This is Londons MESSAGEBOARDemail your views to or log on to 10 Wednesday, 29 July 2009 London Lite theyve recruited zombies at London Bridge experience for 30K a year! My boyfriend is a fireman and earns the same. Should he apply as its less dangerous? Firegirl, DA1 If the money doesnt make him happy, Russell Brand (Quotes, Wed) is welcome to hand over his cash to me! Iain, SW20 KAte (Txts, Tues): theyre revamping the 32 capsules on the London eye one at a time. the white one is to keep the same weight distribution while they take them away. Herts, WD17 OveRheARd this mobile phone blonde moment: Im trying to think of his surname but my feet hurt! Harls, CM13 teChNICALLyStALKINGyOU (Txts, Tues): where do you get on or off? I think I might be your hot Bakerloo driver, give me a wave and I promise Ill smile! Aika, SE1 CLOCKedyOU (Txts, Tues): we on the district line have the best- looking passengers. Always get a smile. Happy Driver, CR0 BeSt lyric ever? Its got nothing to do with your vorsprung durch technik, Parklife by Blur. Magic on the iPod, Waterloo to twickenham. Mick, TW1 fedUP (Txts, Tues): when you girls give your number to a guy, do you always respond to his call or text? yes, us fellas get disappointed as well! Why bother? Ace, TN16 fedUP: get guy to ring your phone so you have his number. If he doesnt call you, you call him. Worked for me -- still with boyfriend 16 months today! E, CO1 ANyONe else have colleagues with weird microwave habits? Mine put kitchen towel in microwave or even whole Pret sandwich complete with wrapper! Maria, SE8 NeIL (Txts, Tues): guy straightening hair SO WRONG. Men should be manly, not have better hair than us. Real Woman, CR53 SPIKe (Txts, Tues): Im looking forward to getting married in October so I dont get laughed at any more when telling people my email address, and my surname really is Cotton! Dot Cotton, TN16 PAUL (Txts, Mon): Im Spanish and shocked to see Brits saying goodbye to great British pubs in favour of boring cafs. youre losing your essence to be a boring replica of us. Victoria, CR5 PAUL: I love the fact blokes go for a pint on their own after work, my fella does and I dont mind one bit. Keep the British pub spirit alive! Understandinggirlfriend, TW9 COMMUteR (Txts, Tues): feel sorry for young lady dry-shaving on train -- possibly has hormonal imbalance, in women its a distressing condition. May, W10 Do you support themartyrdoc? Good luck, Nick Weston, pictured, with your six months of self-sufficiency in a woodland treehouse. Its a shame people who live like that in tribes around the world aspire to our stupid lifestyle. Id love to live in a tree- house. Real, London ABSoLUTELY no way could I do it! And can you imagine living on rabbit and similar creatures for months on end? Itd be enough to turn me veggie -- if I wasnt one already, that is. Miranda, Wembley ITS a doddle in summer. Id like to see Nick have a go in the winter when its cold and dark. H Blacklock, London WhAt is wrong with Blake fielder-Civil? hes barely been divorced from Amy Winehouse for five minutes and already hes blabbing about every private detail of their lives together. Learn some dignity, Blake. EB, Hackney At LeASt theres one good thing about swine flu, if the BBC does show educational programmes should schools have to close. Just for once there might be something worth watching on television. Angus, Mortlake Another thing Was Yard flag ban wrong? Who should be on Strictly? Would you live in a wood? Getitoff your txtYour mobile moans To be considered for publication, texts must be submitted with name and address or postcode. Please restrict messages to 25 WORDS. Thanks. >>Text TELLUS to 65800 followed by a space and your messageeach text costs 25p plus standard network charges >>Text LL TELLUS to 65400 Terms apply. See T hank heavens there are people around like Dr Michael Irwin who understand terminally ill people may desperately need help to end their suffering. The money and assistance he gave to Raymond Cutkelvin to help him end his life in the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland in 2007, accompanied by his partner alan Rees, should not be punished. Death is a natural ending and all of us have the individual right to choose how and when that should happen. It is not the business of others to interfere. Mike, south London DR IRwIn is a true moral pioneer. By declaring to the police, arrest me, he has revealed how farcical the approach to euthanasia has become. Reece, London we alReaDy have euthanasia by the back door in this country. Terminally ill patients are often given drugs to end their life quicker. There is no difference between this and what the Dignitas clinic is doing in Switzerland. Daniel, Tower Hamlets DR IRwIn seems genuine and his actions seem heartfelt, but what about the nutters out there? By making euthanasia legal the authorities will open the door for maniacs l i k e D r harold Shipman to kill. Public safety is the most important issue. Gin, Southgate whaT Dr Irwin did was, in my view, wrong. he contributed to the end of someones life before it was time for them to pass. If he saw a suicidal man stood on top of a bridge would he tell that person to jump? Tom Woods, Epping we TReaT stray dogs with more compas- sion here. People should be able to choose how they die, not be forced to travel abroad. H Abbit, London when I go Ill decide. I dont need a doctor to tell me or to fund it. Gray, London Textpoll Q: Are you offended by Union Flag badges? OurlastresultDo you support assisted suicide? YES 72% NO 28%*Texts charged at 50p plus your standard network rate. Terms and conditions apply. 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