TELEVISION Filmchoice FILM RATINGS excellent very good good average poor KEY (R)repeat (S)subtitles on text service BBC2 ITV1 Channel 4 Five London Lite Tuesday, 28 July 2009 21 Harper BBC1, 11.25pm (1966) THE late, great Paul Newman, above, provided an antidote to all those supercool Sixties spies by playing an LA private eye straight out of Raymond Chandler. He even had Bogarts co-star Lauren Bacall as the client asking him to track down her kidnapped millionaire husband. No real surprises in the William Goldman script, but the stars keep you watching. Analyze That ITV2, 9pm (2002) THE comedy Analyze This, about a Mafia boss consulting a psychiatrist (Sopranos, anyone?) was such a hit that Robert De Niro, above with Billy Crystal, was lured back as the mob leader. This time hes faking insanity to get out of jail. Watch out for Anthony LaPaglia as the star of a Sopranos-style TV show. Trivia bit: LaPaglia was an early choice to play Tony Soprano. D-Tox ITV4, 10.05pm (2002) IRONICALLY -- bearing in mind the title -- you may be in need of a stiff drink to see this Sylvester Stallone slasher thriller through to the final credits. Sly, above, whose character hits the bottle after the murders of his nearest and dearest, is on the trail of a serial killer bumping off fellow cops in rehab (all together now... No, no no!) Narrow Margin ITV4, 12.05am (1990) AND you think YOuVE had ropey blind dates -- Anne Archer sees her escort murdered by the mob. Thank goodness she has LA district attorney Gene Hackman, above with Archer, to take her into hiding and keep her alive long enough to testify. With the Mafia in pursuit, they take a train into the Canadian wilderness. Fast-paced thriller laced with humour and the obligatory train-top chase. 10.00 CSI: NY (R,S). Mac and the team investigate the murder of an eminent archaeologist who has been shot dead in an alleyway. Tracing the evidence to a local tramp, they find him in possession of a stolen pocket watch linked to a missing person case from the Thirties. Crime drama, starring Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes. Followed by Five News Update. 9.00 CSI: Miami (S). 5/25. Teenager Kim Walderman dies in an explosion while shopping in a high-street boutique. Horatio and the team try to trace the source of the blast, and are shocked to discover that the dress the girl was trying on had been fitted with an explosive device. David Caruso, Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez star. 8.00 Big, Bigger, Biggest (S). New series. The breakthroughs that have enabled the construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel. From the early 19th-century tunnelling sheet to a modern-day guidance system, these innovations have contributed to the creation of the worlds longest artificial underground passage. See Ben Felsenburg Followed by Five News At 9. 7.00 Five News At 7 (S). Isla Traquair presents a round-up of the days headlines from around the world. 7.30 Vets In Action (R,S). A farmer calls for help when a contagious eye infection begins to spread through his herd. Plus, a vet tends to a Staffordshire bull terrier with a life- threatening ear infection. Kym Marsh narrates. Last in the series. Followed by Five News Update. 10.45 Trisha Goddard (R,S). 11.45 House (R,S). 12.45 Five News (S). 12.55 Wordplay (S). 1.45 Neighbours (S). Rebecca takes the fall for Paul. 2.15 Home And Away (S). Adens excitement stops Belle from revealing the truth. 2.50 Wordplay Plus (S). Viewers take part in the daily quiz show. 3.10 Film: uncorked (S) (2009). Premiere. A former business executive unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams at a vineyard. Drama, with Julie Benz and Scott Elrod. 5.00 Five News With Natasha Kaplinsky (S). 5.30 Neighbours (R,S). 11.30 Rude Tube (R,S). 6/7. Featuring children and animals that have become famous online. Including interviews with the owner of a parrot with a foul mouth, and the victim of an infamous goose attack. 12.00 World Series Of Poker Europe (R,S). The poker tournament continues. 