London Lite Wednesday, 29 July 2009 15 IN&OUTTONIGHT IN&OUTTONIGHT PREVIEWS Hesthelord of the trance DJsTIESTO The DJ plays Victoria Park on Friday. See Win Tickets on page 29 11PAGE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION CompiledbyLaurenPaxman COMEDYTHEATRECLUBSMUSIC LOS LObOS THE Chicano rock band, right, who have been together for more than 30 years and are most famous for their cover of La Bamba, roll into Camden tomorrow. Jazz Caf, 5 Parkway NW1 (0870 060 3777,, 7pm, 20. Tube: Camden Town CompiledbyLaurenPaxman Today Londons biggest and best newspaper guide to staying in...or going out buckchErry THE Grammy-nominated hard rock band, right, headline this Kerrang! Week Of Rock gig. Dear Superstar and 69 Eyes are in support. HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Rd NW5 (0870 060 3777, kentish, 7pm, 20. Tube: Kentish Town cALENDAr GIrLS JERRY HALL, right, stars as a WI member who gets naked for charity. Until 23 Jan 2010, Noel Coward Theatre, St Martins Lane WC2 (0870 950 0920), Tue-Sat 7.30pm, mats Wed, Thu & Sat 2.30pm, 12.50-48. Tube: Leicester Sq Coming SoonTomorrowToday bLOOD WEDDING LORCAS tale of a wedding thats shattered by family feuds stars Marlon G Day and Jade Aniouka, right. Until 15 Aug, Southwark Playhouse, Shipwright Yard SE1 (020 7407 0234), Mon-Sat 7.30pm, mat Sat 3pm, 8- 18. Tube: Borough SpEAkING IN TONGuES LUCY COHU, right, and John Simm star in this drama about the disappearance of a psychiatrist. 18 Sep-12 Dec, Duke Of Yorks Theatre, St Martins Lane WC2 (0870 060 6623), Mon-Sat 7.30pm, mats Wed & Sat 2.30pm, 10-48.50. Tube: Leicester Sq JOkES & TrIckS MARCEL LUCONT, left, Pete Firman, Susan Calman, Vikki Stones, Zoe Lyons and Barry & Stuart are tonights jokers and tricksters. Lowdown At The Albany, 240 Great Portland St W1 (020 7387 5706), 8pm, 5. Tube: Great Portland St Coming SoonTomorrowToday FErGuS crAIG STILL WATchES NEIGhbOurS RELIVE the finest moments of everyones favourite Aussie soap with clips and a commentary from Fergus Craig, left. Canal Caf Theatre, The Bridge House, Delamere Terrace W2 (020 7289 6054,, 7.30pm, 6, 5 concs. Tube: Warwick Ave WhAT IT IS DYLAN MORAN, left, has a good rant about Space Hoppers, gravy and other seemingly inoffensive things. 26 Oct5 Dec, Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Ave W1 (0844 412 4658, uk), 8pm, 20-65. Tube: Piccadilly Circus cLub.ThE.MAMMOTh B.CARUSO, left, and Brit- Spit-Pop band Tapetheradio are supported by Islington Boys Club and DJs James Theaker, LP Rockets and K Spiral. Star Of Bethnal Green, 359 Bethnal Green Rd E2 (020 7729 0167), 6pm, 4, free before 9pm. Tube: Bethnal Grn Coming SoonTomorrowToday kAbOOM RIYAD, left, Handsome Matt, Dead-Boy, and Stoo spin metal, punk, rock and hardcore for emo- loving kids. Dingwalls, Middle Yard, Camden Lock NW1 (020 7267 1577), 10.30pm, 5, 3 concs or before midnight. Tube: Camden Town hAT cLub SuMMEr ShINDIG WE KNOW this listing breaks Hat Clubs only rule -- Dont talk about Hat Club -- but dont miss Hannah Holland, left, Deepgrove and Sioux City mixing house, techno and drum&bass. Sat, Egg, 5-13 Vale Royal, off York Way N7 (020 7609 8364), 10pm, 15. Tube: Kings Cross ITS so funny you say trance, giggles Tijs Verwest, sipping sparkling water in his Milan hotel. It sounds so proper and polite. Americans say traaance! Verwest, best known as Tiesto, takes the term Duracell bunny into uncharted territories. The Dutch trance- man, who regularly tops worlds best DJ polls, plays around 250 dates a year. And how does he get his jollies on the remaining 115 nights? Going out. Crazy, huh? But its not so exhaust- ing. I know how to pace myself. Once I explain what stamina is, Tiesto, 40, insists his comes from a super- charged lifestyle, hotel gyms and good food, but not pharmaceuticals. I dont take drugs. The first time I took ecstasy it was a good feeling but then I felt weird. In my job you can have drugs every day so its better not to touch them, I have seen people lose their jobs and their families down there. If there are no girls in bikinis passing around silver powder platters on Tiestos rider, what is there? Food, vodka, champagne, fizzy water. And candies. But no alcohol is allowed on the plane. Oh, didnt I mention the jet? Air Force Tiesto carries Team Tiesto to, on aver- age, six countries a week. On Friday it will carry him into London to wow HackneysVictoria Park. Its super- nice. It has eight beige leather seats. I couldnt tour so much without it. Relentless touring does play havoc with Tiestos love life. Last year his fianc called off their engagement when he kept cancelling the wedding. I am very happy, he sighs, but I have sacrificed a lot for my career. Its impossible to have a relationship. I mean, Im a nice guy! But you would need to be patient and strong. When I began DJing I had two lives -- Tijs and Tiesto. Nowadays we are so completely together we have become one person. Like Superman and Clark Kent? Yeah! Exactly! I dont have a cape but friends say I do go through a trans- formation on stage. I go into a trance. Or a traaance! MARTHA DE LACEY Jet-set DJ: Tiesto gets to his gigs by private plane Coming SoonTomorrow GrEEN DAy TRE COOL, Billie Joe Armstrong, right, and Mike Dirnt bring their political punk rock to Greenwich in October. 23-24 Oct, The O2, Millennium Way SE10 (0871 984 0002), 6.30pm, 37.50. 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