleene Klass, pictured. She is one celebrity I can do without on this programme. Louise Kendall, Shepherds Bush Maybe they should ask arlene Phillips back on the programme, but this time to dance and show how its done. this could be a good way for the bbC to appease all the angry viewers who are upset she was sacked as a judge. T Cheung, Forest Gate If the bosses of Strictly Come dancing cant find anyone to replace Richard Madeley and Sharon osbourne then maybe it is time to pull this sorry excuse for a tV show from the schedules. Jody Burford, Cockfosters So fooD experts think making chocolate bars smaller can fight obesity. how is that going to help? People who are intent on stuffing their faces with chocolate will just buy two bars instead. P Meers, Blackheath The Met office has apologised for predicting a long, hot barbecue summer and now forecasts a rainy august. wed be better off tossing a coin or maybe have horoscopes instead. Jackie, Ilford Another thing Should Blair be grilled on Iraq? Would you sit with Heather? Who should be on next Strictly? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T HE ban on Metropolitan Police officers wearing Union Flag Support the British troops badges was an absolute disgrace and a glaring example of politi- cal correctness gone mad. I am delighted Scotland Yard bosses have seen sense and lifted it. Police officers should be allowed to support our Armed Forces -- to hell with those who take offence. I am glad some officers refused to heed the ban. They made a stand and won. Ian Byrne, East Ham How can the national flag of our own country be offensive? All this upset on the basis of one complaint which I guess was from somebody who was being deliberately mischievous. JJ, Dagenham In SoME countries, flags are not just on public buildings but in peoples cars. why shouldnt we demonstrate our support? WB, Clapham onlY in Britain could the Union Flag be considered offensive. Is there no end to the idiocy that exists here? Wayne G, Rotherhithe THIS is our national flag. It is high time that a state of national pride was restored. we should fly our flag with pride. Mike Hughes, Holborn AS MUcH as I sympathise with the cause that officers are trying to support, there should be no adornments on a police uniform. By relaxing the rules and allowing the flag to be part of the uniform, it is setting a precedent for more badges to be added. Spencer, Holloway THIS is not about whether this badge is appropriate. It wasnt allowed because all badges were forbidden on police uni- forms. End of story. Nolan, London IM SorrY, but the last time I checked, this countrys name was Great Britain, not roll over For The Sake of Political correctness. It stinks that our police were challenged for showing support. Hattie, Peckham Textpoll Q: Do you back the rail strike? OurlastresultAre you offended by Union Flag badges? 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