1.00 Big Brother Live. 4.00 Post Modern Pastimes (R,S). 4.10 World Sport (R,S). 4.40 British Formula 3 International Series (R,S). 5.10 Triathlon (S). 5.40 The Track And Field Show (R,S). 11.20 The Wire (S). 4/13. Colvin pitches his pilot programme to the school, while Carcetti has a meeting with a group of ministers. Having transferred to Homicide, Greggs is assigned by Burrell to the witness case in an attempt to stall the investigation and Freamon joins Bunk in finding his missing suspect. 12.20 On Thin Ice (R,S,HD). After a 24- hour rest, the trio push toward the finish line of the South Pole Race. Last in the series. 1.20 BBC News (S). 4.15 Close. 11.35 Raiders Of The Lost Archive (S). 3/3. unearthing moments from TV shows that were previously thought to have been lost forever. 12.05 Supernatural (S). Sam and Dean track a werewolf. 12.55 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Action Stations (R,S). 1.45 Nightwatch With Steve Scott: Crime (R,S); ITV News Headlines. 2.40 Loose Women (R). With Nicholas Parsons. 3.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show (R,S). 4.25 ITV Nightscreen. Guide to ITV. 5.30 ITV Morning News (S). 10.30 No Place Like Home? (S). 11.25 ITV News Headlines (S). 11.30 60 Minute Makeover (R,S). A woman surprises her sister. 12.30 Loose Women (S). With guests Nicholas Parsons and Charlie Hardwick. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News (S). 1.55 London News And Weather (S). 2.00 Dickinsons Real Deal (R,S). From Northwich in Cheshire. 3.00 Daily Cooks Challenge (S). With Bad Girls star Amanda Barrie. 3.59 London Weather (S). 4.00 Heartbeat (R,S). Peter Pykes warehouse goes up in smoke. 5.00 Golden Balls (S). Game show. 7.00 Emmerdale (S). Ryan is furious when Mark tries to persuade him to leave the village with Faye for ever, and tells his mother it is time she moved on in her relationships. 7.30 Youve Been Framed! (R,S). Comedian Harry Hill narrates another selection of viewers home- video howlers, featuring dogs in daft situations, basketball mishaps and fun with inflatables. 8.00 Send In The Dogs (S). 2/8. PC Rogers reveals how he and Alsatian Leo help clear the streets of car thieves, and the officer comes up against a man who threatens to shoot him as the Greater Manchester Police dog squad tackles more criminals. Spaniel Colin and PC Carlin are put on the front line when a member of the Cabinet visits the city. See Ben Felsenburg 9.00 Car Crime UK (S). 2/6. Trevor McDonald looks at how police in Manchester are dealing with the increase in criminals who change the identities of stolen cars before selling them to the public or using them to commit further crime. Masked men in a stolen Golf GTI are chased by officers in Stockport, and an operation is launched in Devon and Cornwall to catch a drug dealer. 10.00 News At Ten And Weather (S). 10.30 London News And Weather (S). 10.35 The Bill (R,S). Conclusion. Banksy feels he is getting somewhere as liaison officer to the dead youngsters family, and is appalled to discover his colleagues have them under surveillance. Andrew Tiernan guest stars. 10.35 Serious Ocean (R,S). 11.05 The Flintstones (R,S). 11.30 Castle In The Country (R,S). 12.00 Open Gardens (R,S). 12.30 Working Lunch (S). 1.00 Swimming (S). Day two of the swimming events at the World Aquatic Championships. 2.30 Animal Park (R,S). 3.00 Monk (R,S). 3.45 Flog It! (R,S). From Exeter. 4.30 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (R,S). A week of competitions draws to an end for Paul Hayes and Kate Bliss. 5.15 Cash In The Celebrity Attic (R,S). Searching for goods at Cheryl Bakers home in Kent. 7.00 Who Do You Think You Are? (R,S,HD). 2/6. Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles traces his Irish roots by travelling to Dublin and Ballina, Co Mayo, where he uncovers the trials and tribulations of his ancestors, including those of his maternal grandmother who was separated from her parents at a very early age. He also discovers the fate of his great-grandfather. 