LITESPORT London Lite Wednesday, 29 July 2009 39 GRAVEYARD SHIFTBREAKING NEWS... FIA claim cost cutsmayhave savedBMW THE FIA today claimed BMW Saubers withdrawal from Formula One could have been avoided if initial planned cost cuts had been imposed. The team confirmed they are to pull out at the end of the season just eight months after Honda announced their exit, which sparked FIA president Max Mosley into action, and ultimately saw a war with the Formula One Teams Association over funding. The FIA believe if there had not been such opposition to their 40m spending cap proposal, the Munich- based team would probably have continued to race. Car manufacturers cannot be expected to continue to pour large sums of money into Formula One when their survival depends on redundancies, plant closures and the support of the taxpayer, read an FIA statement. BMW GO OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: PAGE 35 loseagain WIN TICKETS TO DAY TWO AT THE EDGBASTON TEST Tomorrow, live on Sky Sports 1, from 10am (Start: 11am). Radio: BBC Radio 4 and Five Live Sports Extra ENGLAND vAUSTRALIA ASHES2009 Key men ANDREWSTRAUSSENGLAND WITHKPruledouttheonusis ontheskippertosetthetone. Withthreecenturiesinhis lastfiveAshesTestsonhome soil,heshouldbeas confidentasanybatsmanon display.Inthefield,withthe pitchsettoofferlittle assistancetohisbowlers,it willbeuptoStrausstoset theimaginativefieldswhich havehardlybeenahallmark ofhisleadershiptodate. STUART CLARK AUSTRALIA INJURY has restricted the leading wicket taker in the 2006-7 series to twelfth man duties so far in this series. But with the Aussie attack in need of beefing up, the veteran seamer is due to make his bow tomorrow. Laser guided accuracy and an ability to make the ball talk from just back of a length are his major qualities -- how Australia need him to roll back the years. ThirdTest2005 11-15 August, Old Trafford Match drawn ENGLANDwereonewicket awayfromtakinga2-1lead, butthesightoftheAustralian teamcelebratingonthe balconyafterBrettLeeand GlennMcGrathsawofffour hostileoversfromFreddie FlintoffandSteveHarmison wasthemomentMichael VaughanknewEnglandwere inchargeoftheseries. Latestbetting 3RDTESTODDSEngland 7-2;Australia15-8;Draw 10-11. TOPMATCHRUNSCORER RPonting6-1,AStrauss13-2,A Cook7-1,MClarke8-1,M Hussey8-1,IBell9-1,MPrior 16-1,BHaddin16-1. THEASHESEngland10-11, Australia5-2,Draw5-2. THIRD TEST, EDGBASTON Teams from England: Strauss (capt), Cook, Bopara, Collingwood, Prior, Flintoff, Broad, Swann, Anderson, Panesar, Bell, Onions, Harmison. Australia: Ponting (capt), Clarke, Clark, Haddin, Hauritz, Hilfenhaus, Hughes, Hussey, Johnson, Kattich, Lee, Manou, McDonald, North, Siddle, Watson. NOBODYcouldhavepredictedtheincrediblestart tothisyearsAshes--andthebestcouldbeyetto come.Englandbattledhardtosqueezeadrawoutof theCardiffTestandcamebackwithagloriousdisplay atLordstogo1-0upintheseriesaheadoftheThird TestatEdgbaston,whichstartstomorrow. ThenationwaitswithbaitedbreathasEnglanddraw everclosertobringingtheAshesbacktoEngland. Therivalrybetweentheteamsisatfeverpitchand afterEnglandsembarrassingwhitewashinAustralia twoyearsago,theywillwantrevengeinthisseries.To EdgbastonwillbehostingtheallimportantThirdTest andyoucouldbetherethankstoourfriendsatBetfair. LiteSporthasteamedupwithBetfair,theofficial bettingpartneroftheECB,tooffertwoluckycricket fanstheopportunitytowinapairofticketstowatch EnglandtakeonAustraliathisFriday,daytwoofthe Test.Towin,answerthissimplequestion: Who is the current England captain? a) Andrew Strauss b) Andrew Flintoff c) Kevin Pietersen Text LL SPORTwithyouranswer,nameandanumber to65400.(Textscost50pplusstandardnetwork charges).Or, co.ukandleavethesamedetails(pleasespecify Betfairinthesubjectfield).Allentriestobereceived by9amtomorrow.Entrantsmustbeover18(onlyone entryperperson).Usualrulesapply.Winnerswillbe chosenatrandom.Theeditorsdecisionisfinal. IfyouarebettingonwhetherEnglandwintheseries 4-0,orifFlintoffistopwicket-takerintheseries,you wontfindbetteroddsormorecricketmarketsthan betteroddsandmoremarkets,pleasegoto a slightly different way after he took the new ball in the first two Tests but leaked easy runs. Captain Ricky Ponting said: Probably in this game we will look at using him as a strike, impact bowler. Captain marvel: England skipper Andrew Strauss on his way to his 161 at Lords thought about it since the end of the Lords Test really. We are looking to get level in this series. Ponting, who will also become the third highest run-scorer in the history of Test cricket, added: Australians always relish this sort of battle. When we feel we have a point to prove, it is generally when our best stuff comes out. That is where we are at the moment and we will come out all guns blazing and give it our best shot here at Edgbaston. Montyissent homefrom Birmingham ENGLAND have released spinner Monty Panesar (above) from their squad for the third Ashes Test at Edgbaston which begins tomorrow. Panesar was an unlikely hero for England with the bat in helping to save the first Test at Cardiff. But he did not feature in the side which triumphed at Lords and has been allowed to rejoin his county Northamptonshire. England skipper Andrew Strauss confirmed: The only information we can give you is that Monty Panesar will be joining up with Northants this evening. He wont be part of the squad. Andrew Flintoff seems fine. He has come through all the workouts. Barring any drama overnight, we are confident he will be fit. index.html2.html3.html4.html5.html6.html7.html8.html9.html10.html11.html12.html13.html14.html15.html16.html17.html18.html19.html20.html21.html22.html23.html24.html25.html26.html27.html28.html29.html30.html31.html32.html33.html34.html35.html36.html37.html38.html39.html