8.00 Coast (S,HD). 3/8. The team journeys from Cornwall to South Wales, with Neil Oliver visiting the site of the 1945 Welsh Great Escape where almost 70 German prisoners of war made a bid for freedom over the sand dunes at Bridgend. Rene Godfrey swims with seals off Lundy island, Nick Crane undertakes an epic climb and Hermione Cockburn looks at a building project. 9.00 Desperate Romantics (S,HD). 2/6. Rossetti is riddled with jealousy when the prodigiously talented Millais decides to use Lizzie as his model for his latest painting, but the brotherhood may be in jeopardy when thoughts of desire cloud Millais vision. Meanwhile, Hunt feels conflicted between his deep- rooted religious morals and sexual urges. See Ben Felsenburg 10.00 Wainwright Walks: Coast To Coast (S). 2/6. Julia Bradbury continues to follow in the footsteps of Alfred Wainwright, and tackles three mountain ranges and valleys in the Lake District. Her journey includes a 17-mile walk that takes in the length of Haweswater and the highest peak of her expedition. 10.30 Newsnight (S). With Nick Robinson. Followed by Weather. 11.00 The OC (R,S). 12.00 News At Noon (S). 12.30 The Kitchen Pharmacy (R,S). 12.45 A Place By The Sea (R,S). 1.45 Channel 4 Racing From Glorious Goodwood (S). Alastair Down introduces live coverage of four races on the opening day of the meeting, including the 3.25 Betfair Cup (7f). 4.15 Deal Or No Deal (R,S). Game show, with Noel Edmonds. 5.00 Wogans Perfect Recall (S). General knowledge and memory game show. 5.30 Come Dine With Me Extra Portions (S,HD). A Ferrari fanatic aims to please his guests in Yorkshire. 7.00 News (S). 7.55 3 Minute Wonder: The Estate (S). Former residents of Glasgows Sighthill Estate return to their one- time home to reminisce on good times spent in the community, and to visit familiar landmarks before the notorious district is demolished. 8.00 Property Snakes And Ladders (S). 8/11. Ambitious developers Nigel Arrib and Sarah Donahue set out to create a glamorous Los Angeles-style apartment in the heart of Rotherhithe, south-east London. Convinced their venture will fall flat, Sarah Beeny pitches an alternative plan to transform the property into three smaller units. 9.00 Big Brother (S). Highlights of the latest goings-on, including the latest round of nominations. 10.00 You Have Been Watching (S). 4/8. TV critic Charlie Brooker invites Richard Bacon, Frankie Boyle and Josie Long to take part in the comedy quiz examining the highs and lows of the weeks programmes. 10.55 The Inbetweeners (S). 5/6. Will helps to co-ordinate the schools Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, but turns the situation to his advantage. Simon Bird stars. 11.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (R,S). 5/23. A drug users body is discovered in the desert. A college founder claims she killed the dean in self-defence. 12.00 Most Evil (R,S). Killers diagnosed with psychotic disorders. 1.00 uS Tour Golf. The Canadian Open. 1.55 European Seniors Tour Golf. 2.45 European Challenge Tour Golf. Highlights. 3.10 uEFA Cup Classics (R). 5.10 Neighbours (R,S). 5.35 Home And Away (R,S). WENDY SAYERS 6.00 Eggheads (S). Quiz show, hosted by Dermot Murnaghan. 6.30 Knowitalls (S). 2/15. Contestants are given the topics of entertainment, sport, business and politics, and have just one hour to prepare before facing the experts. Quiz, hosted by Gyles Brandreth. 6.00 London Tonight (S); Weather. 6.30 ITV Evening News (S); Weather. 6.00 The Simpsons (R,S). 16/22. Bart is sent to a correctional facility. 6.30 Hollyoaks (S,HD). Pushed to breaking point, Natty loses his cool and hurts Daniel. Meanwhile, Malachy looks to have found work helping to reconstruct the Loft, and Sarah and Kris go for the same job. 6.00 Home And Away (R,S). Belle wants to tell Aden about her illness, but his excitement about the wedding stops her telling the truth. 6.30 Rough Guide To Far Eastern Adventures (R,S). 2/15. 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